2017 Best Colleges in Vermont

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  1. 1

    Middlebury College

    • Middlebury, VT
    • 464 reviews
    Freshman:As a freshman in college who is in his second trimester at Middlebury College, I can say I made the right decision. The school is great and the academics are superb. Be prepared to do lots of work and many late nights, but by the end of the semester, you feel accomplished. The teachers are great and everyone is really friendly. Now, to give the real truth on how it is to be a person of color on campus. As a person of color, you may feel alone. There is very little diversity on campus, the majority being predominately white, and you may feel like you stand out. However, majority of people are accepting of anyone no matter race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc...and I have never felt unsafe on middlebury campus and it really is a great community. If you going to Middlebury, be ready for heavy course load, bad Atwater parties (you will understand) and meeting friends that will last you a life time!
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  2. 2

    Saint Michael's College

    • Colchester, VT
    • 474 reviews
    Junior:I absolutely love SMC! It is a beautiful campus with many opportunities. We've had a problem recently with some hate-filled actions since the most recent election, however with more educational programs and talks and panels, we've seen less of it and it definitely does not represent the majority of the student body.
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  3. 3

    University of Vermont

    • Burlington, VT
    • 1,559 reviews
    Alum:My experience at the University of Vermont was amazing! Academically I felt like I was pushed to learn and growth. I felt supported by the academic staff. One star off for diversity and price tag. Student life and community in Burlington, Vermont is a big plus. The city of Burlington and the access to the lake, woods, and surrounding green spaces is incomparable.
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  4. 4

    Champlain College

    • Burlington, VT
    • 668 reviews
    Senior:Wonderful school - it's easy to get to know your professors and they are very engaged and involved with students. My only major complaint is around housing for students who do not live close. The dorms close for all breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks) so don't forget to add in the additional costs of flying back home if you don't live close. There are a few dorms that stay open but the school does NOT give priority to students who live far away. In my opinion if you are from the west coast you should get priority in these dorms - it's to far to fly home for Thanksgiving break! Also the dorm food is terrible! Champlain please do something about the awful dorm food!
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  5. 5

    Vermont Technical College

    • Randolph Center, VT
    • 179 reviews
    Niche User:I have heard nothing, but wonderful comments on Vermont Technical College. However, the college's programs are competitive, I am honored to be accepted into any one of their offered degree programs. Vermont Tech is highly competitive and caught my attention because of how competitive their nursing program is. I am excited to join the college in the upcoming year, as well as gain an exceptional education from my top college!
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  6. 6

    Bennington College

    • Bennington, VT
    • 200 reviews
    College Freshman:Bennington College is located in a quaint yet vibrant environment. Being from a city, Bennington, Vermont is a whole new experience. Although it is not located in a bustling city, there is a homey and community atmosphere at the school. I have found that every person at the school has a unique and spirited story that got them there. It may be in the middle of Vermont but there is a diverse amount of people, classes, and faculty. Not only is the school an excellent learning community, but the campus is extraordinary. It is a wonderful way to learn surrounded by the Green Mountains of Vermont. I fell in love with Bennington College the moment I first stepped on campus, and that was in the middle of winter, which is really saying something. Along with the engaging and eclectic classes Bennington College offers a unique internship program called the Field Work Term, which is a seven week internship every student participates in. It is a great way to gain work experience and try out the field of work you are interested in.
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  7. 7

    Norwich University

    • Northfield, VT
    • 418 reviews
    Alum:One thing that resonates the most with NU is the family atmosphere. Whether you are from a class in the mid 1900's or present day, there is an inseparable bond that binds us all together. I was a student that tragically was impacted by the results of a car accident. I had professors, a Chaplain, and staff of the university rally around me and helped me get across the finish line. This enabled me to graduate on time with my class. I have had professors come in on their own personal time (off the clock) or stopped by my deck to visit my room in the barracks. You know the professors care and they always push you to be successful. The growing threat to the university's Corps of Cadets is moving forward amidst the hazing hysteria and lawsuits. Many changes occured following my Freshman year that things seemed so alien to me by the time I graduated. Training time was cut, Cadre were micromanaged, Rookdom was shortened, and standards reduced.
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  8. 8

    Castleton University

    • Castleton, VT
    • 463 reviews
    College Freshman:I am an international student and I think I could not have made a better choice. The professors are amazing, the students are really welcoming and friendly and whenever you are in trouble there is always someone to help. Castleton is making me fall in love with the United States!
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  9. 9

    Green Mountain College

    • Poultney, VT
    • 240 reviews
    Recent Alumnus:If you are academic, passionate and self-motivated, you will find the opportunities here unparalleled. I would NEVER have had the unique education experiences I had here at a typical university. You MUST be self-motivated. If you are lazy or unsure of your education goals, you will fail here. The professors are excellent--they do not teach here for the pay or tenure packages or notoriety, they teach here because they like the school's mission and are passionate about teaching. The courses may not have the greatest variety, but that's because it's not a large university.
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  10. 10

    Lyndon State College

    • Lyndonville, VT
    • 245 reviews
    College Freshman:School-wide-major-activities-day is Lyndon State College's introduction for all students and faculty to participate and engaging in a day that revolves around the students major. The school's remote location gives way to a beautiful mountainous scenery that leaves its visitors with a small town and not much to do. Having a small population and being surrounded by the wilderness is great for those in my field of Meteorology. The environment is excellent for attending and planning the Major Activities Day out in the open. The school is sent equipment for both students and professors to use, in this case, we are provided Weather Ballons to begin the understanding process as Freshmen undergraduates who are looking to pursue a career in the field of Meteorology. By doing this, the college shows they care for the education process by starting us out as soon as possible. Though my courses aren't all Meteorology based, there are still other courses required to take such as English, Math, and extracurricular classes that all seem to relate and have ties with one another and makes it easy not to get lost when transitioning to other courses, for example, an English course was given to help and encourage me in my major how to write a resume within my job field. This is unique within a university! Lyndon State Meteorology courses also uniquely offer other course offerings to keep your career variety open such as when and if a student is looking into possibilities for future job listings in Broadcast Meteorology, courses in Media and Technology helps give me an extra boost when applying myself in meteorology as taking these other course won't steer my focus away from my original career, but rather heighten my marketability. Lyndon State College has a great set up, and I wouldn't have it any other way. The workload isn't always easy, and I may have seen up and down moments my first semester as freshmen but I wouldn't go back and change it. Great experience overall!
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  11. 11

    Johnson State College

    • Johnson, VT
    • 297 reviews
    Alum:As a non-traditional, full time student I loved Johnson State College. The professors were very knowledgeable and the staff were very helpful. I was a single mother when I attended JSC and I found the professors to be very accommodating when my children were sick, had snow days, etc. This school is very laid back but they also expect you to do your assignments. Academic Support Services was also a great help, offering tutoring assistance in areas that I needed extra help in, with no additional cost to me. My advisors really cared about me and my progress and never made me feel like they were too busy to speak to me. I also enjoyed the smaller class sizes. If you're looking for a smaller college that offers a laid back atmosphere and challenging course work, this is the school for you.
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