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I love Regis University. The class sizes are small, which allows for a more personal connection to professors. The professors care genuinely about their students, and truly want to see them successful. The campus is beautiful, lots of foliage and small critters that run around. The student body carries a sense of community with it, and people are always willing to help others. Although it is a Roman Catholic, Jesuit university, there is no bias against those who aren't religious. It seems like the majority of students pursue a Pre-Med/Nursing major, but Regis University has numerous options for majors and minors. The area around Regis is not the greatest neighborhood, but Campus Safety is always monitoring and making sure students/faculty are safe.
Something about the school seems off, the atmosphere is whack and there seems to be a lack of space for the students (eating, parking, housing). From what I've seen a lot of the students here are very apathetic towards their academics. A lot of fake people here who like to display their wealth. Yikes. The professors are relatively impressive, however there are few, so choose wisely. So many cliques it feels just like high school, if not worse. The student body seems to bubble itself and stay relatively close to the campus (unless you want to eat at a restaurant, then you would HAVE to have a car to go anywhere). I just would not recommend this school if your looking for more opportunity.
Regis University is a great small community to be a part of, it is easy to get involved with different groups on and off campus. The professors are great and because the school is small -- my classes are never much bigger than 25 students -- it is very easy to develop strong relationships with the professors and other students.
Only stayed for one semester during which my phone was stolen on campus. Met some pretty shady people, along with some of the nicest people on earth. Most people here seem really fake. Not worth the cost of the school. Only 2 places on campus where you can use meal swipes, one of which forces you to use flex dollars on half the things they sell. The neighborhood is both a family area, as well as super dangerous. DO NOT go out on Federal past 9 pm. During my single semester, I received 2 emails about a man jacking off in his car in the lot on campus, 1 email about someone driving past a girl who was walking on the edge of campus and yelled at her "how much do you charge?", and 2 emails regarding a lockdown situation where a convict had escaped and had been reported near campus. Downtown is fun but expensive. Also, because of how popular Denver is becoming, housing prices are through the roof, even in the shittiest of neighborhoods.
Regis University is a small college with a good community. There are strong academics and a lot of club opportunities however there are not a lot of on campus housing opportunities and the surrounding area is extremely expensive making housing difficult.
During my Regis experience so far, I have met some amazing people from around the world and have been introduced to such a welcoming community. With such a small student population, professors try their best to really get to know their students to make sure that everyone there succeeds. The campus environment is beautiful and home-like, making it truly feel like a "home away from home".
I love Regis University. The campus is beautiful and the classroom sizes are small. The faculty is committed to making incoming freshmen feel as welcomed and comfortable as possible. They care and show interest in each individual student. The staff helps make the new transition less stressful. There are so many different resources Regis provides- whether it be a counselor or a tutor. Regis University wants to see their students achieve and are VERY supportive. Professors are willing to help in any way possible.
Regis is making simple process for student from applying in to finish matriculation. Administration is there to show you options to be more sucessful in progress. Academic counselors response for students ' questions quickly whenever they have questions. They make very friendly and cozy environment in orientation day. Accepting students had chance to communicate with faculties, tutor, senior students...to learn experience. Also, Regis gives many scholarships to students who qualify for. You do not feel lonely on your journey to study there. BS Choice Nursing program especially is very convenient for students working and studying. So, you can afford the cost of living better. Faculties are with high academic doctors who are going to give best knowledge ever. Coming here, you are going to be trained best in your career.
Regis University is a place like no other. It's urban location right next to the Rockies is beautiful and peaceful, and there's no better place you could get a degree. The tuition for a private university is affordable, the Jesuit values held by the university are amazing, and the opportunities for students are endless. The professors truly care about their students and want them to succeed, which can be hard to find. I am so glad I picked Regis for my undergraduate degree, and can't imagine this experience at any other university.
I absolutely LOVE the small school atmosphere. The professors always know your name and what you need help with, and they always want to see you succeed. They have so many programs to get commuters and students on campus involved and the academics are wonderful. They have to many research opportunities with professors and their advisors will help you find out what you need to do to achieve your goals after you get your degree.
Regis University was amazing! The campus is beautiful, the perfect size. The people/students there are so nice and helpful. It is the perfect place to study, in my opinion. I absolutely love everything about Regis. I love the values, the campus, the students, the staff. I love the idea that it is a teaching university only, more time to spend with friends and professors.
I'm a freshman at Regis University, and I couldn't be happier. The school is the perfect size for me, at about 1900 undergrad. I love the professors, the beautiful campus, and the overall safety. The food is pretty good, and there are plenty of clubs to join if one is interested.
Regis University overall is actually a nice school. The campus is beautiful and you can tell a lot goes into maintaining it. The problem with Regis is that sometimes you feel like you may be paying too much for what you're getting. On-campus housing could use some upgrades, but it's nothing terrible or unbearable. The teachers actually care about you and the small class size makes it easier to get one-on-one time with a teacher. Plus, the classes can be pretty challenging and you will be academically put the test. One thing to note is, the area surrounding Regis isn't the best. It's not the safest area, but its not all that dangerous either. Just be cautious of your surroundings. But I actually like attending Regis and I don't regret choosing this school.
Most of the teachers and administrators are awesome, however there are an odd few that really make life terrible, I guess just like any school. The classes are nicely organized however there is no option to get behind, but the teachers are generally very understanding to personal emergencies. I wish that the classes were just more up to date and applicable to actually modern life and workplace.
I absolutely love this school. I was worried about the transition from high school to college, however, I have never felt safer and at home than I do at Regis. As an incoming college freshmen and a member of the Women's soccer team I was worried about being overloaded with class work, studying, and trying to find time to be a regular college kid. The teachers have been amazing with working with me and my schedule as I am out of town a lot due to soccer. They give me extensions on my papers if I need it, and if I missed class while we were going over test materials then they will allow me to use the tutor center before I take the test. Not only are the teachers great, but so is the environment. There is always great activities going on around campus whether it be YoungLife, screenings of the Presidential Debate, Alcohol Awareness meetings, yoga, or just watching the football game in the pub. This is an amazing school and I would highly recommend it to any type of student.
The entire atmosphere of the campus ion move in day is very possessive and the people are very welcoming. One of the most friendly vibes I have had the pleasure of encountering.
The services are easily accessible and very welcoming for the students who are hesitant to look for it.
The atmosphere of the residency halls are very positive as well as reinforcing to participate in communal activities to get to know the campus as well as the other students no matter which education year.
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The Greek life is in-existent on campus for social purposes but some are offered for their educational background in helping students achieve internships for personal perseverance.
The athletes are dedicated in their efforts to continue in school as well as achieve great feats in their teams. The attitude to achieve on and off the court is greatly felt by the athletes themselves and not so much pushed upon , rather encouraged to do so in accordance with the athletes personality.
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