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I love the academics and what the school is offering to teach. It would be nice to have more of a community in classes.
Love the small campus environment and the friendly staff and student body. Classes are decently sized and it's fairly easy to find your way around the campus.
Regis is a small University with great academics and small classrooms. The professors are all great. The campus life is lacking but once you get to know people it is a lot of fun. Not a lot around the campus but downtown is close by.
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Regis University anyone can have a great experience socially and academically. There are many different social groups where students can make friends and volunteer to contribute their part to the community. I love Regis and plan to graduate ina few short years with my Bachelor's in Computer Information Systems.
Regis University has such an amazing campus that accompanies it with such joyful and kind faculty and students. Not only does Regis offer one of the best Nursing Programs but it also has tons of resources for students to take advantage off while they're advance in their college career.
I love the environment and academics at Regis. The teachers at Regis are extremely helpful, they are always willing to meet with you in office hours. When office hours is not an option, tutoring centers are always available. I'm a transfer this year at Regis, and the staff and students all tend to be welcoming and friendly.
Regis University is a great local school that is very supportive. Because Regis is a small school, there is the ability to have close knit relationships with other students and with faculty. This makes learning very convenient and much more feasible. I would like to see a change in diversity. Regis is a predominately white school. I would like to see more students of different ethnicities and different backgrounds.
I am enrolled in an adult program. Going back to school after 5 years from graduating high school isn't easy. With Regis I found the best program to help me catch for the years I've missed. The process has been easy and the classes challenging. The classes fit well with my schedule and can continue to work and go to school.
The instructors at Regis are committed to your success! The school has a fabulous reputation that goes really far when graduated.
I like the small class sizes, you get more one on one with the professors. It's a small campus and student body, making it easier to get to know others.
The staff really care about you and your success and help if you are having any difficulty.
I like how the staff keeps their word in contacting you and the services offered to distance learning students.
If you don't already have a job in the computer programming world, do not bother going to Regis through their online computer science degree program. The program has many errors in both the content, the instructions, and even in the grading of assignments. The cost of their program is incredibly expensive, unacceptably so with the errors they have in their own coursework.

You also spend all of your time reading and teaching yourself since there are little to no videos available. This is fine if you have experience in the field already or are fine with reading a textbook, but if you are looking for someone to actually teach you this is not the location you want to go.

Over priced, little to no help, error in the course work so buyer beware!
It is a very nice college everyone is super friendly, it is private college, it is very quiet and whenever you need help with something there is always someone to help you. The dorms are super clean and very nice, you dont have to worry about having a dirty dorm
So far, all facilitators have been very helpful, accommodating and easily accessible. Access is especially important to me since my classes are fully online; it is a new experience and I am still trying to get comfortable in that setting.
I love the student centered attitude here and the small class sizes! I never feel lost in the crowd!
I have enjoyed my experience with Regis University due to the holistic perspective they take on their curriculum. They truly value connecting mind,body, and soul with their course work and you truly get a lot out of it.
I love the size of Regis! It is small enough to be able to run to class and still be on time, but large enough to still meet someone new everyday. Regis has not only prepared me academically, but is also dedicated to teaching its students about their purpose in the greater community.
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I love how supportive school faculty are! During my time at the school, I have experienced nothing but success. Regis offers a flexible schedule for working students like myself, with 5 and 8 week classes.
I would like to see more diversity, more international students. Tuition is rising, unfortunately. Yet, it is a pretty good community. It doesn't offer all a big state school can, but if you're not looking for that, you will at Regis find lasting social and professional relationships. Good education.
I find Regis University to be a fantastic place to be. The entire campus has a very old London feel to it and there is nature throughout it for you to explore or just relax in.
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