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Absolutely a wonderful school. The instructors are so patient and treat each student as an individual. I miss it so much. Choose Remington. Pharmacy Technician program...
I was basically led on to believe that I would be able to start the most recent Dental Hygiene class and wasn't told until the first day of classes that I would not be starting. I was only told then because I went up to the school to see what was going on. No one was even going to call me. I was led on so much that I even paid hundreds of dollars out of pocket to take one last pre-requisite class I needed before starting. I came in to do all kind of paperwork, and was even given scrubs to try on all to be told I couldn't start until the next class. Now that part alone doesn't seem that bad. What really made matters worse was that by the time the next class starts, one of my other pre-reqs expires by then which means I would have to take that class over again which meant more money and stress. Its like my whole life came crashing in at once and all they could say is yeah that's too bad. If you have a plan don't expect it to go well if Remington is behind it
The staff here is amazing! Everything is hands on learning as well as actual training for the job you will perform! 10/10 would recommend!
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Considering that the classes are in four week increments, the school is very well rounded. It is a fast pace environment but the instructors are more than willing to help you learn and be ready for quizzes and exams. The heads of each department are also very welcoming and available for you to speak to.
The reason I enjoy Remington so much is it's nothing like a typical university where you have the "popular" kids and it's all about who you know. At Remington, everyone for the most part is friend's with everyone. We have a very diverse bunch of people! The staff of the Dental Hygiene program is amazing! They're so helpful & friendly!
It's a pretty diverse population we have at Remington. It doesn't seem like there are any "typical" cliches; everyone gets along with everyone!
The Dental Hygiene program so far is great! The teachers are very helpful, knowledgeable, and quite funny. Students that are in higher quarters are more than willing to help out the "newbies". It's like one big family!
I've only dealt with the Dental Hygiene program, and it's a great one! The professors are great; the curriculum is hard but manageable; and the registration is easy (they do everything for you!).
The Career Center is awesome! They are so helpful in helping you build your resume, answering any questions you may have, and clearing up any concerns you are worried about. They're very personable and willing to help!
The WIFI they provide to the students isn't the greatest. The computers in the computer lab are great, and they're are printers available for student use.
It's a small campus, so there's no athletics and art programs. They keep the campus clean; the library is a quiet place to study; and the activities they do offer appeal to a lot of students.
It is a little expensive to attend Remington College (especially because I'm in the Dental Hygiene program), but the education I'm receiving will be WORTH the tuition! The Financial Aid office is very helpful with any question and concerns you may be having and take care of your situation.
There was only one class of mine that didn't transfer, but that's okay. I don't mind taking it again! As of right now, my classes are only 2 days a week which is great.
We have an awesome Dental Hygiene program!
I have thoroughly enjoyed being in class at Remington College, the instructors make class fun and try to accommodate our needs to make our stay at Remington the best that it can be.
The instructors go out of their way to give us all the knowledge that we'll need for when we're in the real job world, I am pleased with the Nashville Campus, I do wish Laptops would have came with our tuition as they would have helped further our educational experiences.
I wish faculty and staff were as dedicated at my previous colleges as they are here at Remington, I have never experienced a more wonderful time than here at this campus. The instructors give wonderful one on one time with every student who requires it. The Administrative staff are always here to assist me with anything, and if they can't provide assistance they'll direct me where I can get more help to solve whatever it is that I need.
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I've been to three colleges in my lifetime and Remington is an amazing college, with staff always there to help answer your needs. I am studying Medical Billing and Coding and I feel that the instructors that I've encountered have been very detailed in their teaching methods, I've gained a lot of knowledge in just the short time I've been here at Remington. I would recommend this college to anyone, its great!
It is mostly attendance. you get graded for it and its worth more than a final exam.
i have not really dealt with them but for the most part they seem helpful
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