2017 Best Community Colleges in North Carolina

Explore the top community colleges in your area based on key statistics and student reviews using data from the U.S. Department of Education. List includes public junior colleges, public technical schools, and all other public 2-year colleges.
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    Catawba Valley Community College

    • Hickory, NC
    • 150 reviews
    College Junior:I have attended bigger schools and and smaller schools in my pursuit for higher education and I have to honestly say that CVCC is "just right." It has all the necessary amenities that one needs such as a computer lab and library with a knowledgeable staff. The admission process was quick and effortless and everyone seemed genuinely interested in my education. The teachers are approachable and interested in their students' success. One of my teachers in particular was always willing to listen whenever I had the least little concern about my schoolwork, and my concerns outside the classroom as well. I would recommend this campus to anyone looking for a college with a more personal feel, and far less expensive than most universities.
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  2. 2

    Rockingham Community College

    • Wentworth, NC
    • 129 reviews
    Freshman:Great School for students looking to transfer to a four year University. All departments of the school work together great and teachers and other faculty are very helpful. Advising got me where I needed to be and informed me a lot about the college transfer process.
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  3. 3

    Stanly Community College

    • Albemarle, NC
    • 86 reviews
    Recent Alumnus:For a community college, the family atmosphere with the professors was an amazing experience. The small class sizes really help with staying on track in your classes and makes learning the material easier
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  4. 4
    College Senior:The one thing I love about this school is how small the campus is. This allows more one on one time with students to interact with the professors and academic coaches. The staff here really wants you to succeed. They provide many student services to help you through your classes such as tutoring, the writing center, success coaches and a career center. By taking advantage of all the services the school has to offer allows you to stay in track and even ahead of the game!
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  5. 5

    James Sprunt Community College

    • Kenansville, NC
    • 79 reviews
    College Senior:Duplin Early College, has been an amazing experience which has brought many advantages. One of the reasons I applied to the school was because of the program they offered which was 2 years of community college how many blessing is that! Just the enthusiasm of reciecing a letter back that April of 2011 was so thrilling and life changing at the same time, I knew this was the school I imagined and hoped for! I did not start off well but what made me happy was the support system I can honestly say that the teachers and every single principal that has came to the school has absolutely helped me in every way possible, giving me rides after school just to attend tutoring sessions, giving me the help I need, giving me advice about my futer but most importantly they belived in me even if I missed days of school and failing a lot of classes, they never lost hope in me, I will never forget that it impacted my life for the better and I want to pay it forward one day. Another of the great things I have absolutely favored was the students, the group I came with as a freshman were in other terms like family. It is an advantage to be accepted to a high school with such small students, that helps a lot in getting to know one another. I loved the fact that I grew at DECHS from right in wrong I can honestly say lessons have been tought i've learned to deal with many intelligent young people as well as fake people that claimed to be friends, I matured in different ways I still have a lot more to learn but I can honestly say I have learned. The friends that have stuck around have been another blessing because here I have met people who actually cared about me as in giving me advice, pushing me to do better many of my friends were on the top ten and are now attending many universities I admire the fact that I got to meet some of these amazing people I call friends! What better way to expiernce high school! And to hang around the right people and have the positive atmosphere.
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  6. 6

    Wilkes Community College

    • Wilkesboro, NC
    • 91 reviews
    Freshman:I have never once regretted my decision to come to Wilkes Community College. The teachers are amazing, the facilities are all so clean and well kept. There are so many opportunities for extracurricular activities, it is never boring. Choosing Wilkes has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!
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  7. 7

    Richmond Community College

    • Hamlet, NC
    • 89 reviews
    Sophomore:Come on in take classes up at Richmond Community College in Hamlet, NC fun school awesome teacher, and great activities. You can finish early or you can take your time. The President and teachers are cool and energetic so you'll never get broad or tired in class. You can also take up classes around your work scheduled by going to the student success center and they will help you with anything. So apply today at www.richmondcc.edu
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  8. 8

