2017 Best Colleges in Rhode Island

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  1. 1

    Brown University

    • Providence, RI
    • 917 reviews
    College Freshman:Professors, even in large lecture classes, are always approachable and friendly. They are open to extensions when asked and even small talk. However, with the amount of time you have with each professor (this also depends on the size of the class) it's unlikely for you to become very friendly with any teachers throughout college unless you take initiative.

    Classes can range from 7 people to 200. There are a variety of options, usually intro classes are big while seminars, language classes, and specific topic classes are smaller. With large classes there is an immense amount of TAs that are always available to help. They also run review/discussion sections to allow students to ask specific questions and get advice from experts who already aced the class.

    Most classes, in the humanities, make you do a lot of reading, have a smaller discussion section, and then 2-4 big assignments like midterms, finals, essays, take home exams, etc.

    The variety of courses speaks for itself. There are too many choices and they are all interesting!
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  2. 3

    Providence College

    • Providence, RI
    • 733 reviews
    College Senior:Providence College, located in Providence, Rhode Island is a relatively small campus with around 5,000 undergrad. What makes it special going to a school this size, is that you will always see a familiar face when you are walking on campus. Providence has so much to offer and has so many clubs and activities for students to get involved with! PC is also located only a few minutes from downtown Providence and Federal Hill, which are main attractions for this small state! Nightlife at PC is also fun, and there are plenty of bars to head too in the city and there is even a bar on campus!
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  3. 4

    Bryant University

    • Smithfield, RI
    • 977 reviews
    Sophomore:Bryant University was a school that I chose based on the outstanding academic program that they had for Actuarial Mathematics Majors and the fact that my father attended the university himself. Lead by President Machtley, Bryant should be considered one of the up and coming business schools in the country. The President has made great strides to the school including new dorms and academic facilities for everyone to use. The only thing that could use a bit of improvement is the food program. Options tend to be limited sometimes and the main dining hall, while improving, is still not the best. The campus itself is a beautiful place to be at as the campus is gorgeous. The area around Bryant is great as it is right next to Providence and only an hour from Boston. The professors are mostly good as Bryant seems to pride themselves on having a great staff as there has not been one bad professor I would not recommend.
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  4. 5

    Roger Williams University

    • Bristol, RI
    • 822 reviews
    Alum:It's a great day to be a Hawk! I enjoyed my time at RWU. 95% of the professors I've had at this school are just incredible people and so full of knowledge. I loved the classes I took and most were pretty engaging. Commons though... the dining hall is actually really good. Some meals were a little iffy, but usually you could count on Commons to have some really good, hearty and healthy meals that definitely don't feel like your typical college food. Athletics is alright. I worked in athletics and liked watching our teams play, but they're not exactly a gathering point. I'd say school spirit is a little lacking in that manner. The location of the schools is so great. Right on the bay and the view of the bridge never gets old. But the wind and rain is real. It's 30 minutes from Newport which is so nice in the summer, early fall, and spring. It's also 30 minutes from Providence. Bristol itself is a nice quaint town, and Colt State Park is a great place to study.
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  5. 6

    University of Rhode Island

    • Kingston, RI
    • 2,114 reviews
    Freshman:University of Rhode Island; one of the biggest schools coming from the country's smallest state. If URI isn't in your top schools, then it should be. This university offers an amazing experience for anybody who decides to take their next life steps on to our campus. You'll never feel out of place here, the amount of diversity from student to student amazes me. With students from all ends of the country, and even the farthest parts of the earth, you are accepted no matter what your background may be. Along with the amazing students, the things to do are endless! We have clubs, sports, Greek life, and so much more. Now for the most important aspect, academics. URI has so much to offer for any career path you may want to pursue, the staff we have here is incredible and they will do anything to make sure that you are on your best track to success. School is our top priority here and our student body does everything we can to ensure that it stays that way.
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  6. 7

    Salve Regina University

    • Newport, RI
    • 648 reviews
    College Sophomore:So far my experience at Salve Regina has been amazing. I've loved getting to know the other nursing students and having a nursing advisor. My school hosts a lot of community service activities and has a lot of clubs, which make the school great and the people are really outgoing and care for the community. My school is beautiful, and is unique because we live in and around some of the Newport mansions, and are just a few feet away from the ocean! I would stick with my school if I were to choose again, because I always have fun, have made life long friends, and am confident in becoming a nurse straight from graduating.
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  7. 8

    New England Institute of Technology

    • East Greenwich, RI
    • 342 reviews
    Freshman:This is my first semester at NEIT and I couldn't love it more. Beautiful and up kept buildings. Professional professors who love what they are teaching and have a degree in that subject. All of the students are nice and welcoming. Definitely recommend and if you go to every class and do different things.. the price is worth it! They have so many different free services for students such as tutoring by professors, career services where they make your resume and help you with interviews, transportation etc. I LOVE NEIT!!
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  8. 9

    Johnson & Wales University

    • Providence, RI
    • 2,587 reviews
    Freshman:Johnson & Wales is a unique university that gives its students a myriad of sources to help them achieve whatever your heart desires. From sponsorships from local businesses and alumni that help students develop and launch new products and companies, to internal and external internships. It is clear that this is a university that looks out for its students and only wants the absolute best for them. Being a culinary school, the food here is excellent. There are so many meal plan options and a variety of food choices whether you are a vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher, and they cater to food allergies well. No complaints here!
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  9. 10

    Rhode Island College

    • Providence, RI
    • 871 reviews
    Freshman:Rhode Island College is great! It's not perfect, but no college is. However, being a freshman, my transition from high school to college has been great. Most professors are super helpful and really like to challenge you. Campus safety is a goal that Rhode Island College strives to make their students feel. There is always RIC security driving through campus and many emergency push buttons all over. Which makes you feel very safe. The campus is small and beautiful and gives a home feeling like no other college I looked into. I am a commuter so I can not say what it is like living on campus. However the one downfall the college has is not enough parking spaces...Like ever. The school is mostly a commuter school which is cool, but parking can be horrendous depending on the time you have classes. Even with that one downfall RIC is an amazing school and I absolutely recommend looking into it!
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