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To get the chance and have an idea of that your getting into as your major makes a huge difference, because getting out of high school your already knowing what is your next step . You might be ahead of knowledge of others that didn't get the chance to get those programs during high school.
My overall experience at this school was great , they helped me a lot with graduation and what I needed to graduate , they won't leave you alone. I think that that's the most important thing to feel like you matter .
Being able to major specifically in the occupational therapy course will allow me to further my medical careee as well as obtaining new techniques that will be applicable on the job. Remington and its teachers work with your location and interest when it comes time for interning rather than using a cookie cutter model they also will work with me to help me to locate places to intern at in my area.
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Overall the school has been set up easily for the students, teachers are readily available any time, but the courses are very fast paced ans if you dont keep up it is easy to get behind and risk failure.
I am a Criminal justice student so the classes I've been having are very exciting. Having a small size class also makes it great, because you can have one on one time with the professor.
They have a career develop office, job fairs, and the library
The Computers at Remington College has some pros and cons to them. The pros are that you can print what ever you like, there are plenty of computer labs in the school, and the network is reliable. The Cons of the computers is that the speed is slow and the college students doesn't have full wireless access.
My professors are very understandable as long as its not an everyday issue. However its hard to comply with a work schedule because some people can make it or times are rough. There more than likely to help you out a little but they cant do it all the time which can extremely hurt your grade. Some teachers are different then other but majority of them are super good not just inside the school but also outside the workplace. Whatever you need there able to help you in some way.
Im a criminal justice major and by far i love having hands on classes. Somewhat found my calling on just subjects that really get my intrest. I know once i get into my field workload will be tough and sometimes stressful but it makes the best out of you. The teach us that we can do anything.The justice system is intensive and there alot of there no understand not to mention that it changes everytime you turn around, thats one thing they keep up to date with and help you with anything by all means.
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