2017 Best Colleges in Texas

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  1. 1

    Rice University

    • Houston, TX
    • 969 reviews
    Sophomore:Rice is incredible. The people are so friendly and collaborative, and the residential college system gives you an automatic support system and built-in friends/family. While people are smart, the atmosphere is close-knit and not cutthroat, which I've come to realize is hugely important when I hear my friends at other top universities talk about the pressure and competition they suffer through. The academics aren't easy- especially the STEM programs, which are structured to be some of the most rigorous in the country, but that's why we have such a good reputation and ease with post-graduation placements. Compared to other colleges, there's a lot of freedom with social life/partying and distribution requirements. Overall, the campus is beautiful and quality of life (dorms/food/area) very high. I love Rice and wouldn't go anywhere else!
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  2. 2

    University of Texas - Austin

    • Austin, TX
    • 5,376 reviews
    Junior:I love being a student at the University of Texas. It is one of the most renowned public education institutions in the world, and has plenty of activities to be involved in outside of academia. There are countless clubs and organizations on campus, and the surrounding city of Austin is one the best places in the country. However, be warned: it may not be for everyone. With around 50,000+ students, the size can be intimidating to some. I personally enjoy the incredible amount of people I can meet and study with, and the size gives me a nice perspective. There is always something going on on campus; whether it's a basketball game, club fair, jam session, food stand, party - you name it - there is always something close to keep you occupied. Being a musician, living in Ausin and attending UT is the best college experience I could've asked for. Come to UT. Hook 'em Horns!
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  3. 3

    Texas A&M University

    • College Station, TX
    • 6,068 reviews
    Junior:What I like about Texas A&M is that everybody here shares school spirit no matter what your background is. This spirit helps you feel like you are a part of something from the moment you receive your acceptance letter, to the moment you begin your education at the school itself. It is a great school to attend with countless people to help you over any and every obstacle you may face. I can't really think of anything to change, but definitely be prepared to change your wardrobe from various colors, to Maroon and White!
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  4. 4

    Southern Methodist University

    • Dallas, TX
    • 1,350 reviews
    Freshman:SMU is not perfect, nor is any school, but I am so thrilled to be a part of the amazing community here. The campus is beautiful, the professors are world-class, and everyone actually wants to see each student succeed. I am a science student (which SMU is not known for) but I still find myself learning and being challenged as much as my friends at big STEM schools. The Cox business school is unparalleled, the Meadows art school is highly regarded, and a degree from SMU sets you up for a bright future. There is nothing like being so connected to campus through boulevarding (tailgating before football games, a very SMU-experience), being in the MOB (basketball student section), and having access to everything the school has to offer its students. I love SMU and am looking forward to another three amazing years here!
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  5. 5

    Trinity University - Texas

    • San Antonio, TX
    • 657 reviews
    Freshman:I love this school! The academic focus here is strong. We have amazing faculty (ranked #6 in the Nation by WSJ). Professors are extremely accessible and very willing to help you succeed. There are tons of great activities and groups to join. If you don't find something, you can easily start up a new club. This is the most gorgeous campus. Butterflies are all around and we are next to the lovely historic Brackenridge Park, Japanese Tea Garden and the San Antonio Zoo. In recent years, Tigers have won 4 NCAA team championships and 4 individual track and field national titles. There isn't a huge party scene on campus. But we are 5 minutes from the River Walk and there is always something entertaining to do.
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  6. 6

    Baylor University

    • Waco, TX
    • 3,727 reviews
    Alum:Baylor's great professors and resources have helped me get to where I am in the professional world. Dormitories are relatively new, but nearby off-campus housing is a more affordable option. Dining halls provide good food and many options. I've always felt safe on campus.

    Many students come from small Texas towns where they were never exposed to anything outside of their small communities. However, the rising number of out-of-state students enrolling could change that. It is difficult to be engaged in campus life w/o Greek Life especially if that aspect of college does not interest you.

