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When my mother went here I would be able to go inside with her and the whole campus was pretty nice. I was able to learn a little something from some of the professors my mother had up there. her work was pretty easy and they helped her a lot to get her associates degree in Criminal Justice.
Most of the work is done through computer however it is the essential for today's job fields require to learn how to use a computer.
You can decide to take morning or evening classes anytime. As long as your teachers takes you into action that you had came to school for the day you will be considered attended. The down side is that you can not miss several days of school or you will be dropped out.
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It has a high graduating percentage and students obtain a job once they are done or advance a higher placement in their current job.
The teachers at the school attempt to help students much as possible and encourage students to keep on attending.
The school helps you find a job, as you study, if you ask.
Teaches you things that you will actually do in the specific career you applied for.
The teachers are very engaging and persuade student to keep on attending. With the smaller classes teacher are willing to help students who struggle and are willing to stay after class to help students.
The library is always there when you need it. The campus activities are fun and great to enjoy it creates this bond to where you can deny.
It's convenient for me because my job is across the street from me and they both work around any time I have to offer. The credits can be transferred to Texas A&M Commerce which is great can't wait to send my transcript and become a Lion.
I heard it's great I'm currently still enrolled and people say they still help you even when your done with Remington. That's a plus in my books and can't wait for that serves when I'm in need.
The career services are the best. They send job offers to you when they are informed on a job opening. Help you with your resumes and do mock interviews with you to prepare for the job that your trying to go for. Amazing!!!
I like small class rooms where the professor knows my name it makes me feel connected to them to where I know if I'm lost on a problem or two they know. The style of the class room is simple and challenging which is amazing to me. Finally, the offer anything you can manage and do without rushing you to understand.
They will communicate with you all day and night about better ways to pay and better ways to understand the situations if your late. They are the best to do there job and straightforward 100%.
Our diversity is what makes student body special to understand another person on another level other than school related activities makes it worth your while of trying to learn.
They do a great job at communication and thrive on teacher and student relationship. They standards are high but easily to reach if you try and communicate. I love the college I go to they put you in situations to where you feel like it's real world job situations.
They help more than 90% of students to find jobs.
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Classes are chosen for you based on your journey
MBC is a great program! Time flies
SO worth it to get you into your field quickly
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