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The professors are super awesome and they are willing to help anyone who asks for it. They love to see you win and kick tail. Work your best and they’ll work with you!
The staff at Redlands are all genuinely concerned about your path and wellness and eager to help you accomplish your goals. The friendliness and helpfulness of the Redlands staff surpass any other college I have had experience with.
In class instruction is great, work can be done on teacher relationships via blackboard and online courses. Library did not have text books required for my semester.
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The people are very friendly and it is easy to get around the campus. The professors are very helpful. The dorms are roomy and you have your own space. The overall atmosphere is great.
Since this is a small college, everyone is very helpful. The professors email you when they are concerned about your grades. It is not just an "easy" community college. I feel like I am really being challenged here.
It's a great experience! You'll love it I enjoyed my first year really anxious for my second! Redlands teachers are very great and there's not alot in the city to make you lose focus on the main goal
I liked the class ratio and the experience of getting to know your professors. I liked the college overall because it allowed me to get my basics in 2 years. I'm glad to be able to transfer knowing my first few years are already taken care of.
I liked the professors and the way they taught. They did an excellent job of explaining concepts and helping me to improve my skills. I also was able to create a study schedule for each class that worked with me. The professors were very open to help in any way they could.
I have taken two different concurrent high school courses from Redlands and I thoroughly enjoyed them both! The teachers were very professional and passionate about their jobs and I would highly recommend this college!
I like how small and laid back it is. The free tutoring center is my life! Although some of the professors don't seem to put a whole lot of effort into their teachings. I do like Redlands a lot and if it weren't for them I wouldn't be in college.
Great professors and advisors. Small class sizes are a great plus that really lets you connect with your professors
It is nice opportunity to work at your own time, but being in class and learning is probably more applicable.
There is placement opportunities which is an great start.
Professors are the best part at my school, very helpful, thoughtful and knowledgable.
Lot of great opportunities to learn new procedures.
My professors all guided me in the right direction when I was approaching difficulties in college.
My school is a small but really great school. It is likely to be the same people in many classes. The people here make it feel like a big famiy.
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Not the best college experience but a good place to get your prereq done and over with.
I love the small class size, its good for one on one interaction with the professors. Student services were extremely helpful with getting me enrolled and answering all of my questions.
I entered the school in the summer of 2014. Since the moment I entered I had nothing, but good experiences. I told the advisor I wanted to pursue a career in Nursing and they directed me through the classes that needed to be taken. Before I went to a college it was hard for me to even talk to someone, but here it wasn't hard at all. I attended classes completely 90% of my pre reqs for nursing all in a year. I applied for the program and got accepted which I am attending this Fall.
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