    The resources that Baylor offers outweighs the poor student life at the University. Despite not finding my place at the university, I've developed meaningful relationships with my professors and mentors. I RECOMMEND choosing Baylor University, but only if you are ambitious and truly desire professional success.

    Hope this helps anyone looking into being a Baylor Bear. Sic Em!
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  7. 7

    University of Texas - Dallas

    • Richardson, TX
    • 1,841 reviews
    Sophomore:This school is globally recognized and extremely diverse. There is a strong Chinese, Indian, and LGBT presence, yet our multicultural center supports organizations representing all walks of life. The campus is lively despite there not being a football team. Our basketball teams are our pride. So are our accounting and business degree programs. Wide variety of study abroad opportunities and not a day goes by without a fortune 500 company visiting to recruit. On campus dorms and apartments- you get your own room in both but still get to have roommates. Nearby apartments off campus. Everyone is friendly! Food is also very diverse. Easy to be a vegetarian here. Tuition for texas residents 13,000 a semester. We have professors from Stanford, universities in China and India, from all over, theu can connect you with important people.
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  8. 8

    St. Mary's University - Texas

    • San Antonio, TX
    • 920 reviews
    Sophomore:St. Mary's is an expensive university, but financial aid opportunities are numerous, and their financial aid office is very helpful and understanding. Professors are personable and sincerely invested in student success. Academic advisors encourage involvement in student organizations, which are diverse and welcoming to new members. Overall, the campus community is kind and high-spirited. St. Mary's is a great place to start an academic journey or transfer!
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  9. 9

    Southwestern University

    • Georgetown, TX
    • 529 reviews
    College Sophomore:This school is small enough that you will probably see everyone, both students and staff, at some point even if you don't know their names. If you are very involved on campus (and most people are in one way or another) you will probably get to know a very large portion of the population. Everyone is very friendly, welcoming, and supportive. We overlook our differences, whether they are religious, political, cultural, etc., and respect each other. I think that most people on our campus realize that it is more important to work with people with different ways of thinking in order to have multifaceted conversations rather than striving to impose one's own individual beliefs and opinions on everyone else.

    Teachers are very passionate about what they teach and are very approachable; this also includes our current president who is very open to visitors and loves discussing elaborate topics with students. Students are worldly and well-rounded; most students are not only passionate about their chosen major(s)/minor(s) but also involved in sports and some sort of art form(s) (music, theater, painting, sculpting, photography, etc.).

    Overall, this school is made unique in the fact that it is a community and most members are well-rounded individuals with many interests and passions who enjoy sharing those passions with others. I have felt welcomed from the very first time I set foot here and there is an over whelming amount of places to seek help when you need it.
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  10. 10

    Texas Tech University

    • Lubbock, TX
    • 4,120 reviews
    Senior:I love Texas Tech University. Ever since I was younger, I knew this was the school I would earn my degree from. I am majoring in Landscape Architecture and at first my plan was to transfer over to Architecture after one semester but I absolutely loved the program that I decided to stay and pursue Landscape Architecture. One of the reasons that my career path was influenced was the professors. They are absolutely amazing and I have learned a lot in the two and a half short years i have been there. The campus is pretty big but once you get familiarized with the buildings and the bus routes is pretty easy. Almost everyday day you see clubs, sororities/fraternities, TTU events out by our speech area promoting their clubs and wanting to recruit other people. I would like to see more greenery and I am not just saying that because I am a Landscape Major. Overall I love this university. The academics are great, it has great traditions and who doesn't want to be a red raider!
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  11. 11

    Austin College

    • Sherman, TX
    • 740 reviews
    Sophomore:My experience at Austin College thus far has been great. Yes, I have had ups and downs but that is apart of being a student in college. One of the greatest things about Austin College is the relationship you can build with your professors. Since Austin College is a small campus with a small student body, it is very easy to talk to teachers and get help whenever you need it. I have developed a good relationship with all of my teachers and many faculty members who are not teachers. The downfalls of Austin College in my opinion are minor for the most part. The biggest downfall of Austin College is the tuition. The blessing is that the financial aid office is very willing to help everyone out as much as possible. From and academic and social standpoint, overall I would say that the amount that you are paying for tuition is worth it in the end.
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  12. 12

