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Regis is a place where everyone is allowed to be themselves. They encourage their students to stand out and better themselves for the future.
Although I am only a sophomore at Regis College, and have mostly enjoyed my experience, there are still some things that need to change on campus. The campus is close enough to Boston, but also located in a residential area, so that ensures our safety. Because of the small population here, it is easy to contact your professor, but that also makes it easy to be stuck in classes with terrible professors. The food options on campus are slim to none.
I love the feel of Regis College, it just feels like home. The student body and staff are so friendly. If i was to sneeze they would say God bless you, and open doors for others. this place is unlike other colleges i've seen.
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The school is very small which provides incoming freshman the feeling of truly being at home. However, the school recruits a huge amount of student athletes so if you don't play a sport you often feel left out.
Do not let the zip code fool you. This is a school were sexual misconduct is swept under the rug. The administrators will make the victim miserable so they will leave. They are beyond unsupportive. The drugs and drinking is tolerated. Went down a hallway one evening and marijuana was permeating it. Room attendants cannot always be found. You will see students who are from other countries that are getting full tuition paid while hard working Americans pay full fare for this corrupt school. Another black eye for a catholic institution.
I am a basketball player here at Regis College and I absolutely love it. The small little campus in Weston Mass is a perfect school for me. The only thing I would change about school would be the food! The class sizes are amazing the most I have is 14 and that's a lab. Less students mean more 1 on 1 time to ask professors any questions about the material or the lesson.
As a nursing major, the school does a lot to prepare you for your career. I like the small classes and the faculty is overall very good. The food isn't amazing, but it's slowly improving. I like the sense of community and how everyone is friendly and welcoming. There are a good amount of commuters, so not much happens on campus on weekends. This leads to the majority of campus going home on weekends.
Most classes are pretty easy. I don't find it very difficult to keep a decent (3.0 and above) GPA here. Personally I enjoy the small size because it's easier to get to class. Drawback is that it's located in the middle of nowhere so you're going to need a car unless you're headed to the mall or T from the always late shuttle service. The school doesn't pay anyone much attention unless they're a nursing major. The food is awful. If you're involved, the community here is pretty nice and you can meet some cool open minded people.
Regis has a very competitive nursing program that I am working towards in becoming apart of. Academically, it was challenging however, the support system is incredible. Regis College has a center called the Academic Center for Excellence, where there are academic coaches, a writing center, and a center for mathematics and sciences. I took full advantage of all of those centers, and that was reflected in my grades. Regis is great with student to teacher ratio. An average class has about 20-30 students. I have a relationship with all of my teachers and they all knew me personally, which I loved. Overall, I love Regis and recommend it for anyone who wants to pursue a nursing career. Everyone there is super supportive and will do anything in their power to make sure you succeed.
The only warn you about drugs in the move in week.
The serives on campus are good. I haven't used much of it but it seems good to me.
The courses are great and the class sizes are pretty small with usually 20 students in every class. The teachers are very nice and pretty good at teaching. There are a good amount of class offered from what I've seen.
You feel very safe at this school! There are watchers at the entrance from 6pm to 6am. There are emergency bottoms everywhere around campus, including several outside. The school is in a very rich town so it's very private and safe here.
There is only one building for freshman since we are such a small school. The rooms are normal size, mostly doubles but there is a quad or triple on each floor. There is a full kitchen one 2 out of 4 floors and kitchenette on the other floors. The RA never bother you. The bathrooms aren't bad.
We are only a D3 School so the sports aren't that good. We don't have a football team so that kind of sucks. We have an amazing turf field and there is a gym in all of the Dorm Building and there all really nice and kept up to date.
Regis College is the type of college for the person who is looking for a smaller school and wants to stay closer to home. We don't have crazy parties like Zoo Mass but the parties aren't bad and the education is great, especially in the nursing program! They also give an crazy amount for financial aid
I think there could be a few improvements to the part time BSN program
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It's great. Everyone there is so helpful, even if we think that everything us falling into pieces, theres people who are so wonderful.
Regis is very strict when it comes to drugs, it is clear that there are events that take place and security makes sure to keep an eye out. I haven't really seen dramatic occurrences with drugs at Regis. Everything from the going out to the coming back in to the dorm rooms, is always under control.
For the most part, classes are efficient at Regis College. Many professors, teach with vigor and care for the students, but some are new and have a hard time accommodating themselves. There is a wide variety of courses that are offered to the students, and many of these courses need to correlate with that student's major. The class sizes rather vary, depending on what subject is being taught.
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