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914 reviews
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Great employment opportunities, that's why I decided to come here. Staff and professors are not always the friendliest. Some of the facilities can be very old. Very expensive school as well.
RPI is a great school. It is hard, particularly engineering, but well worth it. No grade inflation here. Really prepares you.
Beautiful campus and great professors. Sometimes you feel kind of dumb compared to your peers and school is really hard but for the most part things are great here. It was pretty easy getting acclimated as a graduate student coming from another college. It is easy to get into parties if you know people in frats and the research is good.
Seeing as though there have been some bad comments I personally disagree with, I'm going to respond in this review.
Food: It's alright, but very expensive - not unlike at other private universities though. Don't expect much from any college meal plan.
Admin: Student-administrative conflict is pretty common at most schools. I don't see how they're destroying student life though. This really is a tertiary issue that most people just blow off since it really doesn't mean very much.
Cost: Why come to RPI if you can't afford it? That's your own fault lol. If you 'pay' a fortune to come, there's a reason - your parents can afford it... don't complain if that's a case since you didn't have to enroll if it was that much.
Professors: I personally only disliked one of my professors. Just be careful when choosing classes and you'll always have good professors. There are good and bad ones but for the most part they're passionate about what they're doing and teach very well.
Awful professors, administration, and campus life. Absolutely not worth the fortune it costs to go here, especially since the administration seems to be trying to make student life as terrible as possible. Troy is a pretty garbage city, too. Not worth. Sodexo, the company that forces every student to purchase an over-priced meal plan, makes some of the worst 'food' on the planet. 'Public Safety' doesn't care about students. The 'Health Center' doesn't care about students. I would give this terrible place 0 stars if I could. Only come here if you want to waste your money.
Very intellectually and ethnically diverse campus that lets you explore your interests through the versatile and rigorous curriculum offered at RPI. My brother goes to Cornell and I would say that I would have chosen RPI over Cornell knowing what I know today considering how much more RPI is dedicated to undegraduate teaching and learning. Amazing professors and small classes that really engage students. I absolutely love it here and the community surrounding RPI in Troy is actually a lot LOT nicer than it seems. A lot of nifty shops and places to go on the weekends and hang out if you're willing to take the walk down the approach.
I personally loved studying here and have had a really fun and memorable experience. I wouldn't have made it into grad school if it wasn't for my time at RPI.
The Student Union of RPI gives students an unparalleled opportunity to manage a budget of over $8 million and represent the interests of the students. Students at RPI are very well aware of what is happening on campus and basically everything (clubs, ECs, etc.) are all completely student run. This is probably the most unique thing about RPI, aside from the amazing undergraduate education (which is also very rigorous) and the undergraduate research program which is much more extensive than at many peer schools.
Amazing faculty and opportunities, I had multiple publications from an undergraduate research lab and professors that really supported me to get into a great career.
Phenomenal yet underrated CS program with a plethora of different companies hiring (mainly from the Fortune 500) and very high starting salaries. The average grade made 94k last year after graduating. It's really hard, but once you get through it's all worth it. Besides that, RPI is a great place to go to school. I've had a lot of fun here and met some really great people.
My decision to come to RPI was definitely one I don't regret. The curriculum is very rigorous and keeps me on my toes, but I have also met such amazing people and professors it's insane.
I absolutely love coming to school here every day. So many opportunities to engage in ECs with social life revolving around the uniquely student-run Union, D1 hockey, and Greek Life. Great place to study undergrad engineering or science. Business majors also fare well, and the HASS program is oddly rigorous - just like the rest of the school. It's all worth it though when you graduate.
Academic life is challenging, the social scene is decent but it might be a bit difficult to find a clique. Most professors know what they're teaching but for intro courses, there's a few that are really bad.
This school works extremely hard to make sure that each student is well taken care of. Whether that means academically or personally, the professors and staff are very helpful in any situation that you need help with. The campus is really pretty and has an amazing view of the town.
Visited campus today and was very impressed by the willingness of the study body to engage with potential applicants.
I live in Quad this semester and I have to say that the campus is drop dead gorgeous. I'm very happy with my dorm and the living situation in general. The food is pretty average, but that's basically my only complaint. The professors are amazing and really focus on educating students. The student body is also very diverse intellectually and geographically. I kinda wish there were more liberal arts courses, but hey it's a predominantly STEM school. What is offered through is great. I completely undervalued the humanities, arts, and social sciences departments but the courses ended up being rigorous and stimulating regardless.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is a very good academic school. The campus food isn't very good and there aren't very many other options. The professors are great.
Rensselaer is a very good school that provides an amazing variety of opportunities for students no matter the interest. From building racecars to different performance groups. There is a club or organization for anything. And if it doesn't exist, the school is very supportive of creating a new one. RPI prepares its student very well for work after school. The work is not easy, but that's what makes it worth it at the end.
My brother goes here and seems to enjoy it a lot. He says it's hard and I really want to come when I'm older. His biggest complaints seem to be the hard work and difficult classes, but besides that everything seems fine. He talks a lot about Greek Life and says that's very good at RPI as long as you can balance it with school.
I've absolutely loved my time here so far. I'm home now for winter break and I already miss RPI. It's definitely very challenging and difficult to do well, but in the end it's all worth the doors RPI will open with potential employers, etc.
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