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RRCC has a lot of different resources available for students of all varieties. They offer tutoring, mental health counseling, and a clinic to offer students basic healthcare needs for free or affordable prices. They offer a lot of scholarships and have great advising for transferring to in-state colleges.
The entire school has banded together to create a good learning environment given the circumstances with COVID-19. My classes this semester as well as summer semester were online and were conducted as best as could be expected.
Overall the school is quite nice, but I've never attended on-campus due to COVID-19 starting. The professors are hit or miss but the academics are standard it seems.
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Overall, the online experience is a bit dated but it seems to be quite well structured. No complaints here.
Red Rocks is a great school! It is small and the Arvada campus is fairly new. The staff is very helpful! The students are friendly.
I took an online Biology course this semester and it was well organized! The labs were easy to do by myself and the kit was shipped directly to me.
As a student who enjoys being in a classroom setting then an online one I did not enjoy my online classes. Mainly because I didn't have a chose in the matter and secondly because I didnt feel as connected as ai should have been and even though I passed I wouldn't want to do it again.
What I enjoy about RRCC is that even tho it isn't as large as a Univiristy (cause it isn't) I found it still shares the same energy and family values as one. So as an African American I'm all about the feeling of togetherness and family it's what I was raised on and in turn has helped me preserver through my academic journey.
I am currently taking online courses with the pandemic and it is taking some getting used to. Overall, the professors have done a very good job of changing how classes and schedules look to make time for all their students. In my experience it has been a smooth transition online.
Red Rocks Community College is a fantastic school with a beautiful campus and excellent instructors. Classes are often very small compared to a four year college which I personally enjoy. The cafeteria has nice, cheap food and events are happening all the time. Overall, a very great experience.
Very user friendly software and navigation options for appointment making is great! I was doubtful at first that I would be able to actually learn in an online format and it turns out it is very possible!
Great experience thus far, had a slight hiccup with some courses last fall but overall I am enjoying the journey and am looking forward to getting everything together to make a transfer to a four year possible!
Online portal through D2L is well organized and provides access to all course materials, discussion posts, as well as links to supplemental materials and resources. Instructors are fair with grading and easy to reach if any help is needed. Overall my experience with online courses through RRCC has been great.
Once you learn how to navigate the online portal, it is easy to get to you courses, view and accept financial aid, make appointments, register for classes and order books. Courses are well organized, easy to follow, and easy to contact instructors. Classes are affordable and flexible to meet your needs.
I just recently found a love for the online school community. The teachers that I have been assigned are truly helpful even when I was stressed out about anything they had planned for the class. I feel like I have learned a lot from taking classes online.
This has been a great first college experience and school to go to. Teachers are super helpful and overall care so much about the students learning as much as they can.
Red Rocks Community College is an affordable and quality institution that helps students get started with their college education in the best ways possible. The instructors are very knowledgable, and truly care about how their students do in their classes. The small class sizes also make for a comfortable atmosphere. The small campus provides a sense of community. The location is also convenient.
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My online courses at Red Rocks were of better value than other online courses that I took elsewhere. The due dates and expectations of assignments were very straight-forward. The instructors took the time to give quality feedback, and communicate with students in weekly announcements and discussion posts. These courses did a good job of requiring the application of the knowledge, rather than just regurgitation of the material.
I have taken courses online before Covid and also due to Covid. I am partial to a traditional educational setting therefore I cannot say my online learning experience was preferred. However, the courses that I took online, both my choice and due to the pandemic, were amazing. The professors and online formatting made it extremely user friendly and easy to access homework, online tests/quizzes, and other helpful material. The professors encourage discussion boards and I feel they are crucial for fully understanding the material and course work.
My favorite aspect about Red Rocks Community College is its community. When you walk in you can feel the presence of the people who attend, and it welcomes you. I would like to see more activities that could unite the campus as a whole. For example, a barbecue or volleyball match (but I am not sure how we can do that now with the Covid). The staff employed at Red Rocks are tremendous. The professors genuinely care about their students, and the knowledge they are passing on. I have enjoyed Red Rocks very much for the past two years I have attended. I have met many wonderful and unique people that have brightened every step of my educational journey, and I am excited to see a future thanks to Red Rocks.
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