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I would like to see more diversity, more international students. Tuition is rising, unfortunately. Yet, it is a pretty good community. It doesn't offer all a big state school can, but if you're not looking for that, you will at Regis find lasting social and professional relationships. Good education.
I find Regis University to be a fantastic place to be. The entire campus has a very old London feel to it and there is nature throughout it for you to explore or just relax in.
The moment I got to Regis University, I felt very welcomed. People were nice and easy to talk to. The campus is easy to navigate as well.
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The community at Regis University is amazing. People actually care about how you are doing and want to be their to support you in your future endeavors at Regis. There is always something to do on campus and its a great feeling to see people everyday that make you smile.
2017 Summer will be my first semester at Regis, so far my experience with Regis has been absolutely positive. This University provides everything for students needs, from having a gym, a Starbucks, Library, Music listening places and much more. Great school, and the staff are really nice, I have always been able to contact anyone I needed for help for any purpose.
Regis University is full of wonderful people. Everyone I have met here has been very warm and welcoming. All of my professors seem to truly enjoy their jobs and absolutely love interacting with their students.
I love the professors. The school is mostly white and mostly females - so not much diversity. Very small school!
I have been at Regis University now for two years working on my bachelor's and master's degrees. I cannot say enough good about the university. It has a very diverse group of instructors who have all been wonderful. They have plentiful resources if you should need assistant in a class. Their instructors are always willing to go out of their way to assist you. The instructors apply each course to real life scenarios which helps you relate the course material to real life.
Overall, I would rate Regis University a 10 out of a 10.
I felt Regis University was very deceptive in the application and financial aid process. I was also unaware that the curriculum was religious based when I registered for classes.
I am an out of state student from California and I did not visit the school before my fall semester started. I felt absolutely welcomed!! Right as I arrived on campus I knew it was the school I can call home for the next 4 years. Knowing this feeling made me sure of my wonderful decision and safe that I would be living in Colorado. I have met amazing people from all over the world. It was comforting to know that about 70% of student are not local thus they will be having the same experience I am. Since the school is a Jesuit institution, having a chapel on campus made me feel connected to my home and family because prayer is my happy place.
I like the fact they offer religious courses. I also like the online classes. However, Regis is a very expensive college.
Don't go to Regis if you expect a "traditional" college experience. Keep in mind it's a Jesuit school, so the rules tend to be pretty strict. I found it to be boring at times. A lot of it is personal preference, but in my opinion it was too small and had a tendency to feel like high school. I did not find the school to be very diverse, just a lot of rich catholic white kids with a handful of diverse students. The parties aren't that great either, and since this is a very small division 2 school, school spirit is almost nonexistent. The area surrounding Regis is pretty dangerous and would not advise anyone to go out by themselves especially at night. Any good night life is downtown which require a bit of a drive.
I love Regis University. The class sizes are small, which allows for a more personal connection to professors. The professors care genuinely about their students, and truly want to see them successful. The campus is beautiful, lots of foliage and small critters that run around. The student body carries a sense of community with it, and people are always willing to help others. Although it is a Roman Catholic, Jesuit university, there is no bias against those who aren't religious. It seems like the majority of students pursue a Pre-Med/Nursing major, but Regis University has numerous options for majors and minors. The area around Regis is not the greatest neighborhood, but Campus Safety is always monitoring and making sure students/faculty are safe.
Something about the school seems off, the atmosphere is whack and there seems to be a lack of space for the students (eating, parking, housing). From what I've seen a lot of the students here are very apathetic towards their academics. A lot of fake people here who like to display their wealth. Yikes. The professors are relatively impressive, however there are few, so choose wisely. So many cliques it feels just like high school, if not worse. The student body seems to bubble itself and stay relatively close to the campus (unless you want to eat at a restaurant, then you would HAVE to have a car to go anywhere). I just would not recommend this school if your looking for more opportunity.
Regis University is a great small community to be a part of, it is easy to get involved with different groups on and off campus. The professors are great and because the school is small -- my classes are never much bigger than 25 students -- it is very easy to develop strong relationships with the professors and other students.
Only stayed for one semester during which my phone was stolen on campus. Met some pretty shady people, along with some of the nicest people on earth. Most people here seem really fake. Not worth the cost of the school. Only 2 places on campus where you can use meal swipes, one of which forces you to use flex dollars on half the things they sell. The neighborhood is both a family area, as well as super dangerous. DO NOT go out on Federal past 9 pm. During my single semester, I received 2 emails about a man jacking off in his car in the lot on campus, 1 email about someone driving past a girl who was walking on the edge of campus and yelled at her "how much do you charge?", and 2 emails regarding a lockdown situation where a convict had escaped and had been reported near campus. Downtown is fun but expensive. Also, because of how popular Denver is becoming, housing prices are through the roof, even in the shittiest of neighborhoods.
Regis University is a small college with a good community. There are strong academics and a lot of club opportunities however there are not a lot of on campus housing opportunities and the surrounding area is extremely expensive making housing difficult.
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During my Regis experience so far, I have met some amazing people from around the world and have been introduced to such a welcoming community. With such a small student population, professors try their best to really get to know their students to make sure that everyone there succeeds. The campus environment is beautiful and home-like, making it truly feel like a "home away from home".
I love Regis University. The campus is beautiful and the classroom sizes are small. The faculty is committed to making incoming freshmen feel as welcomed and comfortable as possible. They care and show interest in each individual student. The staff helps make the new transition less stressful. There are so many different resources Regis provides- whether it be a counselor or a tutor. Regis University wants to see their students achieve and are VERY supportive. Professors are willing to help in any way possible.
Regis is making simple process for student from applying in to finish matriculation. Administration is there to show you options to be more sucessful in progress. Academic counselors response for students ' questions quickly whenever they have questions. They make very friendly and cozy environment in orientation day. Accepting students had chance to communicate with faculties, tutor, senior learn experience. Also, Regis gives many scholarships to students who qualify for. You do not feel lonely on your journey to study there. BS Choice Nursing program especially is very convenient for students working and studying. So, you can afford the cost of living better. Faculties are with high academic doctors who are going to give best knowledge ever. Coming here, you are going to be trained best in your career.
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