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Everything is hands on. You actually feel like you have some experience before you go into the field. They help place you in a internship. The professors are their for the students 100 percent! With free tutoring.
After you graduate the school help you find a job with in the community. Their success rate is amazing.
The unique thing is how they charge for credits and books, I really dont like the book charge but I love the school so a small sacrifice shall be made. Also I dont like that most books are ebooks but again I really love the school!
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I feel they bend over backwards for you at anytime, I have no problem getting ahold of someone, or getting my questions answered they really are there for their students and I appreciate it a lot!
I think for a college the credits are apropriate but the book charge is a little high some of my books at previous colleges are not worth 150 but much cheaper!
The professors are all extremely certified to be doing what they are doing. They set up the classes for you for each quarter and run it past the student for review to make sure the student can handle it/approves of it. There are multiple tutors, free of charge, that are very willing to help and are also very helpful. Everything thus far has been very easy!
Very easy to work with the college! They've helped me set up my classes/curriculum to the point where I understand it and can handle it. I've attended one other college and applied at another and Rasmussen is a walk in the park compared to the other two. Anything and everything that is involved with setting up for success is done there with a lot of help from the staff.
Very helpful, willing to take their time with you, make sure you understand what they are doing, and make sure you walk away with all your questions answered fully.
Diverse and Friendly – You will find just about every age, ethnicity and religion at Rasmussen. It is very diverse and therefore makes the class discussions and projects so much more interesting. Also, I have not met a single unfriendly person -staff or student!
Student Advisors – When I started looking into schools, the staff and faculty at Rasmussen were so helpful and easy to contact that it took me very little time to get enrolled and begin to love my school!
Wonderful Atmosphere! Everyone on staff is very friendly and just as helpful. Every professor goes out of their way to be accessible 24/7. They go above and beyond to help us students get as much out of our education as possible!
Rasmussen has many different kinds of people attending. But in my eyes we are all the same, we are trying to further our careers and make our lives better.
Online classes are convienent and available for many classes. But I have noted that taking classes In-House helps me interact with my peers more and I feel like I recieve more hands on learning than just online.
Rasmussen College staff are always there to help you when you need help. I was changing majors and had some major troubles and they were there to help me all the way through my process. I really like the one on one the staff have with the students. Everyone is friendly and it makes going to class fun and interesting.
I would definatly recommend Rasmussen College to my friends and family.
Thanks Rasmussen for being a great college to attend.
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