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Rasmussen College - Ocala Reviews

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Have only attended the informational seminar on the nursing programs. Was very organized and very informative
So far it's been very good. I have good teachers and great classmates. The drive is far though from my house.
I love the school professors are very helpful, they hold you accounts but also there to help rather it be on campus or online. Have a great system that lets you know if you are falling behind. Have online or on campus tutoring sessions which are extremely helpful.
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I think this is a great school with great teachers that are always there for you. The campus is clean the students are nice, when i first started I was so scared but everyone welcomes you with positive attitudes and thinks you will do just fine.
I love the fact that the staff is very supportive and helpful throughout he entire enrollment process and that they aren’t always available to answer questions
I am satisfied with classes, teachers are excellent, and I enjoy the atmosphere. Advisors are very helpful and look out for your best interest. The administration is awesome also. I have never had a bad experience and work through the work-study program, and my hours are flexible.
It’s a great school. I’ve only attended the information session for the professional nursing program. The session for very informative.
I haven’t started classes but so far everyone has been very helpful. Every time I send an email I get a reply in a timely manor.
Right now I am a newly enrolled student with Rasmussen College. I have went through the entrance process and financial part of education. This was a smooth process so far. I appreciate the kind, help staff that has helped with my enrollment.
My first attempt at college was at my local community college. That experience didn't go well so I was extremely concerned about going back to school. The staff at Rasmussen College are extremely helpful and are sure to take time to answer any questions you may have.
The teachers at Rasmussen are very helpful when you have a question or problem. They make sure to make the assignments based on research or readings from that week. A big factor is that they offer online tutoring for every subject, so if you need help someone is always there to assist you.
I like the flexibility it offers me. It allows me to work full time, as well as be there for my 7 year old son.
I am enrolled in the ADN program and I really enjoy my classes. The professors are great! They really want the students to succeed and I feel they genuinely care. Much better than other colleges I have attended.
So far I can say it has been a good experience. This is my second quarter but I will rate again when I graduate.
I am about to start the nursing program but so far it has been a great experience dealing with the program managers and everything else administration. Very nice and helpful people and I look forward to graduating from their school.
I can't complain although I am a brand new student. This has been the best experience down to Financial aid,to getting my course outline, And getting started in general.
My experience at Rasmussen College has been delightful. I was once attending CFCC and dealt with many complications and bad experiences. Rasmussen College has the most helpful staff, and advisors and their curriculum are well organized and comprehensible. Many people get discouraged by the cost of Rasmussen, but I feel as if you are getting your money's worth. They offer many resources to help get through your program of choice such as access to 24-hour tutors. Anytime there are signs of falling behind advisors immediately contact you to asses the problem, find a solution, and get you back on track. I recently had to withdraw due to hardships and the re-enrollment process and been so smoothly flowing. They want to see their students succeed. I would recommend Rassmusen College to any high school or college student.
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Great online curriculum with responsive teachers who teach state of the art technology. I pursued an online bachelors from this school and was pleasantly surprised by the ability to graduate timely with the degree that I wanted.
I just completed the enrollment process at Rasmussen College. I will be working to obtain my Associates and Bachelors degrees in Business. I was very nervous about returning to school, it has been almost 20 years. My enrollment was easy and painless. My enrollment advisor took the lead and found everything that I would need to complete my degrees and even things to be done after I graduate. I would highly recommend Rasmussen.
My experience so far with Rasmussen college of Nursing has been great. This college really wants their students to receive the knowledge they need to go out in the workforce and be successful. They have dedicated professors as well as advisors and administrators that are always available and ready to help you no matter what it is that your having issues with.
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