    Texas Christian University

    • Fort Worth, TX
    • 1,389 reviews
    Freshman:So far my experience at TCU has been amazing! The atmosphere the faculty and students create is so welcoming and makes you feel right at home. I enjoy the size of the school as well as the location, it is a smaller university, but is located in a large city. There are always activities available to the students and tons of free merchandise and food, which is awesome for college students. The entire faculty is also one of the best features of the school, because they do everything they can to make sure you succeed and achieve your goals. TCU is also has a great athletic program and all the sporting events are free for students, unlike some schools where you have to purchase passes. All the facilities on campus are of the highest quality and have the best equipment regardless of the building. Its an incredible school and it would be a great choice for any student looking to join the horned frog family.
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  13. 13

    University of Houston

    • Houston, TX
    • 5,340 reviews
    Senior:The University of Houston is a great option for any student seeking a great education at an affordable price. This institution has much to offer, research opportunities abound and the administration is always very receptive to the students. It is nice to see the campus getting renovations (new dorms and football stadium) and new amenities to boost student pride! The University of Houston is on an upswing and I can only foresee it gaining higher status in the years to come. The only thing I would like to see improved is more student parking availability!
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  14. 14

    University of Dallas

    • Irving, TX
    • 438 reviews
    Senior:I like the strong academics at this university as well as the friendly and fun atmosphere in the community of students. There seems to be a place for everyone. The location of the school is excellent. It is situated in Irving Texas (which I love Irving!) and is 20 minutes outside of Dallas. The school offers a "once in a lifetime" study abroad experience in Rome, Italy. I highly recommend this study abroad program- you will not regret going to study and travel in Europe for a semester!
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  15. 15

    University of North Texas

    • Denton, TX
    • 4,800 reviews
    Junior:The University of North Texas is an extremely friendly and welcoming environment! From your first week here all the way until graduation you are seen as part of the mean green team. The professors on this campus can be difficult, especially in the science fields, but they are willing to work with the students to provide them a great experience in the classroom. Although I find this campus and its academics excellent I am a friend of the environment and some this University needs to cut back on electricity usage. I have seen motion sensitivity lights installed which help reduce pollution but they could cut the amount of electricity being used by turning off televisions not in use in the hallways as well as turning off accessory lighting during the day time some of the buildings are able to use a majority of natural light. Aside from the environment, community here will accept you with open arms, the diversity seen on this campus through organizations and events is outstanding.
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  16. 16

    Texas State University

    • San Marcos, TX
    • 5,183 reviews
    Freshman:I will be attending Texas State University in the fall of 2017 and I could not be more excited. The campus life is so much fun and there is so much to do both on and off campus. The river flows right through the center of campus which provides a place to get away when you're feeling stressed. With the town square less than 10 minutes away from the center of campus, you will never be bored. There are tons of organizations on campus and everyone is sure to find a place they belong. Although the amount of hills might seem daunting at first, it's actually a great way to get exercise in without even trying! Overall, I would have to say that Texas State is one of the most unique and special colleges in Texas.
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  17. 17

    LeTourneau University

    • Longview, TX
    • 608 reviews
    Freshman:I love LeTourneau University! The small size allows me to be close with my professors. I know the head of the Mechanical Engineering department, and he often invites me and a few other students to visit his house down the street for Korean food, because he knows I love kimbab. I have gotten close with the people in my dorm. LeTourneau has challenged me, but also it has allowed me to be more comfortable in my own skin than I have ever been. I have grown spiritually, personally, professionally, and academically.
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  18. 18

