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I am re-entering academia after being a working, single mom for 17 years, so far everything has been easy to understand. You are matched with a team of folks who truly want you to succeed.
Admission was very detailed, answered questions I didn't even know I had. Everyone on my on-boarding team has been great!
This school has been great for me. Coming out of high school I was unsure if college would be fit for me. However, after arriving to Regis I really began enjoying the college life and started to appreciate learning much more. All of the teachers I have had at this school are great and keep students engaged in the courses. This school has really made a positive impact in my life and helped me become a better person. Overall, Regis University has been a great school for me and I would recommend anybody to go there.
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Overall, online courses are tough for everybody. However the professors at Regis have put an enormous amount of work into designing their online courses to be as interactive as possible to help keep students engaged. It is much harder to stay engaged in online learning in general, but the professors at Regis are very interesting and that makes it much easier to stay engaged.
Regis was swung into online learning, where some classes that had an online component adjusted quickly and ran smoothly. Although a few took a bit longer, so overall the classes are easy to follow and allow fr a great learning experience.
I enjoy the diverse campus and the dedicated staff, along with the well-structured classes. The programs are fairly well structured to allow for students to complete their degrees with minimal struggle.
The online exerience was nothing stellar. Nothing to go home and talk about. It was just at best average.
My experience at Regis Univeristy was great. It is a good catholic school with profesors who truly wish to see you succeed.
I didn't take online classes, but I haven't heard any complaints about it. I am going to be taking an online class which I am excited for, and they do have an online program for students wishing to pursue a degree that way. When we had to transition to online because of coronavirus it was a fair transition with some difficulties, but that was with no preparation.
Regis really cares about its students, and upholds its values. I love how many resources are offered, the care behind the staff and faculty, and just the overall feel of the campus (what made me choose it as my college).
I love my university. I am going into my second year at Regis University, and I couldn't be more excited about it. I am in the honors program and am a double major, in neuroscience and art, and have found continuous support from my professor to juggle everything that I want to do. The campus is beautiful, and it is easy to learn in such a great environment. I was valedictorian of my high school and was worried college wouldn't challenge me. I have found that not true, as I am learning things I ever dreamed I would and the programs are such a high quality and intensity that I truly am intellectually stimulated. I love my campus, and the only thing to make it better would be if they had a neuroscience grad school so I could stay longer!
I have taken online classes at Regis due to covid, and the teachers have been more that cooperative and understanding. I personally learn better in a classroom than online so it has been a struggle for me, but Regis has been very upfront about the procedures and what is expected of me as a student. I could not think of a better way to transition this year into summer given the current circumstances.
Regis wants to be diverse and accepting of everyone but they are not. They cover up many problems most of them dealing with safety and health concerns of students. While there are also some good professors, many of them do not encourage different thinking and only allow they're way of thinking. Something needs to change as many people leave because of these problems.
When we switched over online the end of this last semester, it was a disaster. A few of my teachers embraced the new way of teaching and helped students succeed but many of them struggled greatly with the technology and then blamed the problems on the student. There was a severe lack of communication from the teachers, even after several attempts of reaching out. I was greatly disappointed in the way they handled online classes.
I took one online course while at Regis. The class was easy to maneuver and my professor was easy to contact. I personally just don't like online schooling
Regis is a great place to attend colleges. The professors all want you to succeed and the atmosphere is always positive.
I really enjoy the professors at Regis University. I am a neuroscience major and you can really tell that the professors care about you and are super excited about teaching. The social life on the other hand is very lackluster, since it is such a small university there are not many opportunities.
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The online experience for me wasn't that hard. I was able to adapt and Regis offered plenty of programs to help me adapt. It was a lot harder to not learn on campus though.
We had to move to remote classes in the middle of the semester. The transition was actually done smoothly. The professors were understanding of any hiccups along the way.
The smaller student to teacher ratio is just what I needed. The faculty really shows that the care. The ethics and morals of this university is one of the very reasons I chose it to finish my undergrad. I have been through a lifetime before I was even 24. Regis has been so accepting, helpful, and understanding. Because I have tried to go to school so many times, I ran out of student loans. So now I have been doing all that I can to find a way to pay for school so I can finally earn that degree! I just wish Regis was more affordable.
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