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I just finished my sophomore year and I have to say that I love RPI so much. The professors are honestly what make it the best and the advisers. The classes are very small compared to many other universities and there are so many people you can talk to for help. I've struggled personally with school while here, but there's always been someone here to help me do better. Granted, I have to say even if you come into RPI with a 2400 on your SAT you're still going to struggle. I came in with a 2380 and I'm very far from a perfect student. Companies know that though and respect that Rensselaer brand image greatly. People just knowing you attended this school offer you jobs.
The campus is really nice and so are the people. Rock hard academics, but it's worth it in the end. Many people claim the social life is a drag, but most of those people are the ones that don't leave their rooms in the first place. There's usually a lot going on whether it be parties, campus events, concerts, or things clubs are doing in the local community.
Rensselaer is a phenomenal school. The professors in the Information Technology program are experts in their field and the research being done with corporate sponsors like IBM, Google, etc. is amazing. I've had a great time so far and taken a lot of interesting classes in all my subject areas. I was especially impressed by the journalism and communications department. Overall, if you want to have a great chance at getting internships and jobs in the future in a relatively noncompetitive environment, RPI is a great place to go to school. Granted, it can be very hard at times, but if you're admitted you can accomplish anything as long as you work very hard. Research positions are relatively easy to get even as a freshman. Professors train students and start them right away.
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Most people don't even know, but RPI has a very good social and academic balance. The work can be overwhelming and there can be a lot of sleepless nights, but overall the weekends are really fun. Great professors, dorms, and high quality of education and students.

The only thing I'd complain about is the food. Sodexo kinda sucks, but it's gotten a lot better since the beginning of the year.
I've had a great time at Rensselaer so far. I've been heavily involved in Rensselaer's student-run union as well as student government. Students have a great say in what happens on campus, which is great. The academics, overall, are also amazing and comparable to what you would find at other top-tier universities for STEM. The business school is also great as well! Third best in New York, and top 50 in the country!
If you are into a STEM oriented education, RPI is for you! If you graduated at the top of your class in high school, be prepared to be average because everyone else did too. This makes Rensselaer a competitive place but you will find friends that will last well after graduation. The curriculum is highly structured so don't expect to have many electives. This does assure that when you graduate you will have the knowledge and thoroughness that are expected of an RPI grad.
The only thing I really have to complain about is the food, but Sodexo supplies to must colleges (aka no matter where you go you're getting bad overpriced food). Besides that, it's a great college with a beautiful campus and so far has exceeded all my expectations.
Rensselaer gave me a fabulous education that allowed me to come out of college making over 100k at a large corporation and quickly move up into the ranks of management. Overall, RPI is top tier school with a strong, large, and influential alumni base which is changing the world on a day to day basis. It's a shame this school doesn't get as much attention as it deserves, but this has been slowly changing.
The day I got into RPI was the happiest day of my entire life. I never regret a second of the time I have spent here and am looking forward to finishing my last year and enrolling in law school.
Greek Life is a great part of campus life that is usually overlooked. At RPI, fraternities and sororities are very different than at state schools and, for the most part, really are just functional groups of students that go out on the weekends. Being a member of a sorority, I never felt pressured to do drugs and had a very supportive group of people that helped me do well over the last four years. My future employer is now actually a graduate of my sorority, funny how things work.
So far, I have absolutely loved my time at RPI. It was a bit of an adjustment coming from a major city, but Troy is nice and there are many opportunities to interact with other students on RPI's campus. Surprisingly, Troy's night life is much more active than Albany and the town has changed a lot (for the better) even in the time that I have been here. It is really evolving into a tech-hub and college town. As for RPI, the school is great. I love my professors and have had an amazing opportunity interacting with graduate and doctoral researchers. My adviser easily has 200 publications and was very willing to income me in their recent research endeavors. RPI, for some departments, is very small and has a certain community to it that I wouldn't have gotten at larger university. Granted, in some larger majors like MANE or CS, you will have much larger courses until your sophomore year, but they then become much much smaller.
Great employment opportunities, that's why I decided to come here. Staff and professors are not always the friendliest. Some of the facilities can be very old. Very expensive school as well.
RPI is a great school. It is hard, particularly engineering, but well worth it. No grade inflation here. Really prepares you.
Beautiful campus and great professors. Sometimes you feel kind of dumb compared to your peers and school is really hard but for the most part things are great here. It was pretty easy getting acclimated as a graduate student coming from another college. It is easy to get into parties if you know people in frats and the research is good.
Seeing as though there have been some bad comments I personally disagree with, I'm going to respond in this review.
Food: It's alright, but very expensive - not unlike at other private universities though. Don't expect much from any college meal plan.
Admin: Student-administrative conflict is pretty common at most schools. I don't see how they're destroying student life though. This really is a tertiary issue that most people just blow off since it really doesn't mean very much.
Cost: Why come to RPI if you can't afford it? That's your own fault lol. If you 'pay' a fortune to come, there's a reason - your parents can afford it... don't complain if that's a case since you didn't have to enroll if it was that much.
Professors: I personally only disliked one of my professors. Just be careful when choosing classes and you'll always have good professors. There are good and bad ones but for the most part they're passionate about what they're doing and teach very well.
Awful professors, administration, and campus life. Absolutely not worth the fortune it costs to go here, especially since the administration seems to be trying to make student life as terrible as possible. Troy is a pretty garbage city, too. Not worth. Sodexo, the company that forces every student to purchase an over-priced meal plan, makes some of the worst 'food' on the planet. 'Public Safety' doesn't care about students. The 'Health Center' doesn't care about students. I would give this terrible place 0 stars if I could. Only come here if you want to waste your money.
Very intellectually and ethnically diverse campus that lets you explore your interests through the versatile and rigorous curriculum offered at RPI. My brother goes to Cornell and I would say that I would have chosen RPI over Cornell knowing what I know today considering how much more RPI is dedicated to undegraduate teaching and learning. Amazing professors and small classes that really engage students. I absolutely love it here and the community surrounding RPI in Troy is actually a lot LOT nicer than it seems. A lot of nifty shops and places to go on the weekends and hang out if you're willing to take the walk down the approach.
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I personally loved studying here and have had a really fun and memorable experience. I wouldn't have made it into grad school if it wasn't for my time at RPI.
The Student Union of RPI gives students an unparalleled opportunity to manage a budget of over $8 million and represent the interests of the students. Students at RPI are very well aware of what is happening on campus and basically everything (clubs, ECs, etc.) are all completely student run. This is probably the most unique thing about RPI, aside from the amazing undergraduate education (which is also very rigorous) and the undergraduate research program which is much more extensive than at many peer schools.
Amazing faculty and opportunities, I had multiple publications from an undergraduate research lab and professors that really supported me to get into a great career.
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