    Saint Edward's University

    • Austin, TX
    • 1,082 reviews
    Freshman:St. Ed's is a pretty great place. I love how it's a "small school" which allows me to interact with my teachers better. The people are great, the campus is gorgeous - it'll be even more so after the new apartment complex is done and main building is finished being restored! The only downside is that there's not much of a party scene since there's no Greek life on campus.
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  19. 19

    Remington College - Dallas

    • Garland, TX
    • 147 reviews
    College Junior:The teachers are very engaging and persuade student to keep on attending. With the smaller classes teacher are willing to help students who struggle and are willing to stay after class to help students.
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  20. 20

    Dallas Baptist University

    • Dallas, TX
    • 845 reviews
    College Sophomore:I love Dallas Baptist because it is truly a Christ-centered school. We pray before starting the class, most classes have a devotional before lecturing and the professors are extremely personable, offering you their help whenever you need it. The professors know you by name and really care about you and your success. Most of them will even give you their cell phone numbers to reach out if you ever need help or have questions! DBU hosts some pretty fun events and there are a lot of ways to get involved through clubs, organizations, Greek life, intramurals, etc. I would definitely choose to attend DBU again if I had to do it over. I've enjoyed my experience here!
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  21. 21

    Abilene Christian University

    • Abilene, TX
    • 1,183 reviews
    Sophomore:ACU is a great school! Being an out of state student is intimidating, but ACU makes it easy to get connected, and I'm so thankful for the college experience I've had so far. The academics are rigorous, but the professors actually care about you and I have weekly meetings with my professors to go over things and get help. Abilene can definitely be boring at times, especially freshman year, but joining a social club or getting involved in volunteering or intramurals really changes everything and now I wish I had more free time.
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  22. 22

    University of St. Thomas - Texas

    • Houston, TX
    • 568 reviews
    Freshman:This university is actually pretty awesome. Despite the not-so-great food selection, everything else is great! The moment you step on campus, everyone is super nice and welcoming. The fact that it's a small school (which means small class sizes) makes it very easy to develop a close relationship with your professors! The classes are all academically demanding, so as long as you try and do your work, you should be fine! Student life is pretty good as the RA's and CA's, as well as the clubs and organizations around school, come up with some fun events and activities that everyone can enjoy! It honestly is very easy to make friends, especially if you live in the dorms. UST offers some great academic programs and they are very generous when awarding scholarships. Overall, the University of St. Thomas is a great school. As with every school, it does have its pros and cons, but all-in-all, your time spent here is going to be well worth it.
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  23. 23

    Stephen F Austin State University

    • Nacogdoches, TX
    • 2,338 reviews
    Freshman:I am in my second semester at Stephen F Austin University pursuing a degree in Pre-Dentistry. SFA has really challenged me to stay focused and devote the adequate amount of time to my studies. I'm a fairly smart student that didn't have any issues with Pre AP, Advanced, and Dual Credit high school courses so I figured I would be challenged but should not have any real issues with keeping up with my college studies. I am currently in the Honors Program and let me tell you, SFA does not cut any corners. You will definitely be educated upon graduation!
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  24. 24

    Texas Wesleyan University

    • Fort Worth, TX
    • 374 reviews
    College Sophomore:The professors here make this university what it is. They are helpful, and they care about each and every student they have. The fact that this university is a lot smaller than most, makes it feel like a family. While walking around campus, you can smile and wave at anyone, and they will do the same to you. You share classes with at least one or two people. Everyone knows everyone, and it makes things a lot more fun and a lot less stressful on new students! If I could, I would stay at Texas Wesleyan forever. The atmosphere is very welcoming, and there is not one person who will turn you away if you need help!
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  25. 25
    Freshman:The campus is small enough that being late to a class is never an issue (unless you sleep through your alarm, which is more of a personal problem). The students are quite varied, but they're all friendly so feeling out of place will only last for a week, and the professors and staff are quite knowledgeable so the classes are challenging yet understandable. If I had to change one thing, it would be that the macaroni-and-cheese would taste less like blue-box mac and more like homemade mac.
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