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Remington College - Fort Worth Reviews

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I went for 2 year to Remington college, went for Networking and admin
it was a great experience starting my career at that school.
Teacher were great and stuffing was always helping and cheering all the way until I finish my degree.
I loved it because I can manage to take care of my child and during the night classes I have my sister that can help me take care of him since she is still in high school. They were really flexible with all my classes.
It's one of the best ones because they will be able to place you where it's the best fit
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I think it's the best experience with the professors at the school. I talked to two of them when I went to the tour and they seemed like they will really help me to get my experience that I need and will really help me get a good job.
The career I choose is one of the best ones in this school because it's more hands on.
Like I said before I haven't started but when I walked in for a little tour, I loved everything, the teachers seem like they help you as much as they can and they will give you the best help as possible to get the experience you need to find a good job.
I haven't started yet but so far going to admissions and seeing how everything is going to look like in the classes makes me feel more comfortable and happy for my choice. It made me feel welcomed and I would recommend this school to other people because everything is explained good and reasonable. I loved this school.
Remington College is willing to work with you. They understand that life has a way of making things difficult. So some courses do offer extra after school hours if needed.
We have a portfolio program that prepare you for the job you are applying for. Giving you a feel on what to expect once you have an interview
I have gotten and internship at The Potter's House of Fort Worth. Remington College has giving me that edge to be ahead of my competitors and to know what my employers or clients expects from my work.
Love my instructors. Great, understanding, sense-humor, and straight forward.
My major was Digital Graphic Arts. My instructors enlighten me that, in the next 5 -10 years technology would be everywhere. I felt like this program help me to prepare for my future and enhance my career. My instructors also invited us to field trips and workshops just to give us better feel, on how my future work experiences would be like. The facilities is very simple and plain. It is not difficult at all.
The best part of this school is the hands on assignment. Having easy access to the latest equipment and tools. Giving me the credentials to get hired at any job. Also I would like to add about the my instructors/mentors. I appreciated them so much, that they were willing to help me after class for tough assignments.
My teacher that care and make sure we get it especially if a student get it . they take their time to make sure people can graduate.
They really do their best to help you find a job and even prepare for interviews.
People tend to stick with other people in their career field to interact with.
Compared to the previous college I attended, registration here was nearly effortless. They walked you through everythig and handled all the paperwork.
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Everyone is very friendly, and my class in particular is extremely small. Only two of us. Which has its advantages and disadvantages.
It's a lot of studying but my teacher does a great job in helping us schedule time for everything since afterwards all the students have to go straight to work.
The staff really seems like they wwant you to be successful and try to accommodate you as well as they can.
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