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I take dual enrollment classes here it's an amazing college. There tutoring center and the reading and writing center have helped me pass many classes.
How you perform in class depends highly on the professor you take. Some professors are just doing their jobs, but others are there to see you strive and get you to the level you desire to be.
Reedley College in Reedley California is a small tight-knit community. This is great for succeeding in college. I believe that it is important for humans to build meaningful relationships in order to be successful. Building relationships helps in more ways than one. College can be very stressful, but with Reedley College being so small, it is easy to make friends which in turn becomes a support system from others while attending college. This is essential in a students life. It's easy to find someone to turn to here at RC and the counselors are amazing. Since the college is small, its easy for counselors to get to know you more personally. This is important when you are preparing your student education plan.
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It is a nice and friendly place to be in every one is nice and they have lost of pride in what they are doing.
Its a very good College with great programs and classes. The staff are all very friendly and helpful. The teachers are great and willing to help achieve your goal
Its a very nice community college. I would not change anything from there. I believe that the college doesn't need to change there classes or anything. I've also been to madera community college.
Reedley College had a wonderful small town feel. They have a huge variety of programs from nursing to dental hygiene to aviation to agriculture and animal science, there is something for everyone! There are a lot of rescources available to the students such as three places to get free tutoring in all subjects.
I like how they are all ready to help you succeed. They really care that you understand everything and that you won’t give up on your education Because it’s really important to finish what we started.
I was in the Forestry department and my teachers helped me out as much as they could and put in extra time outside of class to make sure I knew the material.
My experience at this college has been amazing. Being scared at first I️ realized that there’s nothing to fear. The campus is very social and carries a great ambience daily. This college has helped me begin my education fresh and new again. I️ absolutely would recommend this college to anyone wanting to start fresh.
I enjoy being in this small college. There are many resources available to help students understand their materials, and there are many teachers willing to help students when needed. The campus is always clean and all the staff are kind.
Reedley college is a good school; however, there are a few major changes that should occur. The students and teachers are not connected. Many students struggle with materials and rely on the many tutors provided by the school but sometimes how the tutors teach the students are not what the teacher want to see. So there is a slight conflict on how the material is taught. Among the safety guidelines, I have mixed feelings. A student during my first year was harassing me and I reported it but they did not take me seriously. I was turned away because of a lack of evidence. I took things in my own hands and reported the student to the police. Another instance this semester, there was also a student that was not allowed on campus that began to threaten student and threaten to shoot the school. Reedley college failed to alert the campus until two days after the incident. The student was then arrested the following week. The school is good with a few flaws.
I liked the one on one attention the teachers are prepared to give their dedicated students. I also enjoy the simplicity of the small town surroundings it makes things less intimidating.
Reedley is a lot smaller than other community colleges. It is great for one on one with the teachers. Passing classes was a lot easier with support from the teachers.
It a really good college. Some places can be somewhat hidden. Overall it’s a good place to attend. Parking on the other hand is very chaotic.
I liked the size of the classroom. However, some professors need improvement. There are some that are really involved with the students but a lot of them seem to not care much about the success of their students.
I like how friendly and welcoming students and staff were. I never hesitate to ask questions, professors or counselors were glad to help me. The campus is small, but the college does offer many support services.
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Reedley is a good school overall. Being in a small rural area, it's just not much to do. But as fast as the teachers, everyone is great. I love the diversity of the school, meeting new people. Every thing you need as far as food, snacks,'s in walking distance.
Reedley College is a great place to learn. The campus is nice and green and there are always fun activities taking place. The professors are nice and encourage the academic growth of their students.
My experience with Reedley College has been very enjoyable, and although not every teacher is the best, most still look out for your path to success.
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