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Regis is a small school, and the reason I enjoy learning there is because of the environment. I know my professors and my classmates. It's a small community, but it is nice to know people with the same interests as you. Everyone that attends Regis is friendly and determined.
My experience has gone well so far. For anyone else wanting to succeed it's important to speak with your teacher often.
Not only is the campus gorgeous, but I love the small class sizes and the community Regis offers. I have found some aspects to be frustrating over my two years at Regis, but overall I don't think I'll ever regret attending this school. I have already made so many friendships and learned so much.
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Regis University's Loretto Heights School of Nursing program is a great nursing program located in Denver, Colorado that has helped me develop nursing skills and supports students on their journey to graduating with a BSN.
Regis is a great online university for graduate students who are working full time and wishing to pursue a higher degree.
The data science program is very rewarding and great value for the cost of education. There is a diverse group of student of many educational backgrounds which is beneficial in class discussions.
The Regis University community is strongly built on its Jesuit values and morals, allowing you to quickly feel apart of such an inviting community.
I love the Regis campus, it is gorgeous. I also enjoy the small community the Regis offers, allowing people to better know their classmates.
I loved everything about Regis, from the small class sizes, the incredible staff, and the beautiful campus. Regis's education program prepared me to be the best teacher, confident in my practice from the moment I graduated. I strongly recommend all people considering teaching to go through Regis's education program.
I have really enjoyed my experience at Regis so far. The instructors are engaged, responsive and interested in their students' lives. They are driven to help us succeed. Graduate work has been tailored to suit my own particular academic and professional goals.
I Just got accepted to Register and I am very excited! I am going for the biology bachelors program. I love science and will continue later to become a physician assistant. Register has amazing programs for the medical field and I am honored to have been accepted.
I love Regis because of the Jesuit values and how they transfer into the Nursing program. The parties aren't bad but it's not a party school, people care about their academics.
Regis University strives to be socially inclusive, environmentally friendly and provide students with rigorous academics in a safe environment. The campus is beautiful and the new additions and upgrades have really improved the lives of students.
This was the best college to have taken the Masters in Psychology. The professors had their own practices so they were able to relay real experiences to the students.
I love this place!!! I went here to get my Bachelor's in Nursing and it was a very well rounded educational experience. The instructors are really helpful and go the extra mile to make sure you understand anything and always willing to offer support. I loved this place so much that I decided to go back and get my master's degree here!!!
Phenomenal school. Compassionate in every single way. They have gone above and beyond to facilitate my needs. They offer a great curriculum. The teachers are detailed and efficient. A win-win for anyone that is considering a private school.
Regis is a wonderful school. If. you want to a good quality education, I highly recommend this school.
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I really enjoy the condensed courses because I can complete more classes in one semester. I really love the campus and professors I have worked with.
I really liked the unique history they have and that they are a so involved with the community and nature around the school.
This was the first college I toured, and I absolutely fell in love with the university as a whole! I am looking for a school that has great academics, along with the sense of a tight-knit community. Definitely my dream school!
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