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Very good school. I received an excellent education here. Although I would have liked more professors who did not use group projects in the curriculum, the school respected diversity.
Excellent university thus far, still needs to iron out some things with students, faculty, and dorm areas. Academically, this university seems up to par.
The students and faculty are very welcoming, and being on campus gives you an at home feeling. Everyone who attends Regis values their education, plus the campus is very beautiful to be on. Although, Regis says it is a very diverse campus, they need to give out more opportunities so minorities can attend.
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I absolutely loved Regis the students and faculty there are amazing! The class sizes are relatively small which allows one to easily connect to their professors, classmates, and comprehend the material easier. The atmosphere is great it’s a small campus and has a very close knit community!
Regis University offers educators great graduate programs. The help and information offered by each department regarding the programs offered is extensive and informative. They are flexible to meet your needs. The application process is very well explained and easy to navigate. The courses are offered to meet your schedule and your needs. I have been extremely happy with the whole process.
Regis and its employees and instructors are awesome and very concerned with your learning experiences.
Great, knowledgeable professors. Excellent online degree program. Course variety. Helpful office staff and advisors.
During the application process they have been very good with communication and helping me to get the info I need.
The Jesuit values are implemented at every turn. Not only do the smaller class sizes lead to better learning environments, they also provide better relationships between the teachers and the students. The teachers at Regis University legitimately care about each and every one of their students.
One of the best schools I have attended with some of the best staff to help you navigate through the processes of a University. From the very first day when I applied to the school, to every little thing to get me where I am now.
I like the campus and the availability of the campus. Nice location, though in an area where there could be high crime. Paying for parking isn't fun, but it does keep people from cluttering the parking lot with tons and tons of cars.
Best College experience anyone could ask for. The professor were so hands on, worked with you when it was needed, answered every question, and worked with your personal schedule. The professor really care about their students education and make education a priority. The professor are willing to meet up with you outside of class hours for extra help and accommodate all needs. There is nothing better than having a professor who cares about you and your education.
Regis has some of the best academic programs, you will get an amazing education that will put you above your peers at other schools. All students and staff are genuine people and Denver is gorgeous.
Regis University is a small school and it is super easy to make friends. It is a a beautiful campus with an overall happy vibe. Also the jesuit values are very nice, and the religious aspect of the school isn't overwhelming.
The classes are small, and I truly did not appreciate this until now. I am currently studying abroad in Ireland for a semester and the class sizes are big. At Regis you truly get to interact with professors that care about you.
I love the environment of the school and the amount of time the professors put into their students. It’s something that you won’t find at another University.
Regis University is the school that I will be attending in the fall and I am looking forward to it so much. The staff have been extremely helpful to me and my family as we try to navigate the college experience for the first time. They are quick to respond and are very enthusiastic. They are helpful in every way they possibly can be and I am very grateful that they are. I am the first of my siblings to go to college and the experience has changed a lot since my parents went. They are just as confused about the process as I am but the University has been nothing but helpful. I really am looking forward to going to such an amazing school in the fall.
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I love the teachers in the English department. The food is amazing and the campus is in a beautiful spot in Denver. I am in love with the writing programs offered here and the teachers really care about knowing the students. The small classrooms allow for a more communication-based class times.
Wonderful online program, thorough, helpful teachers, and flexible study program. The academic advisor was awesome, and she helped me complete my degree quickly, with the best study plan possible. They also took all of my credits from community college!
I love the academics and what the school is offering to teach. It would be nice to have more of a community in classes.
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