2017 Best Community Colleges in Alabama

Explore the top community colleges in your area based on key statistics and student reviews using data from the U.S. Department of Education. List includes public junior colleges, public technical schools, and all other public 2-year colleges.
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    Sophomore:The things that I like about Jefferson Davis is that the people here are friendly, they are always available to help students, and they try their best to make sure everyone is okay. The school could us a few more activities, there isn't really much to do around here besides going to the sports games, it would be nice if there were a different activity to do every weekend so that the students are able to enjoy things outside of class.
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  2. 2

    Lurleen B Wallace Community College

    • Andalusia, AL
    • 170 reviews
    Sophomore:Best college around and had 4 campuses to choose from! I have attended another college and would much rather go to lbw than I would go to another college or back to the one I was at . They also have many technical programs that you can graduate with including an associates in nursing .
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  3. 3
    Sophomore:Great experience with great instructors! Snead State community College a great place to learn & gain experience.
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    Bevill State Community College

    • Jasper, AL
    • 282 reviews
    College Junior:With only one semester under my hand, the courses I chose to start off with were challenging yet satisfying. The professors helped you in anyway they could. Each course is throughly planned out a head of time which allows more classroom discussions or activity. In each classroom the average number of students can begin with thirty or lower which aids in more one-on-one time. Bevill has been a great experience so far! I can't wait for more.
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  5. 5

    Alabama Southern Community College

    • Monroeville, AL
    • 67 reviews
    Freshman:My experience at Alabama southern is great . A great college of choice, the professors will help any way they can to help you pass. They prepare you to be ready for the future.
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  6. 6
    Freshman:I will be proud to say I earned my degree from Wallace Community College because of it's outstanding reputation in our community. I have been fortunate to attend one semester, but due to financial difficulties have been unable to continue my education. My mother is a 1990 Alumni of Wallace and has helped numerous people in our community with her nursing skills and knowledge she obtained from Wallace. The instructors are very knowledgeable and really take an intrest in their students success. I am ready to prepare for my future and give back to my community as a physical therapy assistance if given the financial help i need to reach my goal.
    Thank you for this opportunity!
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  7. 7

    Shelton State Community College

    • Tuscaloosa, AL
    • 333 reviews
    Recent Alumnus:There are so many classes offered and a variety of well-known teachers! The teachers really enjoy their subject and you can tell how passionate they are when teaching. There's a variety of times available too, which is the main reason I love SSCC so much! It is super flexible for a full-time worker like me! Class sizes are small, typically around 15-20 in a class, which I feel helps you get more out of your experience. You will learn a lot, be able to ask questions, more apt to make friends, develop a relationship with your professor, etc.
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  8. 8

    Enterprise State Community College

    • Enterprise, AL
    • 133 reviews
    College Junior:I would consider my school the best because the instructors want to help you succeed, the students are super nice, and the campus is kept clean. If I had to choose my favorite thing about my school it would be the other students. The other students at this school made me feel welcome the very first day. The students don't think of themselves higher than anyone else. They are willing to help with anything. I come to find that a lot of the students are like me in a way. By this I mean they are friendly, crazy, and like to have fun but at the same time they are there for the same reason I am and that is to further there education. If I had the chance to choose a school all over I would definitely choose my school again.
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  9. 9

    Northwest-Shoals Community College

    • Muscle Shoals, AL
    • 127 reviews
    College Junior:I have previewed other colleges in my past, but this one was up in the top three I previewed. When I was deciding which of the three to attend I decided to discuss it with my family and friends about the colleges. I had heard some of my friends had dropped out of two of these colleges and asked why and learned that their professors were disrespectful and knew i would not enjoy those colleges. For Northwest Shoals Community College, however, all I heard was praise and knew it was the one for me. This includes that the professors are respectful of their students.
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  10. 10

    Northeast Alabama Community College

    • Rainsville, AL
    • 141 reviews
    Niche User:Beautiful campus full of friendly people. The professors are caring and the options and opportunities available are endless. Located in a small town. Super safe environment. Great education at an affordable price. Also, NACC offers a lot of full-tuition scholarships.
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  11. 11
    Sophomore:H. Councill Trenholm State Community College is the only 2 yr public school in Montgomery, AL. The Patterson Campus is now undergoing renovations. New programs were introduced, to include 2 yr General Ed degree. I am a student in the Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Refrigeration Program, and love it. Trenholm State Community College is great source for businesses to pull from when recruiting for new, and quality employees. It is also a great school for the students to gain valuable skill, and education that qualifies them for employment. If a student chose to take his/her education beyond Trenholm, they are able to transfer.
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    Chattahoochee Valley Community College

