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Rasmussen College - Fargo Reviews

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Courses vary per degree though each class is helpful for the student. No classes are wasteful of time and resources.
The knowledge gained from the courses definitely prepares anyone for a career of their choosing.
The online classes give a lot of flexibility for me. I can spend as much time as I need to complete the assignments accurately.
Review Rasmussen College - Fargo
This school offers a range of majors that suit to several people. Whether it's business, medical, design, or IT there's something for everyone.
The financial aid definitely helps for school though the process and information can take awhile to find out.
The resources available for me to utilize has been great.
I am against the financial aid rules there. I got kicked out of a class for not siting something right and lost my financial aid because my GPA got messed up that is why im filling for different grants to help me with living and school expenses
The workload is overwelming at times. I have had to drop classes to try make school and work both work otherwise i was falling behind in school
The work load they give you each quarter is overwelming
Library resources are amazing. I can find anything on the online library that helps me research for papers.
the career service are okay
Teachers never get things graded in time.
There career center is average.
Enrolling was no problem, i had issues with filling out financial aid and eventually received help. I lost my financial aid because i sited something wrong in a class and got kicked out of it taking an 0. This made my GPA drop and i lost all assitance.
The thing I dislike about taking courses through this college is that students are not allowed to choose own schedule. The school picks what classes students take and when they take them. I also cannot say this enough they do not offer real books, only e-books! I need a real, live, in my hand book to be the best at learning that particular subject.
I was charged for technology fees and fees for books. This would be fine had I ever went to campus and used the resources they have to offer. I do not live in Fargo to even go to the campus. Also I never received any books and was told they do not send out hard copies... only e-books. This might be fine if I could handle learning without a book. I believe I was taken advantage of with these fee's. They should not apply to all students.
When enrolling to the school everything was great they were helpful and made me feel like they wanted to help me with my education. Then when I got sick, had surgery, and was unable to do my school work not one person reached out to me. I asked for extensions on school work and was told that I needed to provide proof that I was actually sick. I was so upset from the lack of trust and the condensation that came with that comment that I had no motivation to get the work done. I was overall disappointed that all they wanted was my money and were not there to help me in my time of need.
Review Rasmussen College - Fargo
So far this college has made the enrollment process so easy and they really work hard to get students where they need to be.
Rasmussen has many resource to reach your goals
Rasmussen has a great computer network for all needs
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