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I am currently enrolled for Medical Assisting but once I complete my diploma in Medical Assisting I will be pursing Nursing which is my ultimate goal, I love the way the program is set up and even more so love that when I start my internship I will have my foot in the door and will be hopeful that they extend a position for me.
I was recommended to Rasmussen by my cousin and I would definitely recommend this school to anyone and everyone I know looking to go back to school, with having 2 kids and working full time Rasmussen is giving me a huge opportunity to go back and obtain an education while still being flexible I can not wait for my journey with Rasmussen to begin
I get along with all the amazing girls I have become friends with in my classes. We are able to interact in school and also outside of school
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Class registration process was supposed to be easy but had to many steps too take and then wasn't hearing from my counselor without me having to contact the school. It seems like no one is available when you need them
I had 1 online Customer Service class this quarter and at the beginning it was rough. I wasn't getting timely responses from my instructor and I felt the class was a waste of time and money. After the Dean had contacted the Teacher, things started to shape up and I was getting the full attention of the teacher. It was easy to navigate
I am honestly not even sure what they would be
The school is nice and clean but seems that you are not getting what you have paid for. Not a lot of students on campus and it makes you wonder why. I would have taken more time to decide what school is the best for me.
For the amount of money I am paying for school, my tuition is outrageous. I have had meetings with staff and the dean about my concerns. For the amount of money I feel that I could go too a community school of 4-6 years. I thought I would be receiving a better financial aid plan along with better scholarships from the school but haven't yet and I have been working so hard just to apply for different scholarships.
I loved my professor for Structure and Function along with Medical Terminology. I had 1 online course and thought it was useless (Customer Service). The workload for 4 classes at once was a lot to complete but with focus and dedication I have done all the assignments.
I have just finished my first quarter and it has been quite the ride. I have straight A's so far, but have had many problems with some of my instructors. I feel that there is so many staff on the campus but there is no job for them to do.
We have a small Library but multiple media centers to be able to work on the computers without having to wait. Rasmussen offers certain activities, but the outcomes usually are very small. Not a lot of students attending our school.
We have many different computer labs that are accessible. The internet is pretty fast and we are able to use the copiers. The only bad thing is that we cant print color.
I really like that the "road map" of courses is selected when you first register. It takes all the guessing out of when to take which classes. It really made the registration process very easy.
I enjoy how easy they make it for adults to come back to school. Returning to school after 15 years off is not the easiest thing, but they have made it a very smooth process. Offering complete online degrees for people with complicated schedules is great.
I absolutely love the online courses at Rasmussen. They are very easy to follow, the teachers seem to be great, and there is a decent amount of interaction amongst students and teachers. I really like the live lecture portions that appear in certain classes. It really makes it feel like you are part of an actual class and not totally on your own.
I think Rasmussen has a fantastic student body. The diversity found at Rasmussen is amazing. It seems like a majority of the students are working adults and I think it's great to see so many people returning back to school for either a new degree or to advance their current work positions.
The quality of the education is definitely worth the prize. I am currently getting Pell Grants but aside from that I also have student loans to pay for college. Once I filled out the FAFSA online, my meeting with the financial aid office was easy, they explained my tuition step by step.
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The computer lab or computers overall around the campus are accessible and always functioning. There is always paper on the printer and copy machines. If a problem arises there is a tech available 24/7.
I feel like I am never alone. There are multiple mentors always available to ensure the students success. The student center, library and the campus in general is very accessible.
My school is very diverse. It varies from high school students to working adults. People of all ages are treated the same and are given the same amount of respect and the workload expectancy is also the same.
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