    Wilson Community College

    • Wilson, NC
    • 88 reviews
    College Senior:SO far, it has been a wonderful experience. The teachers are very dependable and helpful. The school is always making improvements around campus.
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  9. 9
    College Junior:I like how open the campus is. The place isn't crammed together and it's beautiful. The people are great, too. Teachers are respectful, patient, and trustworthy when it comes to your education!
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  10. 10

    Piedmont Community College

    • Roxboro, NC
    • 84 reviews
    College Senior:The Culinary Prgram a CPCC is extremely extensive. They cover all realms of the restaurant environment. The professors not only teach you the required material but also teach real world scenarios that you can only get from a person who has been in the industry. Teachings that have been passed down from chef to chef over the years. Things you just can't get from a book. You are given the opportunity to to explore with in the segment that is require while still staying with in the curriculum. Learning from mistakes and how to quickly fix them which would be apart of your daily work environment in the real world. Also learning that daily duties to make your environment a better place to work by being a team player.
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  11. 11

    Randolph Community College

    • Asheboro, NC
    • 165 reviews
    Junior:Randolph Community College, which is directly linked to Randolph Early College Highschool, has provided me with a vast amount of resources, even as a high school student. The staff is always there for students and constantly is there to answer questions and provide tutoring and support. I have been engaged in things that a regular high school student would be unable to do, which is why the college is so incredible when it comes to opportunity.
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  12. 12

    Alamance Community College

    • Graham, NC
    • 275 reviews
    Freshman:ACC is a great school. The faculty and staff really care about the students. I have visited many of my instructors during their office hours to ask a question or work through a problem I had. They have always been more than willing to help me understand the material. I also love the diversity of students, especially the large range in ages of students in my classes. I think it makes class discussion much more interesting!
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  13. 13

    Coastal Carolina Community College

    • Jacksonville, NC
    • 298 reviews
    Freshman:I am so pleased with this college! As a new college kid, I would have been lost without the help of the awesome career counselors, Student advisors and transition officers. I have no complaints about any of my seven classes. The teachers truly care about your future and are very willing to help. There are fun free events and classes throughout the year, and clubs to be involved with. I'll miss it when I'm gone!
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  14. 14

    Wake Technical Community College

    • Raleigh, NC
    • 675 reviews
    Alum:For those of you out there concerned with financial affordability in correlation with a bad college experience, look no further! Wake Technical Community College is an affordable two-year community college where you can pick up your general education requirements, foster your passion for learning, and meet great people and instructors who are excited to learn about the same things that interest you. You don't have to go to a four year university and be buried in student debt for the rest of your twenties and even thirties. It's a beautiful campus filled with people who are looking for the same thing that you're looking for: a brighter future.
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  15. 15

    Johnston Community College

    • Smithfield, NC
    • 179 reviews
    Sophomore:Being at Johnston Community College has been a great two years. I have been able to commute from home while completing course work that transfers to a four-year university. I have also been able to save money and decide what I will finally be majoring in since I was indecisive after graduating high school. I would highly recommend going to Johnston Community College, or any community college in particular for those who are also indecisive or cannot afford going to a four-year university just yet. Going to Johnston Community college has also helped me become more independent and prepared me for transferring after completing my associate's degree.
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  16. 16
    College Sophomore:I have had an overall great experience with classes and teachers. Much like any school there are some teachers and classes that just don't work. I haven't found many classes at this school that i don't like.
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  17. 17

    Sampson Community College

    • Clinton, NC
    • 44 reviews
    College Freshman:I am currently in my second semester at Sampson Community College and it has been great. The main reason why I think it has been great is because I am getting the same education as I would get at a 4-year university, for much less. The teachers really see you as an individual and not as just a number. They take the time to answer questions if you have any and don't mind working one on one with an individual. If I was a high school senior again, I would make the choice and go to Sampson Community College again. Starting off at a two year college has been a great transition for me and I would recommend other high school seniors to do the same.
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  18. 18

