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I absolutely loved coming here! All the teachers I've had are amazing and they give really great lectures!
Rend Lake College is a very welcoming environment. The office staff are friendly and the professors are passionate about what they do. The experience I had with my academic advisor was very poor though. They need to spend more time learning the programs so they can properly help students.
I am an upward bound student. My college experience was very interesting and enjoyable. I love the campus and how beautiful it is.
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Rend Lake College has a very small campus that is easy to navigate. It is filled with friendly staff and great professors. The classes are generally cheap, along with textbooks. I would recommend Rend Lake College to any student, especially nursing majors. They have one of the best programs for nursing students in Illinois.
I am currently enrolled in Automotive Technologies. The instructors are great! They're excellent in classroom lecture and in the lab with hands-on training. I've learned a great deal and they have prepared me to transfer to a University.
Rend Lake College has excellent teachers who are willing to help and it's convenient for work and school.
My experience at rend lake college was really good. the only bad thing is the school security ends at 11pm. When there was a tornado they told us that they will only open the school until 11pm, then we were on our own.
Most of the professors I've had have been good. However, I've had a couple who didn't seem to take their job to seriously. The class would sometimes watch YouTube videos that were not relevant to anything we were covering in class. Also there were a day or two when I'd show up to class and the professor either never showed up or dismissed class because she was going to take a speaker out to lunch and talk to them.
Rend Lake College is a shining gem in the absolute middle of nowhere. It's one of the best community colleges in the world.
I love how everything is in one area. I also love how down to earth the staff is about education. I also appreciate all the programs and the staff for helping me succeed in what I do.
I liked the size of the college and the ratio of students to teacher. I also like the campus itself. It is beautiful, the lake is very close to campus, and camp sites are close for commuters who live a ways off campus. I really enjoyed my chemistry class with professor Paul Sandrock, my speech class, and agriculture classes. I would like to see a change in academic advisors. The best advisor is Heather Bauersachs at the Pinckneyville campus. The advisors on campus need more education about the degree tracks and what is best for transfer students.
I haven't had any problems transferring credits. I've had to juggle my job around classes but I knew that was expected.
I don't know anything about post-grad services. I know last year had a 91 percent pass rate on nclex
The classes are appropriate in size. The instructors treat you like a person and not just a number. Instructors are helpful in teaching and training.
I haven't seen any recruiters as was summer classes. I haven't utilized the career center yet but will with the fall semester.
I enjoy being in the LPN bridge program at RLC. The instructors are approachable, answer emails in a prompt manner, helpful in answering questions. The college is easy to get around and find the classes, bookstore etc. There's a career center and quiet areas where you can study without being interrupted. The classes are appropriate in size.
Rend lake college is helping me achieve my goal. The instructors are easily accessible and help you understand the concepts.
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I didn't have a problem with transfer of credits, had to call other college to do a certified transfer and in two days it was done. The classes are cut and dry, as it is the nursing program so you only have one choice.
I haven't discussed job topics with the career counselor yet because being a nurse gives a person a variety of opportunities to expand and grow on. I haven't had experience with the career center yet.
Our class has 12 students as is a bridge program for LPNs. In the fall, it increases to about 60 students but they divide us up between to classes alternating. The instructors are knowledgeable to what they teach and are experienced nurses as well with a lot of experience in different fields, are approachable in and out of classroom.
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