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I have enjoyed the admissions process with Regent University. They have been very helpful, respectful and friendly. This school was recommended to me by a good friend and I am happy that I looked into them. I have not been disappointed.
The region is so beautiful. I am disappointed with the strength of spiritual opportunities in this region. The school is great. The school buildings look like castles.
Regent University is the probably the best Christian University in the United States. The entire faculty is there for almost any and everything! This school cares about your success in and out of school. Whether you are online or on campus, it feels like a huge family!
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Regent let me transfer 90 hours from other schools towards my degree! With all the transfer credits and their success path, I am able to finish my degree in one year. Also, they have one of the most affordable tuition rates in the nation!
What I love most about this school is how understanding the professors and staff of the school are. This year started off pretty rough for me, I had a lot of personal losses and went to my first funeral, so you can imagine how hard that can be. During that dark time, my professors not only prayed for me, but they were patient with me in completing my coursework. The main office had the best intentions for me in making sure that I succeeded. I am so thankful to be attending a great school like this.
I am an online student and have had a great experience with the program, I plan on staying to work on my masters. The professors and the faculty are great and make you feel accepted and important even if you are not on campus.
What do I like about Regent University... So let me start from the beginning. I went to Regent University in the spring of 2018, but so far I've had mixed emotions with my overall experience. My professors were very supportive and encouraging, I found enjoyment in the weekly student fellowships like FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), and the activities were good. I enjoy the school, however, I did feel underwhelmed considering how much of an investment it was
As an alumni with my Masters in Counseling, my learning experience was fantastic. Beautiful campus with very professional staff. I am an adult learner, age 58 at graduation in 2017. Would recommend Regent to anyone who is serious about getting a quality education in a Christian atmosphere.
I really feel like I received a valuable education from “stellar” professors. As a distant learner I felt really connected with Blackboard and professors making themselves accessible to students like myself. They want you to succeed. I like that the Bible is integrated in every course and the professors challenge the students to think critically about how a biblical worldview can help us impact the world regardless of what our major is - we are “world changers”!
I am a veteran and military spouse, and because we have to relocate every few years, I had to find a University that offered a good online program. After a lot of research, I decided to give Regent University a try. I am now in my third semester with Regent and it has been very rewarding. The entire staff is wonderful! They are helpful, caring, and even check in with me via email or phone call just to make sure there isn't anything that I need. The classes are challenging and to date, every instructor has been amazing. Regent University has a great online program that is not just going to hand you a good grade. You will have to put the time and effort in, but the experience will be rewarding!
It is a very easy school for freshman like myself to maneuver. The faculty and staff is very helpful and friendly too.
Regent allowed me the opportunity to continue my education with other Christian scholars as myself. The faculty and staff are some of the greatest scholars in this country. The University cares for all students as children of God.
Amazing experience with both on-campus living, as well as course delivery (both online and on-campus courses). Professors were fantastic and incredibly respectable.
I absolutely love Regent University and every class I attend online. Every class incorporates Biblical lessons and relevance to the subject at hand, whether it be Mathematics or History. Every professor participates in weekly discussions, is encouraging, and gives the highest quality of education despite not being physically present.
The environment is great to be around and if just a wonderful atmosphere. The people are very welcoming and you’re always having a great time.
A Christian based school that allows you to engage in learning about Christ and your field of study.
The process was easy for admissions. The site for online is easy to maneuver. However, once you are enrolled help is a bit harder to get when attempting to contact them.
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Regent University wants you to succeed in school and in life! They offer support such as the writing center, student success center, excellent professors, and an easy to use online experience. If you are a Christian it is a wonderful school.
Regent University has been a great experience for me so far. It has been academically rigorous, however the professors work with me and provide feedback if I have questions. As well, they have video sessions on Blackboard that explain assignments and that has been very helpful. I also have learned how to be disciplined with my time.
Regent University provides an excellent education. Their staff, as well as the professors, are kind, friendly, and helpful. It is clear that the university desires for their students to excel not just in their studies but also life after graduation and they work hard to add in this process. This past year I have found myself growing as a person intellectually and spiritually. My professors provided helpful feedback on assignments and were fair and reasonable whenever I had a problem. Many of the students also interjected provoking thoughts, arguments, and comments concerning the discussion posts. Regent University is a wonderful school to attend and I highly recommend it to anyone who is seeking a good education.
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