2017 Safest College Campuses in Michigan

The 2017 Safest College Campuses ranking is based on key statistics and student reviews using data from the U.S. Department of Education. Top-ranked colleges offer a safe and healthy environment with little or no campus crime, drugs, or alcohol usage.
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  1. 1

    Grace Bible College

    • Wyoming, MI
    • 143 reviews
    College Sophomore:The workload is not that much and the program is pretty basic covering everything you need but not much more than that. However it really helps that the person who does most of the class for that program has created his own business and is running it as he is teaching you about how businesses work.
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  2. 2

    Michigan Technological University

    • Houghton, MI
    • 860 reviews
    College Sophomore:Michigan Tech is a great school. The students are very accepting, the classes are challenging, and the professors are friendly. I am very glad I chose to come here, the surrounding area is very beautiful; there are lots of waterfalls and bluffs with beautiful views. The winters can be harsh but the snow is pretty and great for skiing and snowboarding.
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  3. 3

    Cornerstone University

    • Grand Rapids, MI
    • 624 reviews
    College Sophomore:My college decision was very spur-of-the-moment, but Cornerstone was accommodating and welcoming of me in my situation. Despite a somewhat difficult adjustment, I had a great freshman year at Cornerstone. The people are welcoming and friendly and the school forms its own community.
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  4. 4

    Madonna University

    • Livonia, MI
    • 424 reviews
    College Junior:I enjoy attending my college because it is nearby and I am able to commute. I like the smaller school environment, and I agree with many of the traditional values of the school. The class sizes are small, which allows for more interaction and relationships between individual students and professors. I am glad that I chose to stay home and commute to school, and I would not want to attend a large state school where I would have to live on campus.
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  5. 5

    Alma College

    • Alma, MI
    • 445 reviews
    College Sophomore:I like Alma. I love the small campus feel. I wish sometimes that I should have chosen Central because of the bigger campus and the college feel would be greater and I would meet more people. But I like the teachers how they want us students to succeed and will do anything to help. Also the free tutors is great. I wish we had more than two choices for food on campus because neither are that great. But it has been a good second year so far.
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  6. 6

    Northwood University - Midland

    • Midland, MI
    • 239 reviews
    College Freshman:Some of the professors honestly care about you succeeding. Others don't, but I feel it's that way everywhere.

    The nice thing about it being a small campus, is that those professors that do truly care get to know you by name and will say hi to you when they see you out of the classroom.
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  7. 7

    Concordia University - Ann Arbor

    • Ann Arbor, MI
    • 164 reviews
    College Freshman:As of right now, I'm pretty happy with my decision. I've had a few issues with the school, but they've been pretty minor. It's a very boring campus to live on. There isn't much for students to do, and the student activities we do have are usually pretty boring because the students don't go to them. The food is also another issue. There aren't vary many options, and there are no healthy options. I really love the different religious activities we have. There is always an opportunity for worship, and those are always fun. I'm not sure that I would chose Concordia if I did it all over, but I don't want to switch now because I've already made connections here.
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  8. 8

    Andrews University

    • Berrien Springs, MI
    • 440 reviews
    College Sophomore:As far as diversity goes, this school excels. There are plenty of cultural clubs on campus to help connect people from any and every cultural background. Academics here are held at very high standards, which was my main reason for choosing this school. There's a pretty hefty homework load (at least for me and my friends) and Honors is something really respected. However, the administration is very one sided and likes to shun opinions that don't agree. The school newspaper that's supposed to be "by students, for students" is heavily censored and regulated. There's not much to do in free time on-campus or off-campus. Location is not very pleasant. Campus smells like cow feces 75% of the year, like unbearable sometimes. Farm should be downwind and further from main campus. Food is healthy and pretty great IMO. This school is very much for the generic Adventist academy student however. Many students live sheltered lives and are pampered because of their history in the church, while newcomers are kind of overlooked or seen differently. Many rules seem very unfair or unnecessary for students who are supposed to be ADULTS. We aren't treated as adults, we are treated like academy students who ( for example) need to be in by 11pm. As a result of not being treated like adults, some students are very immature and act like middle-schoolers. Dating is a very weird time at this school. Don't get me wrong, I think this is a decent school, however, its administration and policies are not for me and my learning style, and it is a tad bit expensive for the experience.
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  9. 9

