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Remington College - Baton Rouge Reviews

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I had no problems at all. I've attended college before and my credits were easily transferred. No hassle at all. The classes are flexible. We have morning classes and evening classes. That's awesome for those of us doing shift work in the plant already.
Remington is more of a career college. We offer Applied Science degree for p tech and for the others diplomas.
Our professors are very family oriented and understanding of the students needs. Remington offers courses for Medical Assistant, Process Technology, and Cosmetology. The P Tech program is 18months, and all others are 8-10months. I'm not sure of the cosmetology. Most P Tech programs are 24 months, ours is much shorter and we still receive the same amout of curriculum learning's. Our classes consist of no more than 10 students. Actually my class I'm in now, we only have 7 students. That makes it earlier for each of us to be able to interact with our instructor and get one on one help with anything we may be struggling with.
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Most students get hired while there doing their internship. That's awesome. Remington makes sure students have the necessary skills and knowledge before going out into the workforce. I was really surprised when I walked in and saw a whole room full of pictures of hired students. I even went back and forth from the graduation pic...pointing each one of them out, matching faces with the "we've been hired" pics. Lol
I'm in the Process Technology program. In less than 2 years I'll be an Operator for a large process industry. I can either go into a pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry, oil and gas industry, chemical industry, power generation industry, or coal or mining industry. Im really excited and interested in going into the pharmaceutical industry.

Sometimes we have visitors from major oil and gas refineries come speak to us about our careers. They demonstrate job skills and offer lots of helpful information as well. It seems hard but once you get the hang of it, its pretty easy and simple. Safety is most important as an operator. We must always wear our proper PPE and make sure we're monitoring everything properly.
My overall experience at Remington has been absolutely wonderful. My instructor goes above and beyond to make sure each and everyone of her students become a success. I mostly admire the ambition and drive the school implants in us. I'd definitely reccomend Remington to any one hoping to pursue a successful career. We have small classes and our programs are not so long. I'm excited to go to school each evening learning new techniques and how to run machinery. Its awesome.
pretty interesting/ learned a lot
love the student/teacher ratio. my teachers are very hands on
I qualified for full coverage of financial aid, the process went really quick and the financial aid directors keep you up to date with all your information and what you do or dont need to do. They give you time to get all your paper work together and help you with anything you may be missing.
Pretty Enjoyable Classes and Teaching – The teachers are helpful and keep the curriculum interesting. There are lots of fun projects, lots of fun hands on activities, and you aren't overworked. Schedules are very flexible and they offer many different courses depending on what your looking for in a career. You dont have to take extra classes (years of algebra, english, foreign languages) only what you need for the career field you plan to go in.
High Quality of Assistance – Remington offers a diversity of programs, great class sizes, lots of hands on work. It's a fun enviroment, the teachers are very knowledgable and so far its been a great experience.
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