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I think the relationships that students have with professors is really unique, and I can't imagine it being better at any other college. Classes are engaging and challenging, though sometimes academics can overwhelm social life.
Reed challenges me academically and emotionally. It is very difficult to succeed but I enjoy the experience.
I graduated from Reed recently and I now work in financial services in NYC. Reflecting on my undergrad experience, I received a wonderful liberal arts education from a faculty of amazing professors. Reed offers a rigorous academic program, but also has a wonderfully quirky and liberal culture / social scene. Other miscellaneous thoughts: students have lots of autonomy, most campus dorms are nice or new, the campus is very safe and scenic, renn fayre is fun, the cafeteria (Commons) has good food, and Portland is an awesome city with lots to do, great food to eat, and lots of beer to drink.
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The Reed experience is definitely very subjective in that you need to have a Reedie mindset before actually attending the school. In my time here, I've found that most students here have a strong "work hard, play hard" mindset. This definitely doesn't mean we're a party school (we're far too nerdy for that), but we do some... interesting things to pass the time (I was recently approached by a concerned Campus Safety Officer who wanted to know if I was feeling a bit hot. When I replied "girl, I'm always hot," she nodded and walked away. I was standing in the middle of a parking lot wearing a hat that was on fire). Do keep in mind that the "work hard" portion of the saying is not messing around: practically everyone here sees a therapist because we're all so overwhelmed with work.

Also, we have a nuclear reactor.
Reed college is a beautiful, unique intellectual community. People are kind, passionate, warm and genuinely care about one another. The workload is tough, but there is a great variety of programs and resources to make use of to stay on track. Though notoriously liberal, it is not an "echo chamber" because students all form their own opinions and ideas within that "liberal" umbrella. Professors are engaged and care deeply for students. The living situation is incredibly nice - dorms are "divided doubles" most of the time, meaning that you get both a roommate and your own room. Reed is the best education that this nation offers if you are able to fit it.
The students are kind and open, and the campus is gorgeous. Everyone is so passionate about being intellectual, and the atmosphere is bursting with intention.
If you're a person of color coming from a lower ses background, I would consider the fact that Reed and Portland at large is a very white and wealthy place. Despite that, the academics are rigorous and there are really cool and dedicated professors there.
REED IS a great school with a very in-depth education. Teachers are very dedicated to the students and higher learning. You are likely to be very competitive coming out of the school, ranking better than top colleges including Harvard and Stanford.
So thrilled to be here at Reed, I'd recommend it for anyone who wants to be in a challenging academic environment, surrounded by folks willing to talk about Kantian Ethics at 2am !
Incredible academic atmosphere and genuine dedication to the student attracted me to this institution. The progressive approach to helping students become well- rounded graduates is unparalleled. This school stands alone with their culture and student activities, there is truly no experience quite like it. Feeling like a peer when collaborating with professors definitely helps to develop dialogue with professionals in your field after graduation.
Best part about Reed: The professors, the campus and the academic program.
Not so great part: The management
Reed is very very challenging, but does encourage intellectual growth and personal development in its students. The campus is beautiful, and dorms are generally all above-average. Unfortunately, Reed is not particularly a diverse campus.
Reed College was an amazing experience. I went there for about two semesters, non-consecutively, before transferring to a school closer to my friends and family. The academics were extremely rigorous and advanced compared to every other school I've been to. The faculty was understanding and supportive, and most of the students there are open-minded and friendly. Reed is a great school.
As a first year at Reed College, I have so far enjoyed my experiences. The academics are challenging but ultimately satisfying. I have complied a short list of the pros and cons of Reed college.

Pros: Focus on the learning rather than the grades; Small classes; Liberal standing on most social problems; Nerdy and Geeky students that are obviously well educated; Small campus; little focus on sports or bodily appearance; can form close bonds with the professors; beautiful campus and fairly okay food

Cons: Some students/ professors have a bit of a haughty attitude; First and some of second year classes are lecture based (not like how the school was advertised to me); The school is a large majority white and that can effect academic subjects/ silence the people of color in the community; some professors listen and respect their students others do not; drugs are very prevalent but you can avoid them
The academics are as rigorous as the rumors say. I may be biased, as a STEM major, but the workload can be a bit overwhelming at times. The campus is small, and the student body as well. There's definitely a strong sense of community, though, and there's something to cater to nearly every interest.
As far as LGBTQ presence goes, it's very diverse. lots of different identities and acceptance of them. However, most people are white and while they may not be outwardly intolerant, I think most people are not as respectful as they should be all the time or as aware of themselves as they could be. There's definitely a lack of racial and ethnic diversity. Most people also seem to be really well off. I've never seen anyone be intolerant towards religious folks, but no one is really going out of their way to talk about it or engage with any religious groups on campus either. Almost everyone is really progressive at least in theory.
There's usually pretty available and often drinking. most people seem to smoke pot or be open to it. some acid and coke. no one really ever peer pressures though. everyone's choice is usually respected.
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I like the courses, many were not what I expected in a really good way. I liked most of my professors, they were willing to work with me if I had any issues, they're very understanding and offer productive feedback.
I always feel pretty safe on campus. CSO's are friendly and great. usually you can go about your life without feeling like you're under strict watch, but if you do need something, CSO's are readily available, nice, and very willing to help.
Didn't live in a dorm