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Remington College - Lafayette Reviews

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The computer networking is awesome at my school, there is almost a comupter lab in every class.
My experience at my school is awesome. Whatever or whenever I'm having problems there is always someone there to help me along the way.
There are many jobs that I can apply for with my Associates degree.
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At my school it is diverse here and everyone here is awesome. We can talk about very controvery topics and noone would get mad.
The Academics at my school that is awesome. The professors depending on who it is they are awesome, whenever you need someone to talk to or just need something they are always there.
In my course it is very fun because we always doing some sort of activity. Its never a boring day in my class.
I'm not really sure. I haven't had and online course.
Well in my feild of study, which is criminal justice,we actually do ride along and internships.
When I first came to Remigton College in Lafayette it was over whelming. The program that I was looking for they had so I end up changing schools. So far I've had the best semeters here at my school. My grades are so awesome I've recieved the Dean's list and perfect attendence certificate not once but twice and im still going at it. I've never even in high school gotten on the Dean's list or perfect attendance and I also never gotten a gpa of 4.0.
The School tuition is at a good price compared to some schools in the area. My thing about the money that we don't use we should have a choice wether to get the money or not, that shouldn't be the school choice.
Why Would I Choose My School Again? I would choose remington again because its an overall great school. The administration are such nice people.They make you feel like your family more than just a student enrolled in there school.The teachers are great also. They help us not only to getting an education but to make sure we better our futures.
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