2017 Best Colleges in Oklahoma

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  1. 1

    University of Tulsa

    • Tulsa, OK
    • 575 reviews
    Sophomore:The University of Tulsa is a good school with high standing. Of the schools that make up the university, I can speak of the ENS and A&S schools, which both had a very good and helpful counseling staff. I will say the university made the switch between colleges very easy, and this year has been extremely successful.
    One issue I had with The University of Tulsa was that some of the professors organized their curriculum poorly so that study was difficult, and learning became very unintuitive or stressful in some classes. Less of this happened in the Arts and Science college, but it's still something to look out for.
    The other issue I ran into was with getting transcripts and other official documents for outside scholarships. Deadlines were a real struggle to organize at times, and some services do not have very clear instructions.
    All in all, a good school with few problems!
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  2. 2

    Oklahoma State University

    • Stillwater, OK
    • 2,909 reviews
    Sophomore:At Oklahoma State University everyone is made to feel like family from the classrooms, to the football games, to the student life events. The library has plenty of resources, such as printers, computers, tutoring centers and it even offers private rooms to reserve for group studies. With so many clubs offered it is almost too hard to choose! The student union is the heart of the campus and a great gathering place for all. With all the team spirit and cowboy pride Oklahoma State University can turn anyone into a Cowgirl or Cowboy! Go Pokes!
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  3. 3

    University of Oklahoma

    • Norman, OK
    • 2,535 reviews
    Freshman:I came from a rural area and was concerned about being on such a large campus. OU provides so many opportunities for students to meet. I also found organizations that provide ways to participate on campus and make new friends. OU provides great professors that work to ensure students' success. I live in the athletic dorms, I am not an athlete. They are required to have a percentage of non-athletes in the dorm. I feel very safe and the accommodations are great! We have our own cafeteria in the dorm and there is a great variety of healthy food to choose from. I would recommend the University of Oklahoma to everyone looking for a great college experience.
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  4. 4

    Oral Roberts University

    • Tulsa, OK
    • 1,228 reviews
    Sophomore: Classes are easy and teachers are nice! Of course there are some who aren't, but the nice ones are more prevailing. The only thing is if you transfer in anything be persistent about registrar's and admissions to actually let those credits transfer in. Also be aware that there is class fees they don't tell you about until you are half way in the semester and you can't register for next semester. So basically be prepared for "adulting" A LOT right off the bat(I mean its college so you had to know that was coming). Also make sure to get a whole bunch of scholarships so you can not fret about financial stuff and enjoy the college life and things like partyfestival,the random dancing events, and (if you live on campus) the brother-sister wing events(which are totally awesome and a great way to connect and socialize)! Also best meal plan to get is the 10 days a week and $350 sodexo bucks because it literally lasts you a semester and saga(cafeteria) is on and off good with food!
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  5. 5

    Oklahoma City University

    • Oklahoma City, OK
    • 543 reviews
    Senior:Oklahoma City University is rapidly becoming the leader of the arts in the South/Southwest. Class sizes are small, and curriculum is molded to you. The music education department has exploded within the past 4 years with the addition of Dr. Michael Raiber on faculty, a national and leading expert in the field. The program is breaking new grounds working hand-in-hand with the extraordinary El Sistema Oklahoma, and the program is supported by the state's most prolific Collegiate National Association for Music Education (CNAfME) chapter.
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  6. 6

    Oklahoma Baptist University

    • Shawnee, OK
    • 616 reviews
    College Sophomore:OBU is a wonderful, Christ-centered school with a small world feel. The professors are both personable and dedicated to their students. Oklahoma Baptist university has a way of making its students quickly feel like home, while offering many opportunities to travel with Mission work all around the world. The university is great with connecting and helping the Shawnee community with multiple organizations working through mission Shawnee. I have personally been involved in a few of these organizations my freshman year and fell in love with both the Christ following leaders and the Shawnee community as a whole.
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  7. 7

    Southwestern Oklahoma State University

    • Weatherford, OK
    • 474 reviews
    Junior:As a transfer student, I found this college not only a good place to transfer to, but superior in every way from the previous college I went to! The campus feels more inviting and open, settled in a safe environment, with great classes and professors, and getting the best education for a fair cost! Though the dorms and food are fine, they could be better, and if you're someone that likes to party, then don't be too impressed, since you either gotta go off campus, or be in some sort of academic club or nerd group to party. Overall, it's a must choose for anyone going into college!
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  8. 8

