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Rasmussen College - Bloomington Reviews

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A great place to go to college! Very flexible schedules with a lot of online content. It has nice new facilities, extremely helpful staff, and great job placement services.
Rasmussen is a wonderful school. They have many different programs to choose from and help you get started on the right pathway. Everyone that works there is very motivated to help you succeed and is very helpful in everything you do. Their nursing program has built in prerequisites which is awesome! Great experience here and I am happy to be continuing my education through Rasmussen College.
I like the online classes option and the flexibility that comes with it. My instructors are apt and very helpful, making coursework quite fun.
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Great school for working adults, they allowed me the flexibility to pursue my RN while continuing to work full time. I found professors there that have been amazing, and ones that were not the best, but you will find that at every school. Overall good experience for older people going back to school!
I have had a really good experience at rasmussen college in Bloomington thus far. I just finished my first quarter there and gave three more to go. The only downfall is that they are not flexible what so ever and not willing to work with your work or personal life schedule, but it's manageable.
They are very helpful, and they understand whatever question we ask. They are always there for you when you need help and they explain things very well.
Rasmussen has made it easy for me to go back to school while working full time. When I attended college after graduating high school I wasn't ready. I hated school and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life let alone a career path so I decided to drop out of college to figure out what I wanted to do. After moving to Minnesota, I knew in order to get a job I wanted I need to go back to school to earn my degree. I work full time and knew I would have a tough time leaving work and running to a college campus to take night classes and in the city of Minneapolis during rush hour, it would be impossible. I choose Rasmussen because of the program they offer and the ability to earn my degree online.
I was able to transfer countless credits from my past college experience to the program, which was super helpful on cutting down on time and costs
I do well with online courses, so someone who has difficulty may think the online courses are not as good as I do. The content was helpful, the technology simple enough, really easy to accomplish goals and finish assignments
The career center is helpful, knowledgeable, and really want to assist in finding a job
The school provides career services such as job fairs, mock interviews, and help creating resumes and applying for jobs.
The expensive program is rough, and the content can seem like too much at times, but the people both students and faculty are truly awesome and make the whole experience so much better!
I do not receive a lot of hands-on experience with real patients in clinical settings. Our clinical settings are all in long-term care settings rather than hospitals or clinics. The workload is reasonable, facilities up-to-date and dependable
I've attended several colleges in the past several years, and I excelled and loved attending Rasmussen. The program was fast-paced and difficult at times, but the instructors are truly there to support you and really care about your success in the program. The program is quite expensive, but it's the price you pay for a faster education!
Opportunities in the Graphic field I feel are growing. I feel this program allows you to express yourself in a form of art. The workload can be heavy at times but if you stay on schedule it doesn't become to much of a problem. The program had taught me a lot about the adobe products and how to work within them.
I have had a really great experience all my instructors have been available and helpful in my adventure. They are always available to help when need. I am taking online classes so that support is very important in succeeding. I have only had a couple that the instructor was harder to reach out to but I have had a great experience at Rasmussen College Online.
Easy to get into the program, hard to keep up
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Again very fast paced and no other option
The instructors are great, courses are decent. No option to do on campus or part time
Very fast paced, no part time option
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