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9160 Forum Corporate Parkway Suite 100
Fort Myers, FL 33905
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I had high hopes when I enrolled in Rasmussen for the nursing program. My hopes quickly deminished when I saw how unorganized the system on how they ran was. I feel they accept anyone who comes in without explaining their price tag. Yes it is a private school , but also their credits do not transfer. Many times that is not explained to students and when they have a loan of 20-30k, it is than that they find out that they can not transfer their hard work and no choice but to stay in the school. Many teachers are not qualified to teach the course they teach and 75% of your classes are online. The problem with this is that their is no where to go for help when needed and are left to find resources to help you on your own. I believe they do want to help as many individuals become nurses to help the shortage, but many areas in their curriculum need to be changed or fixed.
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Rasmussen College is an amazing opportunity for students who have a busy life style, between a full time job and personal obligations, Rasmussen team members created a schedule that facilitated higher learning into my life. Their staff makes you , the applicant, feel welcome and excited to start your conquest towards the degree of choice. Rasmussen offers fast track classes along with your general course work to streamline your degree and minimize total cost of education. They offer tuition breaks for full time students , encouraging their students to continue in their endeavors of life and successes.
What i like about Rasmussen college is that they can take all of my credits from my other two colleges when the other schools refuse to accept my credits. I was not happy about this so I had gone to this school and they helped my out with everything! I am so happy of this school!