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I love going to Raritan Valley. I found that all the teachers there were particularly passionate in making sure that not only were they giving the best education to their students that they possibly could, but that they could also focus on individuals and how they could change their style of teaching in order to properly education all of their students.
There is no social life. Everyone is focused on their studies. Professors are welcoming and are there to help when you need it.
I loved the simplicity of the campus and the admissions counselors were very helpful and informative. I am excited to potentially be attending RVCC in the fall 2019 semester.
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I've had a good experience so far, some of my professors are great and others have been extremely rude and even told me to quit art. Food is ok, camps is nice for a community college
I like how they had the Major I was interested in. I also liked how it was so diverse. I like the size of the school as well.
I studied health science at RV for 2 years. It's a great starting point if you are trying to save money or not sure about what you want to study. I recommend getting involved with a sport because it makes the community college experience a lot more enjoyable( I didn't regret it). ALWAYS go on before picking a teacher because you never know what you're getting here, but the good teachers are really great.
I liked the Academic excellence it provides to students who are looking to start somewhere with their college education. It gives them a podium to decide where they want to end up in the future
its a great school its very inexpensive and good. nice food nice area and a great line of professors that will help you get through the classes and its a small but big campus on the outside and strong.
I really like RVCC because it allowed me to have an easier transition to college. Many of the professors are kind and caring, and they really value my education. I feel really comfortable to be there! I am apart of the Honors College, which has been a wonderful experience. We go on trips as a group, and it helped me to get to know people and make friends! I appreciate that it is close knit and everyone is caring towards others. RVCC encourages its students to get involved, and join clubs, which as a two year institute, is a bit hard to do. So they offer a college hour two days a week where for an hour and twenty minutes, no classes are offered and it dedicated to clubs and events happening on campus. I got involved with the Dance Club which has been so much fun! I am in charge of emails to other groups and I get in interact with people in free dance classes hosted by other students and guest teachers.
I really enjoy the set up of the campus! Even though it’s on a hill, it’s still easy to get to class. Many of the teachers really care about you learning and succeeding. The people there are all so friendly. Truly a great learning environment. One thing I would like to see improve is the parking lots. They are very over crowded making it hard to find a place to park and get to class on time.
I attend the bi-county community college because it is the local community college for my area. A majority of the college campus could use some updating as many of the buildings are getting older. It's about average and nothing in particular stands out. I have had quite a few good professors who cared and wanted to see students thrive but also just as many bad ones. Some academic programs are very good but other programs are being done away with such as the fire science program. I'd like to say you get what you pay for but as tuition at this school continues to rise I don't know if that statement is accurate. Since my home county does not offer a community college I attend school here. The commute can be rough and parking is a major campus issue. Overall just an average community college.
I like the size and location of the school, the science department is beyond excellent, however, the math department is slacking, I feel I was cheated of my abilities to learn well and be challenged with the way the school does placement tests.
Excellent faculty. School is improving on the outside - looks better! Gets bad rap but very good option. Save $$$.
RVCC is a really great school. Professors always showed a personal interest in my learning experience, and the smaller classes allowed for more specialized attention creating a solid base of knowledge. I was able to get a great education at a fraction of the price!
Raritan Valley Community College was overall a great place to learn. Thier rating of being the best community college in New Jersey makes sense once you see how dedicated the staff is. I liked how involved each professor was in making sure you succeeded. I would just wish to change the student life aspect of RVCC. Students were never really involved in college life and that was a turn off for me. Other than that, RVCC is a great place.
It was a great all around college, and I'm glad that I was able to attend and save money before transferring to a four-year institution.
I really love this school, and it has such a positive environment. All the classes that I have taken so far have been so great because the teachers care about you and your personal success.
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I've had a great experience at Rartian Valley Community College. Most if not all the professors are excellent and care about your studies. They put in the time and effort to make sure you learn and retain the information they are teaching you.
Classes are very good. Professors challenge you and help you grow as a student and person. Have both online courses and in person courses, which allows working students to do both. If you put the effort into your studies you will get a lot more out of your cousrses
I haven’t run into any major problems doing online school besides the pretty average bumps with teachers. Most teachers are really helpful and provide an easy experience in the semester.
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