2017 Best Colleges in Utah

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  1. 1

    Brigham Young University

    • Provo, UT
    • 6,827 reviews
    College Junior:This has been a great college experience - it has offered me an insane amount of options compared to other universities, as far as major selection, teacher-student ratio and involvement, clubs, fine arts, community events, service and volunteer opportunities, and research and work experience. Regular on-campus events include weekly speeches from renowned leaders from all religions, institutions, causes, fields, and industries. This is THE place to be for anyone who wants an academically rigorous, culturally diverse experience (in spite of it being attended mostly by white kids) and the local and international connections that a large university has to offer, with the close-knit feeling of a small campus. It will prepare you well for the outside world if you take advantage of all of the resources it has to offer!
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  2. 2

    University of Utah

    • Salt Lake City, UT
    • 3,398 reviews
    Senior:The professors at The U are awesome! They have always fostered individuality, and are great about working with you if life gets in the way of school for a time. There hasn't been one professor that I felt scared of approaching if I have a problem.

    I also love the public transit available to all students (included in student fees) that gets you around campus effectively. Parking can be difficult to find and is expensive for a poor college student, so I appreciate that there's a train that takes me to various points on campus. The train routes are effectively supplemented by shuttles/bus routes, as well.

    The campus is beautiful, and there are several places to study and great resources available to all students. Highly recommended.
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  3. 3

    Westminster College - Utah

    • Salt Lake City, UT
    • 992 reviews
    Junior:I've been attending Westminster for the past two years as a flight operations student and I've enjoyed my life out here in Utah. Academics are really well done and the small class sizes sold me on the school. Food is awful, I won't lie about that. The housing is not bad, especially living over at Westminster On the Draw. The thing is, It's what you make it. I've found that a lot of the people who complain about certain things at the school aren't doing anything to make their experience better. Things don't always get done, but a simple conversation with the faculty and staff at the many offices on campus can change just about anything! In all I love Westminster College.
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  4. 4

    Utah State University

    • Logan, UT
    • 3,840 reviews
    Junior:Utah State is located in the perfect college town! There is a great deal of diversity in people on campus as well as people living in the community. The university is researched based, so the professors actually do research themselves which gives them higher credibility. There are many clubs to join and participate it. Athletic events are very fun as well. Our student fan community called "The HURD" has been rated the best fan section of universities in the nation. Everyone is very friendly and is willing to help you out with almost anything. The atmosphere of the campus is very welcoming. You will feel like you are home when you step onto campus.
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  5. 5

    Southern Utah University

    • Cedar City, UT
    • 1,569 reviews
    Freshman:I love SUU! They are committed to their students and want the best for you. They always have events going, tons of free food and events. They want you to get out there and have fun on top of classes and studying. Their library is brilliantly set up to accommodate all levels of needs and have computers and printers for those (me!) that don't have one at their dorm
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  6. 6

    Utah Valley University

    • Orem, UT
    • 2,565 reviews
    Sophomore:The campus is awesome! It isn't huge, so you can get to different buildings relatively fast. The buildings are, also, all connected so you don't have to walk outside during the winter at all, to get to different buildings. A couple buildings are new and offer great services. The parking is terrible, give yourself a few extra minutes to get to class on time, especially in the winter. So far, all the academic advisers, financial aid advisers, etc., have all been incredibly helpful. All the professors I've had so far have been pretty awesome, they want their students to succeed so they make sure we know the resources offered on campus to help with the subject they teach.
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  7. 7

    Snow College

    • Ephraim, UT
    • 777 reviews
    Freshman:Many extended members of my family have attended this small, unique school known as Snow College. I decided that I would take a few classes from this school as well, since I had heard so much about it! Applying to this college is blissfully simple! The ladies working in the school offices are very friendly and ready to help you whenever you need it. After I signed up, I took a few generals courses this past fall semester, and seemed to do well. The teachers were involved with caring to their many students needs! What a great school, I highly recommend attending Snow College.
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  8. 8

    Weber State University

    • Ogden, UT
    • 1,619 reviews
    Junior:Weber State is wonderful! The professors are incredible and their motives to teach are simply because they want their students to succeed. I feel comfortable asking any of them for help at any time because they publicly express their desire to help in class and they follow through on their word. The social aspect of Weber State University is not widely advertised and many of the students commute to school, however if anyone wants a social life it's not difficult to find one. Everyone is friendly and willing to talk so it's easy to make friends. I have taken classes from other schools and can say that Weber State has by far helped me feel the most successful. I love Weber State and would recommend it to everyone!
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  9. 9

    Independence University

    • Salt Lake City, UT
    • 823 reviews
    Freshman:I love this school so far. They provide all of the tools, equipment, and support necessary to be successful in your academics and career. I have learned a lot since I started and the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I am glad I went with this school!
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  10. 10

    Dixie State University

    • Saint George, UT
    • 688 reviews
    Freshman:Dixie State University has the most accommodating professors, counselors, and administrators around! Everyone is very approachable to you, and are always willing to help you out with whatever your concerns may be! I have been very impressed with them. They make sure that you are where you need to be, when you need to be! Campus life is fabulous, the students are friendly and there are not very many cliques. As a freshman, that was one of my main concerns since I didn't live down south until now. People were excited to add another member to whatever they were up to! The only thing that I would change is their campus food, it could use a beneficial change! GO DSU!!
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  11. 11
    College Sophomore:Instructors are knowledgeable and worked in the field they are teaching in. Career services, books, laptop, tutoring, printing, are all included in the tuition- NO hidden costs! Very friendly staff who love to see you succeed. Very career focused- you can retake classes after you graduate with no cost to you. Most who graduate get a job immediately.
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  12. 12

    University of Phoenix - Utah

    • Salt Lake City, UT
    • 83 reviews
    College Sophomore:I really love my program and I love the classmates I associate with. So far, it is a great program.
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