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I absolutely love Regent University and every class I attend online. Every class incorporates Biblical lessons and relevance to the subject at hand, whether it be Mathematics or History. Every professor participates in weekly discussions, is encouraging, and gives the highest quality of education despite not being physically present.
The environment is great to be around and if just a wonderful atmosphere. The people are very welcoming and you’re always having a great time.
A Christian based school that allows you to engage in learning about Christ and your field of study.
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The process was easy for admissions. The site for online is easy to maneuver. However, once you are enrolled help is a bit harder to get when attempting to contact them.
Regent University wants you to succeed in school and in life! They offer support such as the writing center, student success center, excellent professors, and an easy to use online experience. If you are a Christian it is a wonderful school.
Regent University has been a great experience for me so far. It has been academically rigorous, however the professors work with me and provide feedback if I have questions. As well, they have video sessions on Blackboard that explain assignments and that has been very helpful. I also have learned how to be disciplined with my time.
Regent University provides an excellent education. Their staff, as well as the professors, are kind, friendly, and helpful. It is clear that the university desires for their students to excel not just in their studies but also life after graduation and they work hard to add in this process. This past year I have found myself growing as a person intellectually and spiritually. My professors provided helpful feedback on assignments and were fair and reasonable whenever I had a problem. Many of the students also interjected provoking thoughts, arguments, and comments concerning the discussion posts. Regent University is a wonderful school to attend and I highly recommend it to anyone who is seeking a good education.
Beautiful campus, in an excellent location. Would love to see the athletic department expand and a better cafeteria.
I've had wonderful professors, and the staff always respond within a day or two of my inquiries. Everything is handled in a professional and timely manner.
So far, my experience with Regent University has been great! I recently received my acceptance letter, so I've only been able to interact with the admissions office and financial aid. Even though I've only been acquainted a short amount of time and with only a few departments, my first impression of them was wonderful! I cannot wait to begin classes and interact with everyone that I can on campus.
Nice campus, roommates, and staff. Could do better for safety in the dorms, but other than that I am satisfied
I am an online student at Regent University, so I have not been there yet. But even on the phone the staff are so friendly and easy to talk to! The courses are comprehensive and thorough, and the professors are kind and patient. Excellent school!
Regent University is a wonderful place to experience college life. The school and area around the university gives its students a sense of individuality and there are lots of opportunities of all types that Regent gives to its students. Campus life and community is probably the top positive return from this school apart from its academics.
Regent is a highly accredited school and a great Christian school. I hear the teachers are amazing and I think I'm going to love the online program.
As a stay at home mother with several children, online education is helping to make my aspirations a reality. With a Bible focused, Christ centered approach, Regent provides an excellent caliber of teaching along with high standards and expectations, making the most of my investment of time and money.
I have a love/hate relationship with my school. I love the close-knit community and the affordability. They offer many online programs. They effectively integrate faith with academics. However, over the past year or so they have added an influx of new students and are not adept at keeping staff organized and consistent enough to help all the students who need attention or direction. I also find their theology a bit too unorthodox for my taste.
This is a great school, although I think that some of the communication could be better. There is a lot of time between phone calls, emails or other such methods of communication that are infrequent, and the professors generally take a while to answer.
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The Instructors are every hands on and intentional. I love the mission statement and the way it is reflected in all course material.
I like Regent University very much because it is a Christian College and is committed to teaching about the true word of God.
Regent University is the best school ever! The classes are challenging without being overwhelming. The professors are approachable. The students are really friendly. There are plenty of extracurricular clubs. I am really glad I chose Regent!
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