    Oklahoma Christian University

    • Edmond, OK
    • 575 reviews
    Niche User:At Oklahoma Christian University everyone is like a big happy family. Students from all over the country move to Edmond Oklahoma to study at Oklahoma Christian University. You get your money's worth because the classroom environment is smaller so there's more one on one with the professor. They have recently added a Chick Fil A and Alfredo's Tex-Mex to the food facility, and will soon have a coffee shop and a new cafeteria. During labs students are able to do hands-on work instead of having a TA demonstrate the procedure. OC is truly home.
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  9. 9
    Alum:The school has all the benefits of a private college with the public college prices. The atmosphere is great. The people and staff at the university are all friendly and have you in their best interest. There are a ton of opportunities for you to be involved on campus as well. All in all, USAO is a fantastic school!
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  10. 10

    Southern Nazarene University

    • Bethany, OK
    • 246 reviews
    Freshman:At first, I wasn't feeling too comfortable about SNU. Then, After being here for a couple months I actually really enjoy it. The meal plans are great. They know college kids can eat so offer us free food with two different cafes. The size is a really good part as well, You are close to all your professors and classmates and are able to get help during office hours. The events the campus throws is a great experience as well. They always have fun games around campus where you can meet new people and build a bigger friend group. The library is a good spot on our campus for essays or homework or to study. A two story building that has different zones for your need. A quiet zone, And a normal zone. It never really seems like a hangout spot until you and your friends go and get some Starbucks (Which I just started drinking this year) and study for hours. Overall, it is a great school, with great people and I love it.
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  11. 11

    University of Central Oklahoma

    • Edmond, OK
    • 1,427 reviews
    Freshman:So far my experience at the University of Central Oklahoma has been AMAZING! What I really like about the University is that everyone there will make you feel so comfortable your first time being there. It's so diverse and all the staff is so friendly and helpful! However, one thing that I would hope they change is the food, maybe more varieties and healthier choices. Don't get me wrong, the food is good. It just needs a little improvements. Overall, the University of Central Oklahoma is a great college! I would recommend this school to anyone who not only wants a nonforgettable college experience but also somewhere they can feel at home.
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  12. 12
    College Senior:I am an older (45) returning student who finds college much harder now than when I was younger. Due to life restraints I found myself unable to complete my degree when I was younger. I took an 8 week Ogle Beauty School course and became a nail specialist. At the time, I thought that would be my part-time career while I completed college. It is now 24 years later and my nail specialist career has served me very well. It allowed me to raise my son as a single mother and see him graduate from high school in 2013, work full time at an insurance company, and now be enrolled full time in college. I am extremely proud of that accomplishment, as he is a fine young man and a productive member of society. Since he is now on his own, I can concentrate on completing my Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences. I would very much like to teach special needs children in the lower grades.
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  13. 13

    Northeastern State University

    • Tahlequah, OK
    • 776 reviews
    College Sophomore:I'm still a freshman, but so far I have loved every course I've taken. The professors make seemingly boring topics extremely interesting. They're the best at what they do and their classroom personalities, although very diverse, are genuine and positive. Class sizes are usually small enough to where you can get one on one help whenever you need it. It's very traditional, which is nice and makes me feel more at home. There are a variety of courses offered at our school, which makes choosing a minor difficult, but I love the options!
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  14. 14

    St. Gregory's University

    • Shawnee, OK
    • 72 reviews
    College Freshman:The small community makes for great personable relationships with professors. The course quality is fair, some classes aren't as serious as others. Most professors take pride in their given class and help students push towards their goals. Class sizes are small with personal style.
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  15. 15

    Oklahoma Wesleyan University

    • Bartlesville, OK
    • 210 reviews
    College Junior:The faculty is amazing. They are helpful, kind, and intelligent. They want to help every student in anyway possible. It is a private Christain school and they make sure to incoporate religion into every class. The campus is beautiful and you feel safe when you are on it. The school has multiple resources avaliable to every student to make sure they have the best chance at succeeding. The School truley cares about every single one of the students on campus, we are not just another number. I would definitely choose my school again. I love the atmosphere here and my professors are amazing.
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  16. 16

    Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City

    • Oklahoma City, OK
    • 290 reviews
    Freshman:OSU-OKC is a wonderful school! They offer so many opportunities in college courses in a small environment. The online courses are very helpful for those interested in getting a degree from home. The staff, teachers and counselors are very eager to make your college experience a good one. This is my first time going back to school in over 30 years and I am encouraged by all the help I have received.
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  17. 17
    College Junior:OSUIT is a great 2 year college. They have many courses to choose from. The associate degree and credits are easy to transfer to completing a bachelors. They offer a few bachelor programs as well. I chose this school because of the price. You can't beat it. Get a great education and save money! Overall, great campus and atmosphere.
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  18. 18

