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I wouldn't move to Portland until they figure out their homelessness crisis. It's affecting every part of the city to where you can't shop safely or visit parks. What a shame that such a beautiful city is being destroyed.
It's not statistically possible to have diversity of peers with 1400 students. Reed is in a bubble. It is also located in a city that is strangely liberal yet racist.
Academics - superior. Professors - outstanding. Students - insufferable. The atmosphere at Reed is near intolerable. The student body is so miserable they should have a major in difficult personality. I considered myself liberal until I got here but now I'm centering.
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I would give 4 stars if the tuition was more appropriate. At this level one should expect an unquestionably superior education with minimal issues. Class sizes are small and easy to get but the variety isn't there. If you change your major you will not graduate on time. As with most universities there are good and bad professors. Your personal experience shouldn't be the same as anyone else's.
I'm a one and done transfer. How anyone can justify the exorbitant tuition is beyond me. The students are so pretentious and perpetually upset. Crack a smile and enjoy the beautiful campus. Portland is an amazing city to live in. I appreciate the small classes and excellent professors but you have a wide world of other colleges to find that.
I have received a very good education at Reed College. My professors have been very invested in my individual growth, and the small class size has been very good for me in terms of my ability to feel comfortable speaking up. I love the dance department here, although it does not have a rigorous technical dance training regime. It has a strong emphasis on dance studies which has its own pros. I have developed good relationships with almost all of my professors, and have been able to go to them for help in class or with grants or future career advice.

I find the social culture of Reed to be claustrophobic. There is a strong sense of identity, of being a 'Reedie,' here and that idea has a lot of aesthetic ideals and a very specific mindset. I find it difficult to relate to people here often as there is a pressure to be a certain way when a lot of people are not. I have heard that a lot of people feel this way and also feel very lonely because of it.
Reed is a very unique and challenging institution. One look at the stats will show the imbalance between tuition costs compared to alumni salaries. If you have money to burn you will love it here, if not it may haunt you.
Reed is...Reed. It is indeed very unique in its own way, and it's certainly not for everyone. People of all kinds come here, and it's exactly the "peculiarity" that makes it comfortable to be yourself.
Reed challenges me academically and emotionally. It is very difficult to succeed but I enjoy the experience.
I almost transferred to Reed from Hampshire about halfway through my undergraduate studies. I had done my first two years at Hampshire, and had decided to take some time off from the East Coast to live and work in Portland. I visited the Reed campus a number of times, did a formal campus tour, talked to professors and students, sat in on some classes, applied and then had my interview. To my pleasant surprise I was accepted, and THEN I saw what Reed was going to give me aid-wise versus what Hampshire was offering me to come back and finish my degree there. Suffice to say, I packed up and left Oregon and went back to Massachusetts. C'est la vie. Adieu Reed.
We cannot achieve true diversity when low income students are graduation with crushing debt. There is no justification for the exorbitant price tag of an education at Reed.
Reed is so very expensive unfortunately. If you don't get a scholarship it is not worth the private tuition compared to other schools. The students are pretty cool though a bit arrogant. Its definitely a liberal PNW atmosphere.
I graduated from Reed recently and I now work in financial services in NYC. Reflecting on my undergrad experience, I received a wonderful liberal arts education from a faculty of amazing professors. Reed offers a rigorous academic program, but also has a wonderfully quirky and liberal culture / social scene. Other miscellaneous thoughts: students have lots of autonomy, most campus dorms are nice or new, the campus is very safe and scenic, renn fayre is fun, the cafeteria (Commons) has good food, and Portland is an awesome city with lots to do, great food to eat, and lots of beer to drink.
King Tut as performed by Steve Martin is racist??? The inmates are running this asylum. Interestingly it's a white college where the students are playing at being offended. What happened to colleges as laces for an education? Lol.
Reed was not the best choice for Economics. The curriculum has a very limited scope. Overall this school is very white and pretentious. If you are looking for a traditional college experience with football and school spirit this is not the place. Liberal does not translate to chill here. Everyone is wound pretty tight. The campus is beautiful and Portland as a whole is quite scenic.
The Reed experience is definitely very subjective in that you need to have a Reedie mindset before actually attending the school. In my time here, I've found that most students here have a strong "work hard, play hard" mindset. This definitely doesn't mean we're a party school (we're far too nerdy for that), but we do some... interesting things to pass the time (I was recently approached by a concerned Campus Safety Officer who wanted to know if I was feeling a bit hot. When I replied "girl, I'm always hot," she nodded and walked away. I was standing in the middle of a parking lot wearing a hat that was on fire). Do keep in mind that the "work hard" portion of the saying is not messing around: practically everyone here sees a therapist because we're all so overwhelmed with work.

Also, we have a nuclear reactor.
Reed college is a beautiful, unique intellectual community. People are kind, passionate, warm and genuinely care about one another. The workload is tough, but there is a great variety of programs and resources to make use of to stay on track. Though notoriously liberal, it is not an "echo chamber" because students all form their own opinions and ideas within that "liberal" umbrella. Professors are engaged and care deeply for students. The living situation is incredibly nice - dorms are "divided doubles" most of the time, meaning that you get both a roommate and your own room. Reed is the best education that this nation offers if you are able to fit it.
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The students are kind and open, and the campus is gorgeous. Everyone is so passionate about being intellectual, and the atmosphere is bursting with intention.
If you're a person of color coming from a lower ses background, I would consider the fact that Reed and Portland at large is a very white and wealthy place. Despite that, the academics are rigorous and there are really cool and dedicated professors there.
REED IS a great school with a very in-depth education. Teachers are very dedicated to the students and higher learning. You are likely to be very competitive coming out of the school, ranking better than top colleges including Harvard and Stanford.