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Remington college is an absolute great college to attend staff and students are friendly campus is e an and safe for all students. I highly recommend this college to anyone.
Job opportunities in the cosmetology world gives you options in what u really want to do or bcom. If you don't want to continue in doing hair, u will be able to use your cosmetology license and start a job as a nail technician or esthetics an etc etc so being in this field of major it gives u job position options. It's unique in many ways because there is so much more behind being a cosmetologist. From chemistry to professionalism to hair color etc etc it's awesome and so amazing and this is what I want, it's what I need in order to Boone successful in and another step closer to my career dream goal.
I always looked forward each morning to go to school. The instructors are awesome and the director of chairman is the best. It's great because there are so many inspirations, motivation and especially creativity and potential that I see. All of us has talent and crate its and potential that being great words that rally inspired me
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I like it because of the time management.
I love it because i can bring my laptop.
They have a lot of equipment and technology.
They are the best when it comes to student activities.
The programs was awesome and the classes was good, teachers were on point and some were a chill but they were all very professional
Financial was good, although at times you have to wait a little long to speak to the financial people. They are very understanding as well and they know what they are doing
The classes was great and I love the instructors. They are very helpful and great listeners. My classes were great and I love the fact of having the same people in my classes through out my school year.
I like the small population in this school but the fact that I had to find my own job while taking Criminal Justice classes was a down fall on the school. They promise to help you out and help you get a job within your major but it was ok for me.
fast internet, lots of computers and free to print
I haven't graduated yet. So I am not to familiarized with that. But what I have heard from the students that have graduated from this school is that the school is very helpful in helping you find a job. Its in their best interest to help you. A student told me that she found a job right after graduating when she did her internship. So it is very possible that the school will do everything they possibly can to help me find a job.
The academics offered at our school is that we have to be here everyday on time. They want us to be here because we go over a lot in the 18 months that we will be here. The professors that I have met with are all very nice, which I love about this school. They have no problem helping you if you need it there always there. They come to school with positive attitudes and its like they really want to be there and that they love their job. The curriculum is good. It gets hard at times but once you figure it out its a breeze. The class registration process was really easy. They lady that helped me explain everything to its last detail. She wanted to make sure that this is what I wanted to do. If we want to hold a special study the school is more then welcome to give us one of there classes so that if we want a student study we can all be in the same place helping each other.
I've only been in school for three weeks now. The school is really good. I enjoy coming to school meeting new teachers, and new friends. Are classes are small. I like small classes because the teachers can have one on one with you and help you when you need it. Right now we only have one class that we take all day, we have reasonable breaks. There is no hassles or frustrations. This is my first year in college I have a long way to go but I'm very excited!
I am in the Clinical Medical major. My classes are very much what I expected the classes are fun. The teachers are great and very helpful. All the classes that I am taking are all going to very useful in my life. I am going to strive for the best. We have an internship our last two months of school which I am so excited for. I cant wait to start my career! The work is intense but the teachers are so willingly helpful I don't have to worry because I know that they will help if it is needed.
Remington college teachers are great they teach teacher students all what they need so its so worth the tuition that I pay, and the financial aid office is so awesome they help you with anything you need to keep up your education goal that you what to accomplish in life.
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Remington's tuition for massage therapy was by far one of the most reasonable ones I saw. At Remington, all we have to pay for is the tuition. It covers the cost of our uniforms (unless we needed extra, we had to buy on our own), the cost of all of our books, graduation fees, our cap and gown, and more. It was just one simple fee and payment plan, and Remington's Financial Aid Services made things so easy to deal with.
In the beginning I was a bit skeptical about this school and the program I enrolled in. But after getting to know the instructors a bit better I realized this school wasn't so bad. Going to this college made me become more independent and responsible.
There are many computer labs available. The library is another place to go. Every computer class has a printer. We need staplers and calculators available for students.
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