    Mid-America Christian University

    • Oklahoma City, OK
    • 234 reviews
    Freshman:I chose MACU after I felt like God had called me to play softball here. I spent many sleepless nights towards the end of my senior year praying that God would give me a vision for the next few years of my life. Softball drew me here, but the Lord has kept me here. My experience at MACU is similar to most people's experience at MACU I love, the Love. At MACU I feel the presence of the Lord everywhere I go, whether it be the place or the people. I believe that God is love, and when you feel or see God in places you began to love them, along with the people.
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  19. 19
    College Sophomore:Except for a few bad teachers I'm so excited that I decided to be a student at this college! The dorms are definitely old school and the cafe isn't the best place to eat. Almost every teacher that I've had has been extremely wonderful and understanding!
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  20. 20

    Cameron University

    • Lawton, OK
    • 680 reviews
    College Junior:The classes are usually 25 to 40 students, which makes it great for student/professor involvement. The professors/instructirs want to see you succeed and offer up any help. The school offers tutoring and online sources. I love it!
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  21. 21

    East Central University

    • Ada, OK
    • 462 reviews
    Freshman:I'm a freshman here at ECU. My girlfriend is a sophomore and my mother attended here as well as many of my friends. Its a great small school and I've lived in the town for most of my life. What I want to see change is to show us what to do. As freshmen we are required to take a 5 week course to help us know people and get around but who shows us how to get through the lunch lines? Who shows us how to fill out a nurse form? Who explains how to get where you need to go or which dorm halls are known for /extra/ rowdy boys? They don't teach us this and unless you luck out and bring a friend to school with you, or you're even luckier and make some new friends, no one shows you the ropes. And you get in trouble for not knowing. It's intimidating, overwhelming, and a tad ridiculous.
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  22. 22

    Rogers State University

    • Claremore, OK
    • 442 reviews
    College Senior:Some of the courses challenged me to work with people in teams. Some of the courses also challenged me to think like the professors, especially when answering their test questions. Many of the professors come from different parts of the United States and from other countries. This introduces students to different mentalties or ways of thinking. I am impressed how diffrent academic subjects seemed to complment one another, as though they were mapped out. I would defntely choose my college again!
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  23. 23

    Southwestern Christian University

    • Bethany, OK
    • 129 reviews
    Junior:I like the student to professor ratio. It gives us students more individual time with the professor if need be.
    I like the diversity of the students. An estimated 30% of the students are forgieners. Also also like the location. SWCU is just on the outskirts of downtown OKC, located in Bethany. With only a 15 minute drive, one could find themselves at the front door of the Chesapeake Areana, home of the Thunder. There's quite a lot to do in OKC. Ones first impression may say that the city is small and scattered, but if you look hard enough there is great things there. Same with SWCU. The opportunities that SWCU off are just about limitless. The relationship one might build with fellow students, could be some of the most important ones in life. Who knows when one might need to travel to London, South Africa, or Victoria Australia, to make a business deal?
    Great school in my opinion. You just have to look deeper and find the great things within.
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  24. 24
    Junior:Here at OPSU the teachers are great and get to know everyone on a first name basis. They actually care about your well-being and are concerned for student progress. Class size is relatively small which is great so that your questions are more likely to get answered. We have great agriculture, art, and computer information systems programs here. The people that attend here are outgoing, friendly, and courteous. It is easy to find friends here. We have a great set of apartments and our dorms are actually getting redone this year so they will be real nice as well. The only downside to coming here is that there is not really much to do besides hang out and go watch movies. There are not any restaurants in this town and the nearest place to get groceries is ten miles away. So definitely keep that in mind if you plan on coming here but do not let that stand in the way of your decision.
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  25. 25
    College Senior:The only downfall is that the campus is held within a property rental contract with Tulsa International airport since 1928. Repairs take TIME. Current administration has their hands tied and they DO care about the campus. There were some idiots occupying financial aid and had put a bad taste in a lot of our mouths. Since I started in Feb 2015, current admin has canned basically the whole dept. 3 seperate times which to me, with corporate business exp. Is awesome because they heard of the issue, witnessed it and acted on it. The president Mr. Haynes, has for a fact noticed financially stretched students and has personally made sure that they have a full fridge and hygenic products on his own accord. WOW. They have had a few greedy owners in the past but Spartan is changing for the absolute best. Stinks by the time they are all done I will be long gone but invaluable to see this positive administrative involvement. Majority of the negative reviews are from whiney immature overgrown babies that cant see positive in action and these things cant happen overnight. 9.9/10 tuition is not a burden here but a smart investment.
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