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Professors are nice but lazy. The courses are of very low quality. Compared to some schools where profs recorded very nice videos and uploaded them... this school is absolutely beaten. RPI has NO previous online teaching experiences. This makes the experience not only awkward but not valuable at all.
I owe almost all of my current success, from amazing post-graduation job offers, to previous opportunities, to RPI. Although the graduate program at Rensselaer is phenomenal, the school is made up of mostly undergraduates. I highly recommend high school students, who plan on studying any STEM field, to come here for this reason. I have received so many projects and conference opportunities through research and academia, that a similarly elite engineering school would not be able to offer, at the same quality, for undergraduates. My only negative assessment is that RPI has limited much Greek activity, due to liability concerns and a past controversy. That being said, I have faith that much of the passionate alumni will be able to fix this problem, and be able to separate the good houses from the bad house. Overall, however, RPI offers an outstanding education, and as a computer science major, I am very thankful for all the opportunities and connections I have had/made here.
RPI is an amazing college where you can find a multitude of different people pursuing interests and degrees in a variety of fields and areas. The professors at RPI are inspiring and truly love what they do. The only concern I have about RPI is their food - it isn't the best - but it's decent. The dorms are also kept very clean. The only problem is that as a freshman, there is only one building that has access to air conditioning. All the other buildings do not, so if you're an incoming freshman, I advise you to bring a fan.
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Even though the administration has damaged the reputation of R.P.I., I like the school. I have learned a lot of challengeable course works in terms of engineering. Most of professors like to teach students, but some of them are not concerned about teaching. I took part in the spring career fair and a lot of big companies like GE, Lockheed Martin, Cisco, Accenture, etc. came. Even the fall career fair is bigger. So, if you think that you want to study about deep knowledge of engineering, this school is going to fit to you.
A pretty dull and mundane appearance but the people there are nice and chill, mostly chill nerds. There are a lot of resources available at our fingertips. Frankly, the coursework is hefty and thankfully students are provided with lots and lots of extra help.
Worth every penny if a job is what you want after 4 years. An RPI degree will attract recruitment. My son's current employer FOUND HIM on LinkedIn all because he saw an RPI degree on his resume. Getting through 4 years and earning a degree at RPI will attract companies looking to hire entry level positions. He was an IT major.
This is a great school for STEM. Overall engaging professors and enterprising students. I did Physics at Rensselaer but chose medicine as a career and the approach to problem solving that RPI provided was a critical component to success in academic medicine and later in private practice.

The only thing that needs to be changed is the rate and amount of financial support from alumni. Despite some of the highest salaries of its graduates it his a low percentage and dollar amount of support from alumni. This means the endowment is relatively low and the amount of aid to students is comparatively limited.

If you choose a RPI you will receive a great education so be proud and be generous as an alum.
I enjoy the close-knit campus life. I am familiar with most of the people that I walk past every day and have had great one-on-one time with my professors. I live close to campus so I don't have to travel far for class or to study and the classes are challenging but exciting at the same time. The only downfall is Greek life. Fraternities aren't allowed to host parties anymore and we're basically a dry campus so it's difficult to relieve stress on the weekends. Other than that, RPI is a great school and I'm glad I decided to come here.
I'm enjoying my time at RPI very much thus far. It's extremely challenging and fulfilling, and despite the stereotype of engineers being antisocial, I have a great network of friends and am plenty social. My biggest concerns about RPI are the costs of attending and the location. Troy is known as a city with a lot of crime, but it is on the way up, and those issues are becoming less prominent. Overall, I feel safe at RPI, but my experience is not the same as everyone's, I'm sure. Secondly, the cost of attendance is very high. It's scary to think about the amount of money I'm putting into this and the risk should do poorly. However, RPI's return on investment is excellent, so my concerns are continually lessened. Overall, I love being at RPI and would recommend it to anyone who can handle the workload.
I am a Games Simulation Arts and Sciences student. Professors for this major are great and very helpful. Administrators are good to work with and want to see students succeed. Campus food is good. Lots of choices. I use to live on campus Freshman year, but it wasn't for me, so I live at home now and commute. I definitely get my cardio in while walking to and from classes. Troy is a great city, too.
Classes are great, professors are phenomenal, administration is bad, weather is cloudy and cold and depressing.
Honestly, I’ve truly enjoyed my time here so far. This school is INCREDIBLY difficult to do well in with regards to grades, and if you can’t manage time effectively you will either flunk out or lose your social life entirely. Luckily, most students accepted here have learned these skills, and can practice them here. The professors do generally care about the class and the students, but this doesn’t make their grading any easier. Despite the difficulty, it absolutely feels worth it to go here. If you put yourself out there, having a social life is no issue, and the hardest part is making sure you can balance the workload and social aspect of school, but this is very similar to what everyone faces in the real world, so this is good practice. Additionally, you’re going to make fat stacks if you’re a good student and go here, so as long as you come in with some good scholarships you should have a manageable amount of student debt after your time here.
RPI is not your traditional college experience. If what you want out of college is to make lots of friends, have fun, and not study engineering, then this is definitely NOT the college for you. If what you want is a study oriented environment filled with students who are passionate about engineering, then RPI may provide you with an enjoyable college experience.
Great academic coursework and opportunities for growth. Career services are good as well and networking is great. Not necessarily the best atmosphere for racial, gender, and sexual minorities.
I have attended RPI for almost two years now and to be honest I have been pretty disappointed with my experience. I feel the effort and work put in to your schoolwork does not reflect in your gpa. Some professors I have had have been good for the most part but have had a few that were not. On paper it looks good but I feel I learned much more my two years at a community college. The technology is outdated and I do not see any effort in improving it. Most students would agree that the school president is overpaid when the rest of the school is falling apart. The dorms are undesirable along with student parking. The student life is also kind of poor. Students in general are not outgoing and keep to themselves. If you are interested in greek life then I wouldn't recommend rpi for that either. The one thing I can say is good about rpi is it still has a good reputation for its academics. Overall I would not recommend this school.
Rensselaer is a technical university that strongly engages students to dive deeply into their area of study while fostering an awareness of the global and societal implications of their work. Professors and assistants often take interests in students and their pursuits at an individual level. Having also hired Rensselaer grads, I find them on a whole more prepared to take on multidimensional problems, engage in creative problem solving, and to be strong team members because of their ability to individually contribute as well as collaborate.
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As a new member of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, I had not yet experienced life in the school. However, I can say for certain is that my impression on RPI during the Student Orientation was relatively positive.
I liken RPI to academic boot camp...there is an overall pride in the administration for being very difficult graders. This is excellent for teaching you to grind through adversity and serves you well in the workforce, however it is terrible if you plan on applying to grad school!

RPI is like MIT-light in the fact that it's a research institution and the administration only cares about the professors and grad students who get them big grants and notoriety. This results in an overall poor undergraduate experience however there are tons of opportunities to participate in undergraduate research which is a fantastic resume builder.

Overall, RPI is a great school for the very serious student looking for a career the tech world. If this does not describe you, you would be better off going someplace else!
RPI is academically great but lacks socially, I feel as if the school doesn't do much to boost the social involvement of students on campus.
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