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Just now completing my freshman year, Reinhardt has been a pretty good experience so far. It is a very close-nit and friendly community, but for the large price tag you do not get as many interesting advantages as you should.
Beautiful campus- constantly growing. New theater on the water and new residential halls. The faculty is very knowledgeable in their fields- I wish more of the professors were permanent fixtures rather than adjunct.
I like that is a small school, you are able to have a lot of one on one time with your professors. Its more like a family at Reinhardt.
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Overall we had a great visit with Reinhardt. You automatically get a sense of a family oriented environment. Loved the class room setting and student to teacher ratio. Reinhardt received funding recently, and they're in the midst of adding a new building for dorms. I would highly recommend this University.
The insight and one-on-one help from the professors. Also, the small classes sizes made it easier to clarify questions, ask for individual help and take time to clear up any confusion.
I am currently Dual Enrolled at Reinhardt and I absolutely love it. The professors are SO helpful ands they are always willing to take time out of their day to help students if they do not understand something.
Reinhardt has been on of the greatest experiences in my life. I'm comfortable being myself to others, and I'm not afraid of rejection anymore. It may not be the best school to go to if you want to be super successful in life, but if you want a school that will help you grow as a person; that will teach you how to be your best self, then Reinhardt is the place for you. I don't know if I'm going to have the ultra glamorous life I had planned out for myself before I got to Reinhardt, but I know that I will have a fulfilling one, and that this feeling of home will always be with me.
I have been in the BCJ program for 3 years and when I missed a start date for a class in the 2nd year they emailed, called, and texted me until they reached me to make sure that I was ok. They take a personal interest in every student whether a campus or online student!
I have had a very positive experience in my first semester at Reinhardt. Counselors and professors are very helpful and supportive.
Reinhardt University provides an environment for self-discovery. I would not associate that with the leadership at Reinhardt, however. The leadership does not look out for the students, but rather the image that others see Reinhardt as.
I like Reinhardt overall. It is an expensive school, but they have small class sizes. The professors are interested in your success, but it is tough academically.
I like Reinhardt University because of the students to faculty staff ratio. The small campus allows professors to get to know their students. Reinhardt University has great athletic programs.
Reinhardt has a very beautiful campus, is very diverse, and is very safe. It gives on you more one on one connection with professors, making students more successful.
This school is amazing I love the athletics, the way you feel the spirit of Christ, and just the all around family feel.
A very beautiful, quiet, and peaceful campus. They also have some good parties (so I've been told. Since it's a private school, you can get more 1 on 1 time with the professors so they can actually help you learn the material, unlike other larger schools.
My experience at reinhardt university has been amazing. From when I first stepped onto campus visiting in the winter everyone treated my with kindness and respect. Also the campus is very beautiful. They have a lot of wonderful places to relax and study. This university works with you and does their best to help you with whatever you need.
Reinhardt is so welcoming! I love that there aren't many students so you get a lot of one on one time with your professor and it makes things so much easier to understand! There is so much to do at such a small campus!
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I really like this college. It is a perfect college for someone who doesn't want to go to a big school, but wants to obtain a good education. I will say, there is not much to do in Waleska, but the school provides fun student activities about 3 times a week. The school is also adding greek life next year which will be fun. For my first year at the school, I didn't really run into many rude staff or professors. Everyone seems to be pretty nice, and there is a great apmosphere of peace, religion, and family.
This school's small classroom size enabled me to build strong relationships with my professors and garner strong letters of recommendation. Reinhardt, even though being a small school, has a lot to offer, you just have to take advantage of it.
What I like most about Reinhardt is that the teachers care about your success and no matter what they will help you in any way they can for you to achieve your goals. Most of the people on campus are very friendly and kind. Whatever questions that you have they never hesitate to answer them.
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