    Oakland University

    • Rochester, MI
    • 1,928 reviews
    College Junior:Offers a variety of courses, for tons of majors and minors. The professors that I have come in contact with are some of the nicest and professional I have met, offering advice and allowing me to learn my strengths and weaknesses.
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  10. 10

    Davenport University

    • Grand Rapids, MI
    • 772 reviews
    College Sophomore:I like Davenport because it has a very home-like atmosphere. The student body is generally nice and accepting, the food is great. The professors are also really helpful and nice.
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  11. 11

    Northern Michigan University

    • Marquette, MI
    • 894 reviews
    College Junior:NMU is perfect if you love nature and are willing to be away from home. Marquette is a beautiful town and I would never switch schools. It was my first choice and I don't regret it at all.
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  12. 12

    Calvin College

    • Grand Rapids, MI
    • 817 reviews
    College Sophomore:There are many clubs on campus that I am involved in and created great memories through. The dorm community is amazing, everyone is so nice and helpful. I would chose Calvin all over again.
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  13. 13

    Lawrence Technological University

    • Southfield, MI
    • 468 reviews
    College Freshman:Professors are able to focus on each student. The studios have about 12 students and most have dedicated desks so you can set up with a specific area. It takes about 5 minutes to walk across campus and the gym is open until around midnight.
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  14. 14

    Lake Superior State University

    • Sault Ste Marie, MI
    • 447 reviews
    Recent Alumnus:I enjoyed my time here for the most part. The instructors were nice and knew their students by first name basis. The school is small and personable. I transferred here from Northern Michigan University and I do not regret it one bit. The biggest thing I would change about this school is the administration and other higher position holders who refuse to embrace change or modernization in anyway. Nobody wants the school to get with the times or do anything new. Everyone is stuck in their old ways and refuse to listen to fresh ideas, therefore nothing gets down and the school remains the same and enrollment continues to plummet. I do however praise the new president of the University, Thomas Pleger. He is certainly open to new ideas. He is easily relatable and makes has a presence around campus. The first time I met him, (his first week moving to this school during the summer), I had no idea he was even the new president. He was a much younger man than one would typically associate with a university president. He was in the gym working out like any other student or staff member. I spoke to him for nearly 15 minutes before he introduced whom he was. I had attended the university for 3 years previous and couldnt tell you what the former president looked like. I applaud Tom for all of his hard work during his first year on campus. He definitely seems to have the universities best interest in his goals and is willing to consider new ideas and embrace change. Also, not sure why it seems to be a reoccurring theme at this school, and off topic but the Track and Field coaches are always arrogant assholes who are extremely passive aggressive like to cause trouble.
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  15. 15

    Central Michigan University

    • Mount Pleasant, MI
    • 2,442 reviews
    College Sophomore:I really enjoy living the college experience. I have made a lot of new friends and college has also made me mature a lot and I am very grateful for that. Central Michigan is the perfect size for me the school has a lot of people but not too many and all my class are within walking distance which is very convenient.
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  16. 16

    Hope College

    • Holland, MI
    • 918 reviews
    College Junior:I've grown immensely in my faith and the people are amazing. The professors truly care about you and there are some great things to get involved in on campus. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows and a lot of Hope is broken and lost, but a lot of it is also super great. The older you get, the more you see some amount of cliques and the more cynical I've gotten towards Hope, but in the end it's wonderful and a great time!
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  17. 17

