2017 Best Colleges in Wisconsin

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  1. 1

    University of Wisconsin

    • Madison, WI
    • 2,821 reviews
    Freshman:There is something for everyone! The University of Wisconsin-Madison boasts a lot of offerings, not only in academics but in all sorts of opportunities from amazing athletic programs to a myriad of clubs to get into. To the sports enthusiast, UW-Madison has athletic programs in football, ice hockey, and basketball which are renowned regionally, if not also nationally. To the grade-A active student, UW-Madison is also a mecca of infinite opportunities, it is even somewhat of a challenge for any student to navigate the "Org Fair" which displays the many student organizations that are available on campus. Organizations are available for students who are the soon-to-be titans of energy and even for the ones who are almost certainly going to be the consulting executives of the future. No matter what you want to get yourself into, there is always something for you in the land of the Badgers.
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  2. 2

    Lawrence University

    • Appleton, WI
    • 641 reviews
    Senior:I like the help a student can receive from professors because of Lawrence University's low student to teacher ratio. The conservatory really is a hidden jewel of the music world, with the quality of musicianship only limited by how much work a student invests. I do believe there could be more diversity in professors and faculty, but these needs have been voiced and at least some in the administration have listened to them. I have heard of problems related to the school's administration, and I know that offices like campus life and financial aid can be difficult to deal with. I believe however that this is more than counterbalanced by a supportive and receptive student body and faculty.
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  3. 3

    Marquette University

    • Milwaukee, WI
    • 1,827 reviews
    Niche User:Overall a very great University! The professors are all very helpful, students are always involved in sports and/or activities, and the student life in general is very comfortable and exciting. This University really prepares students for the real world!
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  4. 4

    Milwaukee School of Engineering

    • Milwaukee, WI
    • 401 reviews
    College Junior:Its a great melting pot of cultures. Where students help each other to succeed and mentor each other. The policy is no one is left behind . The student atmosphere is wonderful where everyone respects each other. The professors are professional and teach you the newest developments in your field of studies. The professors go that extra mile to help their students succeed. The resources available for each student is great where consulars guide you through the best options that will benefit your success as a professional in your field.
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  5. 5

    St. Norbert College

    • De Pere, WI
    • 606 reviews
    Freshman:I really love SNC! The campus is beautiful and so clean. The people are all wonderful and unbelievably polite. The academics are great and very diverse, with the teachers being very involved, even if they sometimes forget office hours. I do not go to parties, but I have heard from friends the sober parties are very fun and they have a great time there! I am no athlete, but my friends seem to really enjoy the athletic program here. The teachers are amazing and they really add to the overall experience. I feel very safe here, there have been a few reports of "attacks" on campus, but each time, people are physically injured. The food here is delicious and I have definitely gained my freshman 15, but no worries, the new fitness center is almost complete, so I won't have to worry about gaining any more weight! Overall, I really love the school and everything that involves it!
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  6. 6

    Beloit College

    • Beloit, WI
    • 508 reviews
    Junior:This is a classic case of a 'little pond' school. You'll grow into a big, weird fish. Beloit is a place that people with avantgarde personality come to get a nice financial aid package and an education to rival the east coast liberal arts schools. I've never had a class larger than 10 students. Those were all fact statements. The value statement that you're looking for is this, "Beloit is a place to go if you've always felt outside of the mainstream, and want to be celebrated for that. Its where honestly passionate and incredibly bright people go to find meaningful things to do with their lives. I'm sure if you're already indoctrinated into the name-brand big school mentality, there's little I can say or do to convince you otherwise, except to say that this school has benefits that you will never understand until you are here. That's coming from someone who's taken classes at 4 separate colleges."
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  7. 7

    Alverno College

    • Milwaukee, WI
    • 912 reviews
    College Junior:I really like how the 8 core abilities are the main framework for the curriculum.

    The courses are very interesting, and have provided crucial and relevant information for respective fields of study. There are always a variety of courses offered, but seating is limited depending on the popularity of the major the courses fall under. Also, class sizes are great! Class sizes are usually small.

    The instructors are very knowledgeable in the courses they teach. All the instructors that I have encountered so far in the communication field are very helpful. However, I did not have that same experience with the nursing program. The program, and instructors are very cold and rigid. It is a nurturing environment, but the nursing department does not seem the same way. It seems that if you fall behind as student then you must fend for yourself and the instructors offer very little as far as advice in how to move forward- I sought out my general advisor because I felt that I did not receive much help with my nursing instructors.
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  8. 8

    University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

    • La Crosse, WI
    • 1,247 reviews
    Freshman:UW-La Crosse is a great pace to be! The campus is beautiful, and just the right size. Students are very friendly and are always willing to help and answer questions. The professors are also fantastic, they genuinely care about you as a person and especially as a student. Professors are always encouraging and helpful, and they are always available outside of class. I haven't had a professor that I haven't like. The only thing I would change about UWL is the food service. There are not many options, and the options aren't quality food.
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  9. 9