    • Phenix City, AL
    • 140 reviews
    College Junior:While sometimes I do wish the school had more programs available, or more instructors in certain departments, I would say that overall, the school is doing a great job with what they have. Most instructors see their students as individuals, and smaller class sizes make it easier to get the help I need, even if it's just asking for clarification on a topic or more time to write my notes before moving on. Very accommodating!
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  13. 13

    J.F. Drake State Technical College

    • Huntsville, AL
    • 156 reviews
    Freshman:I am 40 years old first time attending school in 24 years. From the first moment of enrollment I felt welcome. Every question I asked was not a stupid question. I was given a list of every piece of paper work I was going to need. I received continuously from how to get my GED transcript to how to prepare for a test. Financial aid was there every step of the way. So far I couldn't ask for a better group of people surrounding me.
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  14. 14

    Central Alabama Community College

    • Alexander City, AL
    • 97 reviews
    Freshman:I like Central Alabama Community College because teachers are very understanding and helpful. The teachers want to not only get you through college but help you do better in everyday life. You learn how to handle things differently, how to juggle everything. There is a program that is called Student Support Service (SSS) they people who work in here are wonderful. They are very resourceful. If you need anything like someone to help you write your paper, if you need supplies, or just someone to talk to while you are waiting for you next class. The campus itself is very open and everyone is friendly.
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  15. 15
    College Senior:I love attending Wallace State Community College! I am a high school student enrolled in the Fast Track program there and everyone has been so helpful. I have learned a great deal more here than what I ever would have in high school. At times, there can be confusion between teachers and students, but I think that happens at every school. The faculty here is nice, and the students are friendly as well.
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  16. 16

    Calhoun Community College

    • Tanner, AL
    • 554 reviews
    Sophomore:Calhoun usually gets a bad rap as being "Grade 13" for a lot of local students. For many, it can be, but for someone wanting to transfer or get an education on a budget, you can't go wrong. Because it is so cost effective, it gives you a little more wiggle room with changing your major, making it a great starting point post high school!
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  17. 17
    Freshman:I have attended Southern Union (Opelika Campus) for one semester and it has been the best educational experience of my life. This campus is very compact and clean. My professors are extremely good at teaching and are always willing to give extra help during their office hours. It is about 20 minutes from downtown Auburn! I would highly recommend this school to any Alabama resident. In-state tuition is very fair for the level of education I've received. Although our athletics and most clubs are run through the Wadley campus, we still have school pride; go Bison!
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  18. 18
    Sophomore:WCCS is a great school! I'm currently in the Nursing program there and I love the teachers so much. They make sure that you become the best nurse ever! You rock WCCS!
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  19. 19

    Faulkner State Community College

    • Bay Minette, AL
    • 257 reviews
    College Junior:So far my experiences with the professors has been excellent. However, my favorite class and professor happens to be Sociology. I have really learned a lot about sociology.
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  20. 20
    Freshman:The experience at Lawson State Community College is truly a positive journey. I will definately reccomend Lawson State Community College to friends, family as well as anyone else I meet along the way that is in search of a good school that is fun to attend, the faculty and staff are over the top friendly and operate with a high degree of professionalism.
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  21. 21

    Bishop State Community College

    • Mobile, AL
    • 200 reviews
    Niche User:This school is great for returning adult students and students that are on a budget. I would go back if I could ,but it doesn't have a lot of career options. There isn't a lot of school activities here either so I was quite dull here. So many students rarely showed up to classes. I felt like there could of been more involvements there, maybe students would show up. Overall the school is great, all my instructors I've had was awesome. I highly recommend this school to anyone.
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  22. 22

    Jefferson State Community College

    • Birmingham, AL
    • 446 reviews
    Sophomore:Great experience with JSCC 2016/2017. Excellent staff & students in the Veterinary Technology program!
    Instructors communicate well with students and are very thorough in teaching. Veterinary Technology instructors are extremely knowledgeable & strive for students to succeed.
    The campus is somewhat spread out but easily accessible with the help of a map. Seems like a quiet, safe place to study with minimal distractions. However food, shopping and other businesses are not too far away.
    Pleasant experience with financial aid & admissions departments and all JSCC staff.
    Online courses are easily accessible & the JSCC website is very informative & easy to maneuver.
    Overall pleasant experience with JSCC. Highly recommend this college and the Veterinary Technology Program.
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  23. 23

    Gadsden State Community College

    • Gadsden, AL
    • 305 reviews
    Freshman:I am a freshman here at Gadsden State, and I have to say that the whole application process was made easy simply because of the well informed and polite staff at the One Stop Center, a building dedicated to business, financial aid, registration, and admissions of all students. They are very patient, as well as all of the instructors here, and they all make sure that you know they are available to you if you need help with anything.
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