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This is a great school, although I think that some of the communication could be better. There is a lot of time between phone calls, emails or other such methods of communication that are infrequent, and the professors generally take a while to answer.
The Instructors are every hands on and intentional. I love the mission statement and the way it is reflected in all course material.
I like Regent University very much because it is a Christian College and is committed to teaching about the true word of God.
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Regent University is the best school ever! The classes are challenging without being overwhelming. The professors are approachable. The students are really friendly. There are plenty of extracurricular clubs. I am really glad I chose Regent!
The university is very well kept and the scenery is beautiful. The staff is always very helpful and welcoming. I will say that the application process, interviewing process, and scheduling process for this university is a little bit all over the place. My admissions counselor is wonderful but it seems to be a bit hectic when trying to figure out the next steps in your process.
The small class structures create personalized learning experiences & generate opportunities for professional mentorship from faculty.
The commitment to academics and Biblical principal's are outstanding. This is a high class institution that holds values and education as a highest priority. Their dedication to the students well being and success is unparalleled. If you want a quality, Bible based, well rounded education in your field of studies then this is the school for you.
Attending this school has been such a major blessing in my life. I am an online student and the time and resources available to me is far above anything I expected or have seen from other universities. The professors are always willing to help and give gracious feedback without ever being short or rude. I have never had an issue with the administration and they are always calling to check up on me and make sure that I am managing well. I also like that this is a faith based school so the Christian faith is heavily mixed in the curriculum so you are learning both secular and religious topics.
While I loved the campus Of Regent University, I had issues with communication and decided against going to Regent.
This school is amazing. The teachers are wonderful, it is centrally located to many things and is close to the beach, and the campus is beautiful. There are lots of on campus activities and the students and staff are very nice and helpful.
Regent is a great Christian University. The Professors are great and my overall experience is positive.
I am a distance learner and attending Regent U. online has been a great experience. The professors are always available to assist, the classes are incorporated with faith-based learning, which was a defining factor in deciding to attend. Having spiritual support from my advisors, professors, and peers, I always felt the sense of community with my online classes. I am happy with my decision!!!
The campus is beautiful and not too large for walking. I have lived some on campus, but for now I am a distance learning student. The experience varies from professor to professor, and you really are only as involved as you want to be.
To be honest, Regent is good for taking your first step into college. It offers good classes, transferable credit, and very, very good dorms, better dorms than any college I have been to. However, I really wouldn't recommend staying here. They're too strict and too hung up on their morals and religious beliefs. You will not get the full college experience here because there is no party scene, none, and the people here are rats, so keep to yourself. If you come here, get gen eds and some really good credit on your major, and then transfer. If not you will have to do at least six bible classes before graduating; they're required.
As a graduate student, I find the faculty the main reason to study and remain as a student there. The professora are expert in their fields and are well publihed in their specific subject natter.
I really admire the core Christian values that are integrated into the curriculum at Regent. It’s a great school with excellent accreditation and I believe my experience at Regent is preparing me not only for the career field I am entering but also to be a better person. I just wish the tuition was a little lower!!
I think this is great a school. I love the online program.The customer service is very friendly with the omboarding process and they do great on the follow through to make sure the students get everything they need to be able to get into the school.
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Regent University is a great place to become grounded in God’s word. The professors and staff are very nice and help you as much as they can. The campus and the apartments are kept up to par by a really nice maintenance team. This school was were good over all. While the diversity is very low, they do have great assets that draw people to the school.
An absolutely legitimate university. Hard work here, not a degree mill. Im an online student, so discussions are weighed just as heavy as projects and papers. I did it as a Chief in charge of Sailors. But it wasnt easy. Very efficient support staff. Out of 17 classes, only had 1 bad instructor. All of them are phenomenal.
I'm in my first semester at Regent, and I couldn't have picked a better school! Regent's online program is organized and easy to use, and super efficient! The curriculum is 100% Christian-based, and faith is infused into every subject. I'm growing in my faith as well as my education!
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