    University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

    • Eau Claire, WI
    • 1,220 reviews
    Sophomore:UW Eau Claire is a great smaller sized school with many smaller class sizes that give you the opportunity for more one-on-one time with professors, who mostly happen to be very nice and accommodating people by the way. The campus is mostly all in one area and easy to get from point A to point B quickly. There multiple new buildings including Davies which is a very nice cafeteria/store/restaurant/general meeting place. Safety is not even something on your mind around this campus, everyone is super nice and police maintain a comforting presence. Overall, a pretty good school!
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  10. 10

    University of Wisconsin - Stout

    • Menomonie, WI
    • 899 reviews
    Freshman:I am about to begin my second semester at UW-Stout in the online SPED program. So far I have had a wonderful experience with this college. First off it is one of few colleges that has an online education program and that will work with you if you live out of state when it comes time to complete your student teaching hours. Their website has great resources to complete your program and classes to the best of your ability, and many of the teachers and administration that I have worked with have been beyond helpful!
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  11. 11

    University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

    • Milwaukee, WI
    • 2,828 reviews
    College Sophomore:In my first year of college I've managed to make several new friends, start a student organization, contract with the United States Air Force, and regularly shadow a physician at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. I've determined what it is I'd like to do after college: serve in the Air Force as an Emergency Medical Specialist. Juggling school work with all my other activities and social life required a bit of adaptation through time management, but ultimately I feel that I've grown as an individual and am more capable to perform in my academics and other activities. If that can all be accomplished in just one year, I'm looking forward to seeing what I'll gain from my experiences over the next three!
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  12. 12

    Wisconsin Lutheran College

    • Milwaukee, WI
    • 401 reviews
    Freshman:My experience at Wisconsin Lutheran was amazing. It was really nice even as I was a commuter! I loved the aid I received not only from my professors, but my classmates as well. The friendly people all around campus helped me to stay cool and focused on being on my "A game". I simply felt the positive desire to want to do well since I had positivity pushing on me. The experience was great. I aspire to continue to do well and keep my head up. Being at WLC motivates me to be an awesome student. It has molded me to be goal- oriented, so that I may surely have future success in my desired career, which is Theology.
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  13. 13

    University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

    • Stevens Point, WI
    • 919 reviews
    Sophomore:UW Stevens Point has been a wonderful school for me. Every professor I've had thus far only wants to see their students succeed and are willing to take extra measures for that to happen.
    The town itself is on the small side (~25,000), but there are plenty of activities on campus to keep you from being bored.
    Ultimately, UWSP is what you make of it. I'be been incredibly fortunate in the people I've met, the classes I've taken and the opportunities that have been afforded me through this school. UWSP is definitely worth checking out!
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  14. 14

    Northland College

    • Ashland, WI
    • 253 reviews
    College Freshman:Northland College is great for anyone pursuing environmental studies, outdoor education majors, and anything to do with the humanities. Everyone on campus is very accepting of whoever you are as a person, as long as you are a nice person. Professors are on first name bases with all students and always try to include everyone's thoughts. If you're looking for a more personal feel to the college experience, Northland College is the way to go!
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  15. 15

    Herzing University - Madison

    • Madison, WI
    • 517 reviews
    College Junior:I have fully completed and graduated from two different programs from this school already, a diploma program and just recently, my Associates Degree. I am also currently registered again to complete my Bachelor Degree in a different area of study. I have had a wonderful experience with this school since beginning in 2013. The staff is wonderful and helpful and the Instructors are all just awesome. They will do anything and everything to make sure that you are a success and to help you. They go above and beyond their requirements as Instructors. I wish I could continue going to school there for many years to come. I actually enjoy it more than I ever thought I would. I was initially skeptical when returning to school after being out of the game for so many years, yet, Herzing University made me feel completely at ease and have no reservations about the process at all. I would highly recommend them to anyone!
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  16. 16

    Edgewood College

    • Madison, WI
    • 488 reviews
    Sophomore:I am currently a Sophomore at Edgewood College, I am pursuing a degree in Nursing. Overall, I have loved my experience here. My professors have always been there to give me extra help and notice if I am not understanding something. Edgewood has a lot of extra help available, I have taken a lot of use out of that, both my freshman year and sophomore year I have tutors that Edgewood pays for. I have been able to get close with my classmates because it is a small school. We work with the community, many classes really emphasize the strength of working together. I believe being here has and will continue to push me to being not only more educated but a better person in total.
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  17. 17

