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I enjoyed my time here. It was academically rigorous and there were plenty of opportunities for research! It is a nerdy school with over half the student population being engineering majors though.
My time at Rensselaer so far has been absolutely exceptional. I have been able to undertake a research opportunity in my first year as well as score both an internship and co-op at Fortune 500 company in California. Coming from the West coast, the weather took my by surprise but it really wasn't that bad. RPI provides a small, yet supportive community where it's large enough that you can explore your interests yet small enough that you can be yourself and meet amazing friends/peers that'll be with you whenever you need it. Considering RPI is so academically rigorous, it's surprising how willing people are to help each other out. Classes are also pretty small and professors really care about their students/are the best in their field. If I could do it again, I would enroll a million times over and I suggest to all my peers that they do the same.
Academics are very difficult here, but the degree is worth it. You'll come out of RPI really knowing your field. Parties are mostly through Greek Life, so it can be tricky to find parties or to get in if you are unaffiliated. The majority of people probably don't party. Campus is in a great location, short walk from downtown Troy, and the city bus service is free to students. There is so much to do at RPI and no matter who you are you'll always find a group to fit in with!
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A lot of difficult coursework but you really get to see the limits to your academic ability. The social life is here but you need to find your own little pocket to fit into. Rensselaer is what you put into it. You can have a terrible time if you don't mix school work with free time. I've met some very incredible people that I would not have if I went somewhere else.
At it's heart it is a tech school. With that comes things like lack of parties and night life. However, everyone finds their own people and if you really try finding places to go out is easy (I do things all the time). Night life is not as bad as people say, people exaggerate. We are all a bunch of 18-22 year olds (undergrad) in one place... as long as you find the right people you will have a good time. However, if you are planning on going to a tech school and you are worried enough about night life to make or break your decision to attend.... don't come here. People here have a genuine care for their education you don't see at many schools. Through all the socially awkward experiences it is a pretty vibrant place where you will grow professionally as well as academically into someone you could have never imagined.

If you are a minority, look into multicultural orgs. They helped me transition a lot.
PS: Do a co-op. The soft skills you will learn will be invaluable.
Very good school for STEM majors. Rich in history and a recognizable name in the STEM field. Troy is a nice town with other colleges close by in Albany and Schenectady. The campus offers a good variety of activities for students.
For my orientation it was something totally different from ny old daily life but its worth it one of the too academic schools in the country and has people for all around the country and the world. I loved it there and i can not wait to start. All though he classes will be very challenging it opens up the doors to a very comfortable life.
There's things to be improved, but overall is a wonderful school. If you want to find things to do, you have to put yourself out there - there's hundreds of clubs and groups people can be involved in. You get as much as you put into the school - if you work hard, play hard, you will do wonders. This school is no walk in the park, and is very challenging academically - for some, when they arrive, for others, when they get into more specific classes for their majors. It's a good place to consider.
Amazing school full of inspiring entrepreneurs! You will get challenged and learn a whole lot here. Almost every tech company goes here for students. The best way to descibe the acedemics here is that it creates blue collor students in a white collor environment.
This school has great academics that will definitely challenge the best of students. I met some of the greatest people here and now they are my closest friends. There are a lot of clubs to get involved in and something for everyone. Classes are difficult but if you schedule your time it is manageable.
Good School, they do have housing issues. They require you to have housing on-campus for freshman and sophomore year, but this year they ran out of on-campus housing and decided to cram everybody onto a waitlist.
I have had an excellent experience with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute thus far. Their system for new students is pretty rigid but they have a lot to offer for student life. I've had lots of great professors. The main draw back is the tuition costs.
A thriving community and home, Rensselaer is a fantastic place to earn a college degree. Campus life is virbrant and rewarding. RPI fills current students and graduate alike with a sense of pride and fulfillment, well worth the commitment of your education.
I just finished my sophomore year and I have to say that I love RPI so much. The professors are honestly what make it the best and the advisers. The classes are very small compared to many other universities and there are so many people you can talk to for help. I've struggled personally with school while here, but there's always been someone here to help me do better. Granted, I have to say even if you come into RPI with a 2400 on your SAT you're still going to struggle. I came in with a 2380 and I'm very far from a perfect student. Companies know that though and respect that Rensselaer brand image greatly. People just knowing you attended this school offer you jobs.
The campus is really nice and so are the people. Rock hard academics, but it's worth it in the end. Many people claim the social life is a drag, but most of those people are the ones that don't leave their rooms in the first place. There's usually a lot going on whether it be parties, campus events, concerts, or things clubs are doing in the local community.
Rensselaer is a phenomenal school. The professors in the Information Technology program are experts in their field and the research being done with corporate sponsors like IBM, Google, etc. is amazing. I've had a great time so far and taken a lot of interesting classes in all my subject areas. I was especially impressed by the journalism and communications department. Overall, if you want to have a great chance at getting internships and jobs in the future in a relatively noncompetitive environment, RPI is a great place to go to school. Granted, it can be very hard at times, but if you're admitted you can accomplish anything as long as you work very hard. Research positions are relatively easy to get even as a freshman. Professors train students and start them right away.
Most people don't even know, but RPI has a very good social and academic balance. The work can be overwhelming and there can be a lot of sleepless nights, but overall the weekends are really fun. Great professors, dorms, and high quality of education and students.

The only thing I'd complain about is the food. Sodexo kinda sucks, but it's gotten a lot better since the beginning of the year.
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I've had a great time at Rensselaer so far. I've been heavily involved in Rensselaer's student-run union as well as student government. Students have a great say in what happens on campus, which is great. The academics, overall, are also amazing and comparable to what you would find at other top-tier universities for STEM. The business school is also great as well! Third best in New York, and top 50 in the country!
If you are into a STEM oriented education, RPI is for you! If you graduated at the top of your class in high school, be prepared to be average because everyone else did too. This makes Rensselaer a competitive place but you will find friends that will last well after graduation. The curriculum is highly structured so don't expect to have many electives. This does assure that when you graduate you will have the knowledge and thoroughness that are expected of an RPI grad.
The only thing I really have to complain about is the food, but Sodexo supplies to must colleges (aka no matter where you go you're getting bad overpriced food). Besides that, it's a great college with a beautiful campus and so far has exceeded all my expectations.
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