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So far the RACC experience is actually pretty good. I've enjoyed all my teachers so far and have learned a lot at a low cost. No complaints at all.
This is the best community college in Berks County. I was skeptical at first of going there because I didn't think an education in a community college was going to help me much but was mistaken. My first two years there (which were also my first years of college education) were the smoothest ever. The learning environment is very involving, and each teacher will bring a different type of learning approach, so it's never just a simple lecture. The staff is the most caring people ever; it does not matter whether you just started studying or are already done, they will always be on your toes to make sure you have a good academic standing. And their tuition is one of the cheapest in the area. Whether you are going to your first year in college or returning back to college after years, RACC is the best place to start if you want an easygoign college experience.
This school is about 30 minutes away from me so that’s always a challenge to get there especially in the bad weather. The professors at least understand why I wouldn’t make it. This is a good school!
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My time at RACC was a wonderful experience. Every department I've ever talked to was always helpful, I never felt frustrated trying to deal with financial aid or advising. All of my professors were great, and were present in helping their students meet their goals and pushed everyone to meet their potential. There was a lot of people who dropped out of the classes, but those that stayed were committed to learning and bettering themselves. RACC offers hybrid learning and online courses which, as an adult learner, make my life a lot easier. It made it manageable to work and go to school full time.
I met some of the most understanding reasonable people there. My first visit I arrive to the college somewhere late later than expected they did not judge me they did not tell me it was too late for my appointment. They simply said it's okay Alicia we can get done what we can get done today and you can come back another day
They discriminate against the disabled and aged. They do not help students. They are lazy in processing paperwork. They discriminate against veterans. They falsify paperwork/ records. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. They don't return phone calls and emails.
Reading Area Community College faculty has gone above and beyond for me many times as a student. If they see you care, they will fight to make sure you get the best education you possibly can.
I like that the college has employees which help you with your placement and give you great advice. The processors are great at there job.
I like how it is close to home and it is cheap to start out with than other colleges especially if you have to pay for it all out of pocket.
I have a good experience. The profesor are very good. The class is very acorde with the material class.
I love the school, I think the students are friendly and highly accommodating too.The lecturers have an accessibility rate of 90%.Reading is beautiful!
Reading Area Community College has many professors that really care about their students and their success. There are some that are not very helpful but majority are great. I like how all the classes you are in are very small so its easier for you to get ahold of your professor when you need something. Also their one on one tutoring sessions are very helpful. Overall this college so far has given me a great experience. Best of all it's not expensive at all which is good for many of us students who cant afford to go to an expensive school.
Classes are small, Instructors are great/care about students, cost is cheap for tuition, and excellent education.
They have been very helpful in answering every question I have. They also go out there way to help when someone needs help with scheduling classes.
It is a really great diverse college to go to. Everybody, for the most part, is extremely nice and the professors really do work with you.
What I like most about Reading Area Community College is there are a lot of services for people with disabilities or people who have served in the army or military. Also, the staff and students help very much with new freshman students who are new to the building.
i have dual enrolled here at the Reading Area Community College. And I have found that they do not really care about their students. Also enrolling for my actual associates degree was very unclear and not much guidance was given to assist me. it made me personally, feel really doubtful about perusing my college education there.
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My first semester at Reading Area Community College has been good because I have done very well academically, my lowest grade being a B+. I think the resources they offer to help their students are plentiful and a lot of students really take advantage of them. The one thing I would like to see change is the leniency of late items. Many instructors only deduct minor points for late items, and I think at this point in an education career, you should be responsible deadlines and instructors should not encourage the behavior by accepting late work.
Solid education, really helpful professors, but this school is so incompetent. The financial aid office is disorganized and incompetent, some of the people on the staff are really rude, and the advisers are useless. I had requested a transcript to be sent to the four year school that I plan on transferring to and three weeks later that school never got it. I called RACC about it, and it turned out RACC forgot to send them the transcript. The advisers don't even give helpful information. They suggest you classes that don't even transfer to a 4-year college if you are looking to transfer. It didn't happened to me because I saw right through it but it happened to a friend of mine. Honestly, I wish I would have went to Northampton CC. Thank God this is my final semester. Only come here if you want a technical degree.
There are so many opportunities for anyone in the Communications major. Just like a lot of the colleges we have The Legacy that anyone could write for, and other clubs. I could never tell you my experiences there because I never attended due to my work schedule. And because my work schedule didn't allow me time to be there from like 2-4 p.m., for example, I decided to do writing internships online. But if you are a Communications major definately sign up for Legacy.
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