    Viterbo University

    • La Crosse, WI
    • 363 reviews
    Freshman:I love Viterbo due to the positive atmosphere it has. It has great values and principles like service, hospitality, stewardship, integrity, and contemplation. The staff really do care about each individual student and they strive to make a positive difference in students' lives. Everyone is very friendly and accepting of everyone. It's also a safe environment. They have good security. The campus strongly encourages service Saturdays and other service-type mission work. It's a Catholic school and it really lives up to it's religious mission statement.
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  18. 18

    University of Wisconsin - Superior

    • Superior, WI
    • 235 reviews
    Freshman:The main reason I chose to go to the University of Wisconsin-Superior is because I love the size of the campus because it isn't too big, but not too small either. The class sizes are perfect so you have time and resources to interact with your professors and peers. The cost of tuition is also a huge plus, because you get the whole experience of a university at such a low cost. The only downside to the University of Wisconsin-Superior would probably have to be the city it's located, and I only say that because there isn't much to do in the small town.
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  19. 19

    Carthage College

    • Kenosha, WI
    • 1,004 reviews
    Sophomore:Carthage College is a beautiful, small campus with a heavy focus on expanding the Liberal Arts education experience. They provide a wide variety of courses for students to choose from with great professors and thousands of advancement opportunities. The school is improving quality on campus every year and is attempting to modernize, which is especially impressive. However, it would be nice to see more diversity on campus, increased Asian and Hispanic populations would be nice. It would also be a great addition to have a Political and Social Science Center on campus so the non-natural science and language departments would have a place to call home for classes. Student activism and organizations on campus are plentiful and there are plenty of options for both Greek Life and other clubs, student life is really what this school prides itself in.
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  20. 20

    University of Wisconsin - Platteville

    • Platteville, WI
    • 925 reviews
    Niche User:Everyone is really friendly and the staff is helpful! Teachers don't go out of their way for students, however office hours and small classes do make that effect on the class experience small. The campus is relatively large for the amount of students. The weather is almost always gloomy, however it doesn't affect campus attitude at all.
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  21. 21

    University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

    • Whitewater, WI
    • 1,159 reviews
    Sophomore:Considering the fact that the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater has always been my dream school, I may be a bit biased. My experience has been amazing and the campus is beautiful. People here are so nice and always willing to help out. The vibe on campus is very welcoming and the academics are outstanding. I absolutely love this school!
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  22. 22

    Maranatha Baptist University

    • Watertown, WI
    • 444 reviews
    Alum:My experience at Maranatha was a very delightful experience! I love the small, family like atmosphere. Everyone knows each other, the teachers know you by name. The small town for me was another plus. The facilities are wonderful. They are kept clean and up to date. I would totally recommend Maranatha to any young person who is looking for a great christian college to attend!
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  23. 23
    Sophomore:Concordia University Wisconsin has helped me acclimate to college academics. As a transfer student, I wasn't sure what to expect. I transferred from a public state college, and was struggling with the size of the classes and the impersonal feel of the classes themselves. This school has amazing professors who take the time to understand what is going to help you be successful. The class sizes are smaller, which encourages the participation of the students along with more opportunities for questions to be asked on unsure material. The welcoming faculty and student body hold out a warm hand for all questions you have and any support you need.
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  24. 24

    University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

    • Oshkosh, WI
    • 1,218 reviews
    Sophomore:The University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh was my third college choice, but due to complications with my major I decided this was my best option. Oshkosh was one of the few UW schools that offered Dual-Education. I was shocked that my top two colleges only offered general education or special, there was no option to take a degree in both. The reason why Oshkosh was not my first option was due to the bad reputation about underage drinking and the overall location of the school. As soon as I got past my first week of school I knew I made the best decision! My professors were amazing, dorms was clean, and many opportunities were coming my way! The UWO Hip Hop team invited me to their tryouts personally due to my previous dance experience. I felt honored that they knew who I was and wanted me on their team. I can honestly say those 2 years on the team were the best years of dance I've ever had! If it weren’t for Oshkosh I would have never met some of my best friends and amazing professors.
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  25. 25

    University of Wisconsin - River Falls

    • River Falls, WI
    • 523 reviews
    Senior:I really love this university. I've been attending here all four years and have had nothing it positive experiences. Everyone is so nice and welcoming! The professors here are great! They are well qualified and easily accessible and are willing to help students who seek help. The class sizes are small so you have a chance to interact more with the professors and other students. The clubs, sports and organizations here on campus are amazing. There are so many opportunities to get involved. The campus is great in all seasons and is very well taken care of. You can walk from one side of campus to the other in fifteen minutes. It's also a great place for students who commute. Our Universitg Center provides a nice place for students to study, relax, eat and have fun! The only change I would like to see on campus is for there to be more activities in the winter but this year they have already added so much. This university is a great place to attend!
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