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Rasmussen College - New Port Richey Reviews

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The staff has been so helpful and supportive of my admission process and truly want to see me succeed and start nursing school
The only down fall that i had an issue with is it being online full time. Other than that the teachers are amazing and stsff will work with you and its surprisingly cheap. They offer a variety of programs. Every teacher I had was willing to work with me and make sure that I understood my class and everything i learned.
Printing on campus is not always pleasant, the librarian gives bad looks to those who print out resources. It is not irregular to see a malfunction printer or one that runs out of ink or paper on the regular. Also wifi connection for students and staff has been known to shut off, especially at convenient times.
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The campus activities are nonexistent.The library does have a vast amount of literature for all courses offered along with multiple computers to accommodate all students. I do wish however that the school did have a athletic center, most people in nursing are over weight and it is my belief for a nurse to be able to care for another they must take care of themselves first.
In nursing at Rasmussen you can take part of a vast quantity of activities with very knowledgeable staff who are very patient and work with you to perfect techniques. The work load is heavy and does make working a challenge but with staff available even when there is not enough time to study they can assist to get the right grades and make learning fun.
Rasmussen provides classes in the medical field such as medical assistance, phlebotomy and nursing. Graphic design is also very popular and they develop many creative projects shared around the school.
Nursing in general is a woman's world, at Rasmussen that is the exception there is a good mix between male and females along with diversity of different ethnicity. There is no discrimination or negative challenges to overcome. Most students unlike myself do not work and have a spouse that helps them financially so with that being said it is harder for me to take part in social and study events. Overall, a good school with great teachers where a student who wants to learn can really thrive.
My online courses are great! The workload does not differ much from a traditional classroom and peer-to-peer interaction is encouraged through discussion posts.
I think my education is worth the tuition I paid. However, I disagree with the transition to e-books; like many other individuals I enjoy having a physical textbook. The school announced that they were switching to e-books because it costs them less, but I still pay upwards of $400 per quarter for e-books that I do not get to keep. Aside from that, my education is amazing and I thoroughly enjoy all of my instructors.
Rasmussen's nursing program is fantastic and they currently have a 99% NCLEX pass rate for graduates of their RN program. It costs a little more but it's a quality education. In addition, there is no waiting list to get into the program which I like a lot. Otherwise I could have been waiting for 2+ years to possibly get a seat.
I don't always need my personal laptop for class, which is great.
There are a number of places to study but the lounge and computer labs are always packed. The campus is so small.
So far my experience has been great. My school is small so you get great staff support. I definitely would choose my scool again because of the support I receive.
You get help with every aspect of finding a job from help with your resume, mock interviewing & job placement in your field of study.
Several portals to reach out to fellow students & staff. he 1 on 1 help is great.
I have several options for resources, student center, library & private quiet rooms to study.
Several computer labs to choose from with printing available.
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With an online coarse you get the access you need either by email or going to campus. You also have the 24/7/365 help line.
I start on April 7, 2014 but so far it has been great.
Most of my classes are on line so the flexibility is great.
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