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I Really Like My Educational Courses At RemingTon College-Cleveland. The Instructors Are Very Professional. The Whole Staff Has Been An Absolutely Inspiration For Me. They Definitely Care About Your Well-Being & Future In Your Field. I Love This School.You Would Definitely Love It Too. Come Expand Your Knowledge At RemingTon College - Cleveland.
you know your schedule for you course and it doesn't change there for i consider it to be very simple and easy.
people at Remington are all of the above.
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have not graduated yet but my friends that are alumni say that its great.
the courses we offer are criminal justice , cosmetology, pham tech, hvac, computer tech
The tuition is the only thing i do not like about my school i feel every course that we offer at Remington is over overly priced.
i feel like im winning at my school and their is no better feeling to me than to feel like you are winning . meaning im confident if i need anything help with work , school, personal issues ,tutoring they are there and that is what makes my school the best choice. my advice is to give Remington college campus you'll love it you be the judge.
Our school staff and dedication is what makes my school unique i feel that support and love from my teachers in my field of study i witness a lot of one on ones and hands on with the other professors as well.
our computers system is great they make it easy for you to access your information. our computer technician is highly reliable he is on campus for about 89 percent of the day if we need any assistance.
Remington college is a great school in my opinion. Our teachers are very supportive and want to see you achieve your goals. The teachers and staff go above and beyond for their students such as tutoring before and after class. You may receive a call if you are not punctual or absent from the staff not only to stay on top of you to make sure that your okay . I genuinely feel that here at Remington you have that extra support system all you need is dedication.
There is no flexibility in the courses. Once you begin you have to follow the schedule that they set and you have to go into the classes that they choose for you.
I am a cosmetology student here and I have mixed emotions thus far. As far as the curriculum, we cover all of the basics that is needed for us to pass our state board exam on multiple occasions as well as work on real clients in a salon environment so that you are completely comfortable and confident in the services that you are performing. The only down side is that there is no flexibility in the classes. Once you start the program you can't choose which class you can go into next, you have to follow the schedule they set for you. They are also unorganized when the salon is open.
The class registration process is very easy and the workload is manageable. There are a mixed of good and not so good professors here. Some are very energetic, friendly, and knowledgeable, as well as interactive with the students; they offer tutoring, one on one help, as well as resources for personal problems when available. There are a few not so good teachers who aren't necessarily interested in helping the students beyond the basic requirements.
I love the cosmetology field. The classe are very informative and the experience of performing services on clients is great. Every mod, I earn president's list which mean you have to achieve a GPA of 4.0, which is not difficult, but dedication is the key.
The career services at Remington are excellent. Advisors sit down with you and create a professional resume as well as inform you of different job opportunties.
The professsors at my school are very involved with the students. We are fortunate to have a smaller class size.The advisors go out of there way in assisting with registering for school and classes. The Remington is like a family in providing excellent teaching and a good student teacher relationship.
Remington offers excellent training and instruction in there medical assistant program. We have the opportunity to work hands on in an actual laboratory setting on our classmates as well as lab dummies. We focus mainly on our major not having to go through all of the elective courses associated with community colleges. Our workload is intense but is given in a manner that is easily understood. As long as the a student focuses and puts forth an effort they'll succeed.
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I am a Medical Assistant Max student and I feel that everything is as I expected it would be.
I feel that they are flexible on working with the students.
i love the experience in learning at remington. the classes are small the teachers are very helpful and they help you to understand things as well!
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