    College for Creative Studies

    • Detroit, MI
    • 500 reviews
    College Senior:It is a great school with amazing opportunities. Teachers are very invested in your success and want to see each student reach their potential. Teachers have always had my back. You won't get much sleep though, very heavy work load.
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  18. 18

    Marygrove College

    • Detroit, MI
    • 297 reviews
    College Junior:Marygrove does not have many degree granting programs but the ones that we do have are phenomenal. Courses arent that rigorous, but the material that is handed to the students by the professor will surely tell you everything you need to know.
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  19. 19

    University of Michigan - Flint

    • Flint, MI
    • 790 reviews
    College Student:I've had the greatest friends since the beginning of orientation. I love the community here; everyone is polite and considerate of everyone's feelings. It's easy to feel like you're part of a family because no one is left behind and are participating in something either it be a club, student leadership, or volunteering. The professors and overall staff at the university have provided me great guidance towards my career and encouragement. I take all their considerations to heart and I'm glad that I have people that can help me throughout life. This is one of the first times I have been left independent and away from my parent's nest. I thank them for kind words to boost my spirits up and for understanding and respecting my decision to go to a college with a very popular recognition.
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  20. 20

    Kalamazoo College

    • Kalamazoo, MI
    • 333 reviews
    College Senior:The English Department is the greatest department of the college in my opinion. My writing has improved tremendously and I've been introduced to so many theories and schools of thought through the major.
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  21. 21

    Albion College

    • Albion, MI
    • 391 reviews
    College Junior:Albion College was my first choice school. It's really difficult to not fall in love with the campus as soon as you take a tour. The students and faculty are so helpful and open; there are so many opportunities for academic help and for making new friendships. There could be more options for food and the housing is incredibly expensive (I wish we could live off-campus), but the classes and professors really make up for it. I am also a student athlete, much like many other students on campus, and I wish that our facilities were bigger and better, but the school spirit on campus really makes up for it. Every group of people supports each other, whether it be the basketball team going to the baseball games or the dance team going to a theater performance. It's really a tight knit community at Albion and I'm so glad that I chose it as my college.
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  22. 22

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

    • Ann Arbor, MI
    • 3,759 reviews
    College Sophomore:Well I'm currently studying at the University of Michigan, which is known for its business and engineering programs. But I'm currently triple-majoring in Linguistics, Spanish, and Japanese. And I am constantly impressed by just how amazing our faculty is here. In almost every department, there is at least one professor that is a leading contributor in his/her field. I've taken several classes where the textbook that we use to structure the class was written by the professor him/herself.

    I personally have never attended another school, but I assume that this is very atypical for colleges. And it's something that I take pride in as a Wolverine. One of our slogans here is "the leaders and the best". Now I will admit that I can see the pride, and perhaps the arrogance as well, in this statement, but I find it to be quite fitting. I came to Michigan because it's a university taught by the best, for the best.
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  23. 23

    Kettering University

    • Flint, MI
    • 509 reviews
    Recent Alumnus:I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Kettering University offers so much for being such a small school. It's co-op program is something that just can't be matched by any other university in the country.
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  24. 24

    Aquinas College - Michigan

    • Grand Rapids, MI
    • 538 reviews
    College Senior:The campus is beautiful. Some of the professors are really helpful and want you to succeed. Because of the small class sizes and number of majors, you'll end up having classes with the same people and get to know some of them.
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  25. 25

    Michigan State University

    • East Lansing, MI
    • 4,862 reviews
    College Sophomore:Moving into my second semester as a sophomore, I couldn't be happier with the choice I made to come here. I have met so many amazing people, and the endless opportunities to thrive make me feel like I am cared about here. The faculty and staff treat students as equals and work hard to ensure they understand the material in order to be successful. This summer I have been given the opportunity to study abroad in Europe, and I couldn't be more excited. Michigan State is an all-around fabulous school; I would highly recommend taking a tour and learning more about this university if you have an interest in attending.
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