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I haven't experienced online classes yet . but I do have some online classes that I am suppose to take in the fall semester of 2020. so by then I will be able to know for sure if the online classes give me a good experience or not .
I like that regent university so far has helped so much , by being a new student I have felt very welcome to the school and can't wait to attend in the upcoming months. They have always called me and checked to make sure I felt welcome and the advising office is very good at keeping up with its students and knowing what to help with. I've never had a problem so far with the advising office.
It has been so convenient for me to learn online with Regent University, and they provide a very flexible program with 3 different sessions throughout the semester I can choose from
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Christian Based leadership is definitely important to me, and Regent University has that. The professors are always available whenever they can, and some will even respond at night, with the understanding that not all of us have a normal sleep schedule. Their stricter than public college academic standings provides motivation for students to achieve their best.
Morgan explained the whole admissions process completely and simply. Approval for admission was fast and easy to follow. Great experience so far!
Easy to follow and detailed. Approval process was smooth. Online technology is great. Website needs to have access to school online clubs
I completed my bachelor's degree and I am currently working on a master's degree in journalism at Regent University online. The technology and internet capabilities are awesome.
Regent University is number one for the intersection of faith and reason. Every course grounds your faith and enhances reason.
I took two classes online last semester. Regent's online courses are great. The easy to use format makes taking these courses a breeze.
Overall, Regent is okay. However, one of several issues in dire need of being addressed are the horrendous parking issues. It is ridiculous that as a commuter I often have to park 5 to 10 minutes from the building my classes are held in. This has to be fixed.
Blackboard was fantastic and enable quite a bit of interaction between students and with professors.
I attended Regent only online. The classes were great and I learned a ton. The professors were engaged and responsive. I enjoyed that it is a Christian University without being overbearing on religion.
there’s a few things I like about Regent University. One of them being that when I walk around the campus I feel enormously safe - even at night time. I have also thus far enjoyed my professors and all of the lessons they have taught me (in and out of the classroom). To top it off it is just a completely beautiful campus to walk around in!
I like online learning, and i have enjoyed all the classes I have taken online so far. But i give it only four stars are the best way i learn is in person, not through a screen. But because of life I am not able to take ALL on campus classes.
I am so happy I transferred to Regent! I am a Regent Royal now and proud to be a Christian Leader and change the World!!!! I wish I would have started at Regent University. I've been happy ever since I transferred here. God bless you.
I like accessibility the staff make themselves. During my first semester at Regent I had to turn in assignment but was quite unsure if I was doing it properly. In the middle of night I emailed my teacher and he replied and properly walked me through the steps of the assignment.
I wouldn't change a thing! The academics are challenging and the staff are great and really want to do everything in their power to help you succeed!
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I am an online student. I love the student inclusion activities: Wednesday worship services, Chapel on Thursday nights, videos and Cell Groups to join. The Professors are kind and are geniune in their expression towards each student.
I love how the school walked me through the enrollment process. Regents is a Christion based school and that something that I need to prosper because without the higher power that wouldn't be anything so i'm keeping my faith that this is what god want for my life
I love the environment and atmosphere that this Prestigious University emits. The staff and faculty are very welcoming as well as also empathetic. Even the finical aid advisors are also welcoming and empathetic, which is quite rare to see at Private universities I am part of the Men’s Soccer team here at Regent University and I have never felt closer to people that I've recently just met ever in my life. The wholesomeness and inclusivity feeling this University gives off is simply unprecedented in my opinion. It has made me enjoy the college experience:)
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