    Edgecombe Community College

    • Tarboro, NC
    • 100 reviews
    Freshman:So far, within the year I have been at my local college, I have found it to be a good community filled with people that really do care. The staff members are friend and some of the most helpful people in regards to education. There were a lot of things that I was confused with in the beginning of the first semester, but the wonderful people cleared it up for me very quickly so I could get focused on my work and not have to worry excessively. The students who attend are really nice as well. They're easy to get along with and if you ask a question you always get a good answer. I've even had help from some of them with my work when teachers are busy and it's a great thing to have- people that know what they're doing and are proud doing it. If you're looking for a college with great Staff and excellent Students, this is the college to go to.
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  19. 19

    Cape Fear Community College

    • Wilmington, NC
    • 402 reviews
    Sophomore:Cape Fear Community College has been a wonderful place for me to grow. Although not perfect, I have been both challenged and nurtured at this school. Although community college can hold a stigma, I was pleasantly surprised at how well this school defies the stereotypes. With all the financial aid, counseling services, accessibility services, wide range of academic classes, and even extracurricular classes available, it is clear that this is a school that cares about its students. I have met many interesting people, caring professors, and even helpful secretaries. Although there have always been a few anomalies thrown into the mix, my experience at this school has overall been incredibly positive and prepared me for the next step of my life at university.
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  20. 20

    Western Piedmont Community College

    • Morganton, NC
    • 132 reviews
    Recent Alumnus:The faculty is so helpful when needed and the students are friendly. One great thing about WPCC, is that you work hard, learn a lot, but you have some fun days. You can take those days to enjoy some food, games, or just to take some time to take a break. I think WPCC is unique for its great relationship between students and faculty. You're never uncomfortable to talk to teachers when you need, nor any of the faculty. I would definitely choose WPCC as my community college again; the scenery was breathtaking, teachers were easy to access, and help was always available.
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  21. 21

    Lenoir Community College

    • Kinston, NC
    • 105 reviews
    Alum:I attended Lenoir Community College for the early college program with Lenoir County Schools. It was a great experience with great teachers and awesome friends. The students are really involved and of course you have the teachers that are really involved and those that only care about the grades you make in the class. Overall, the thing I liked best were the teachers who were really involved and what I would like to see change is maybe the cost of the classes that have to be payed for out of pocket. An increase in the number of scholarships available would also be really nice.
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  22. 22

    Surry Community College

    • Dobson, NC
    • 118 reviews
    College Senior:All professors are reliable and most are very helpful. Class sizes are usually quite small, so student receive a one-on-one type education. There are a decently wide variety of classes offered, however some classes are either hard to get into due to demand (such as nursing), or are hard to get into due to a lack of demand (archeology).
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  23. 23

    Sandhills Community College

    • Pinehurst, NC
    • 187 reviews
    College Junior:The teachers at my school give their 100% toward their classes, whether its emailing them or talking one on one. They make time at the end of the class to ask questions to other students and the them so everyone is present to hear. It is a great school to finish a career or to transfer into another school!
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  24. 24

    Nash Community College

    • Rocky Mount, NC
    • 165 reviews
    College Senior:My experience with my courses and my professors at this school have been pleasant. For each course I've taken with these professors I've learned an extremely amount of information about my major as I would like. Most of my professors have actually had their own experiences with the real world with my major and were able to give their students real life events that could happen to them if they were to presided their major as a career and be able to face with the challenges that they have to face from their experiences from the degree.
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  25. 25

    Craven Community College

    • New Bern, NC
    • 145 reviews
    Sophomore:It has always been easy to register and sign up for classes. The process is simple and takes very little time! The community is absolutely great, and I often feel quite close to my professors and staff members. The early college program needs some review, as many of my younger peers have told me. I would also really like to see accessible counseling services or the like that could ramp into TRiO help and services.
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