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Raritan Valley Community College was overall a great place to learn. Thier rating of being the best community college in New Jersey makes sense once you see how dedicated the staff is. I liked how involved each professor was in making sure you succeeded. I would just wish to change the student life aspect of RVCC. Students were never really involved in college life and that was a turn off for me. Other than that, RVCC is a great place.
It was a great all around college, and I'm glad that I was able to attend and save money before transferring to a four-year institution.
I really love this school, and it has such a positive environment. All the classes that I have taken so far have been so great because the teachers care about you and your personal success.
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I've had a great experience at Rartian Valley Community College. Most if not all the professors are excellent and care about your studies. They put in the time and effort to make sure you learn and retain the information they are teaching you.
Classes are very good. Professors challenge you and help you grow as a student and person. Have both online courses and in person courses, which allows working students to do both. If you put the effort into your studies you will get a lot more out of your cousrses
I haven’t run into any major problems doing online school besides the pretty average bumps with teachers. Most teachers are really helpful and provide an easy experience in the semester.
At Raritan Valley Community College I was admitted into their Honors Program and was able to engage in a higher level of learning than a traditional path at a community college. I studied Mechanical Engineering and was able to work alongside many other like-minded individuals.

The engineering department is very strong and has a lot of great professors.
However their Physics professors aren't the best, the rest of their stem related classes are great!
The professors are extremely passionate about helping you succeed and I was offered many opportunities outside the classroom to further my education and gain experience. The only issue I had was parking. At peak times, I could circle for an hour looking for a spot.
Raritan Valley Community College is a great choice for anyone looking to further their education. I started there because I wasn't sure what field of study I wanted to pursue, and ended up deciding on Nursing. They have a fantastic nursing program that I am currently enrolled in that allows you to obtain your RN and start a career. All the professors I have had so far are very knowledgeable and passionate about teaching. The campus is clean and offers many various resources. Additionally, there are many great sports, clubs and honors societies to get involved in. They offer many classes that any 4 year college would, making this a great school to go to in order to obtain a higher education for a fraction of the cost of a 4 year college. For a community college, RVCC has truly come a long way and now offers many great opportunities; there is something there for everyone!
My experience at Raritan Valley has been for the most part positive. It has great academic programs with great professors both adjunct and full time who love what they do. It has a great return because of the low cost, and it gives you the benefit of letting you figure out for sure what you want to major in. I was able to find my major, because I grew up and really found what I wanted.
Class sizes are small at RVCC, allowing you to get to know your professors personally and enables them to demonstrate genuine concern for your well-being and learning. I've found every professor I've worked with to be accessible and caring. Cost of attendance is affordable and courses are challenging and engaging. The NJ Transfer arrangement will enable me to arrive at a four-year NJ university as a junior - well-prepared for all that lies ahead of me, thanks to my terrific start at RVCC!
A great school. One of the top Community Colleges in the nation. Very diversified student body as well as a wide array of degree programs offered. Large and well thought out campus that is secluded and safe. College has good communication with faculty and student body with closures and facility updates.
RVCC provides opportunity to students to completely change their lives, whether that be a fresh start at a GPA, or the chance to gain an associates or a certificate, or just a new start for adults later in life. The academics are extremely underrated, you have adjunct professors coming from schools like Montclair, providing the same education they would there at a fraction of the cost. Student life however, is entirely what you make of it. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00-2:20, we have college hour where all the clubs typically get together and have their meetings. We also have some really fun events like our Fall and Spring picnics! If you're unsure on where you want to spend the next year or two, I strongly suggest RVCC. :)
RV is a really good start to college life - especially when you don't know what to major in. It's also really nice to have the freedom to choose when you have class and who you want as a professor. It doesn't have a very diverse selection of sports, but there are a lot of different ways to get involved (i.e. clubs). Overall, great professors and good place to get started.
Raritan Valley Community College is definitely worth attending! I am an out of county student and people would always criticize me for choosing RVCC instead of other community colleges near me. However, it is a very good college. The advisors are great, if you go to them they really try and help get your degree as fast as possible. In addition, the professors are great! Almost every professor knows exactly what he/she is teaching and they care about you and help you pass each class with a high grade. Also, the environment is great, it is diverse and the students are overall friendly. There are many clubs you can join to keep you engaged and that can help you meet other students with your same interests. If you choose Raritan Valley Community college you will not regret it!
Raritan valley is great school if you're looking for the most bang for your buck. But you really have to be careful about keeping track of the classes you need to take. the advisors there aren't very helpful when it comes to making sure you graduate on time, they'd rather have to make a 2 year degree into 4 if they could. the english department isn't very good, I've had professors that never hand back papers at all during the semester, and I've had professors that try to force you into agreeing with their beliefs. but the art department is amazing and all of their professors are great, they really want to see you succeed
I enjoyed this college due to the fact that it was simple to go and get your work done then leave. The classes are well taught and have purposeful work.
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Great professors who care about their students. Various activities are available so there's something for everyone. Considering it's a 2 year school, it's worth the money
I've had many excellent professors at Raritan Valley Community College. I've learned a lot from each of all of my classes ranging from a variety of different academic departments. There's also such a great community of students that you will feel at ease whenever you're on the campus. I couldn't recommend this college enough!
RVCC is absolutely the best community college in NJ. Raritan Valley is solely based on diversity. RVCC preserves all cultures and religions while focusing on each student's academic goals. I have been exposed to classmates of many different cultures, and every time I am able to learn from them. The college's faculty main goal is to help you achieve your goals. The college offers small classes with a maximum of 40 students per class. This gives the students the opportunity to ask questions and easily communicate with the professor during and after each lecture. Also, the professors at RVCC are willing to work with the students at all costs and accommodate them, as they understand that most of the students face life's unexpected struggles that may take away from the time they would originally dedicate to studying. Both the staff and students are RVCC care for each other and work as a team to make sure that students are going after their dreams.
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