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The Refrigeration School is not your everyday run of the mill schools. This is one of the only schools who offer hands-on training. With that, you receive Instruction from not only instructors but actual technicians who have been in the field 15+ years. Greatness is achieved by those who strive to Achieve it.
From what I hear the career finds 8 out of 10 student jobs in there field
The school is ok overall but I really think they need to upgrade the equipment and focus on more hands on activities like they stress in the ads. Some teachers seem as if they really don't care about the students success and are only there for a check
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The staff is very knowledgeable, the curriculum is current. I would recommend it to anyone!
The internet is available for use in the computer lab room. There is always a computer available for use if I need it.
there is not any of these on campus. It is a technology vocational school.
From what I was told in the tour of the campus, career services will assist in the job placement process by listing jobs that are available in the area.
I have not taken any online classes at the refrigeration school yet. When I do it seems that they will be well organized
Residential and commercial Hvac and refrigeration, electric,
Residential and commercial Heating, air conditioning, electrical, solar
The students are nice and willing to help you out
The classes are small and the instructors are nice and helpful
they have resources available but if needed i mainly found the information online.
RSI takes their time with you in teaching you everything you need to know. you just have to not be afraid to ask questions. and they do review after review to make sure you know and remember what they've taught you.
they do well at what they are supposed to do but the weekend students don't get as much attention.
Different subjects
Residential wiring certification ------------- B
Fundamentals of Electricity and ----------- -A
Solar Photo-voltaic------------------------------B+
Commercial wiring certification--------------B
Change of Faculty – The aide the originally helped me quit and the staff was more than helpful.
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A diverse group of people trying to make it. They have families and we are all wanting to be able to take care of our families.
I feel like the instructors at RSI, are very knowledgeable, easy to get along with and are always willing to work with you.
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