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I went on a college tour to Regis College and I loved how they had my major and that they contained a pre-vet program that I want to do. I also liked how they had a fire place lounge where you can relax and play video games. I also liked the swimming pool and the different types of sports which one of them they had that I want to play was Volleyball. I would like to change the diversity aspect of their college. When I went to visit I only saw four black women and mainly the whole school was white. Other than that I wouldn't change anything, the school is great, the cafeteria, and the people there are nice.
I really like my professors from my major, they are very helpful and kind. I have made many great friends on camps that I am grateful for!
Excellent college with great professors. Campus is modern. Student life is excellent with a variety of things to do around campus.
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Professors and staff are VERY connected to the students. You are never far away from help! Very supportive atmosphere both personally and academically
Average college, average professor. Cafe food taste bad, good library. Location far from the city. Near the mall, school bus to mall and train station.
The environmental and close nit community of Regis College is a wonderful experience. I do believe that the dorms and food options need to be altered.
Regis College is a great place to create a successful academic and social environment. The professors and advisors are willing to work with you to make your experience the best it can possibly be. The professors,staff and students believe in one another and strive for the success of everyone on campus, no matter how big or small that success may be. Overall, Regis is one of the greatest decisions you can make and you’ll never be alone on your journey to success.
Great School, with excellent professional professors. Academic year is very easy to follow. I really like the campus, its very safe and friendly!
My experience so far in Regis has turned out better than I expected as I entered the college not knowing anyone I ended the semester with a group of friends that I am now very close with. I loved playing soccer at Regis which I was recruited for. The facilities that we have are very friendly and open to everyone which is common around campus. Regis College has a very small community but it is welcoming to everyone and likes to help others in any way possible which has made my experience better.
Regis has been unbelievably helpful through my journey transferring in. I can't thank them enough for how smooth they have made this process ad how kind they have been answering my many questions.
Regis is located in a beautiful area in Mass. The campus small, but well kept. The small campus allows for a good academic environment as the student to professor ratio is better
Being a senior in college, I believe I have made the most out of my time at Regis College. It is a very diverse school offering competitive sports which I was fortunate enough to take part in. Along with this there are a variety of clubs and associations to take part in, as well as a bunch of campus activities. Everyone from the students to staff is super friendly and it is such a nice little community to live in!
What is good about Regis College is that the school has excellent academic support with advising and tutoring. They provide excellent services to help you have a good college experience. The professors are really friendly and lieniant with their students and if you are having a hard time, there are multiple available resources such as academic coaching, tutoring, and advising. The clubs and activities here at Regis College are exciting. We have a large variety of clubs that expresses the value of diversity and brings us all together as a community.
Online courses are well managed. Have had some difficulties with financial aid office and registering for courses.
Awesome, this school is small but has a lot to offer. The only thing that sucks is the location, not many stores within radius of the school
I haven't gotten accepted yet. So far, I like how involved the admission counselor has been with me completing my application.
Pretty decent school. If you are trying to go to school for medical, Regis is perfect. Mostly Nursing, we are known for our nursing problems. The events we have on campus is pretty fun.
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I like the way they treat people. At Regis college , everyone is treated with respect and our opinion matters. There is always someone there to help us, when we need help with homework, we have the tutoring center.
Great learning place. Wonderful professors. Love the nursing staff. They make sure you learn and understand all the materal. Very caring.
After graduating from another school and attending Regis College to complete my degree, Regis has been very welcoming and has provided me with a great deal of guidance. I would like to become a PA in the future and Regis College has provided me with all the tools I will need to continue my career path. I am very grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to me in my time at Regis. I will also be able to complete requirements for my future career at Regis. The resources that Regis provides their students sets them up for success and ensures that their learning is a priority. The campus is very nice and even has a Dunkin' Donuts on site. They really care about your success, and they help you in every way they can. My experience at Regis has been amazing, and I am very thankful for the support they have provided me with.
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