2017 Best Colleges in North Dakota

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  1. 1

    North Dakota State University

    • Fargo, ND
    • 1,040 reviews
    College Sophomore:I have had many classes that I LOVED, a majority being classes involving my major. I'm not going to lie, there are those few general courses that you need to take that are pretty brutal and boring, but if you put yourself in the right mindset they always turn out okay! Class size can be scary when it comes to generals but if you go to your professor's office hours when you need help you will typically find what you are looking for. Also, make sure you balance your work load so you don't become overwhelmed.
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  2. 2

    University of Jamestown

    • Jamestown, ND
    • 138 reviews
    College Senior:University of Jamestown is a unique college with absolutely amazing and smart staff that will teach you and give you all you need for your journey to success! My major was computer science and I have only positive feedback to leave in here. Professors are helpful and smart, athletics are wonderful. I played soccer in here and we had almost all international students in my soccer team, from all around the world including Russia, Germany, England, Australia, D.R. Congo, Mexico, Brazil and etc... Housing is the best with big variety of choices.
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  3. 3

    University of North Dakota

    • Grand Forks, ND
    • 919 reviews
    Freshman:Moving to college is a nervous experience. You are excited to start this new adventure before you, but you are leaving your family and friends behind. Being at the University of North Dakota, I could not imagine myself anywhere else. I love the atmosphere, classmates, and my professors. The professors truly care about you and your willingness to succeed. They are there to help you in any way possible to accomplish that goal or grade in the class. The college activities around campus are in perfect distance for those who do not have vehicles. Everyone is very welcoming and genuine about who you are. It is a great place to study, learn, and have fun!
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  4. 4

    Valley City State University

    • Valley City, ND
    • 89 reviews
    College Sophomore:My overall experience at Valley City State University has been very good so far. Quite a few of my family are alumni from Valley City State University and have had great experiences from VCSU. They talk highly of VCSU and feel that they have received a good education. I really like the small size and the feeling of a small community where you are a name and not a number. It is a college where it is affordable and most professors seem to care about you and if you are in class of not. My favorite experiences are it has been easy to make true friends, be involved, and not feel overwhelmed with the size. If I would have to choose again I still would stick with VCSU because it is a great school.
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  5. 5

    Minot State University

    • Minot, ND
    • 342 reviews
    Junior:Minot State University is an awesome university with a small, close knit classrooms and a fun, interactive college activities. I really recommend people to check this place out!
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  6. 6

    Dickinson State University

    • Dickinson, ND
    • 88 reviews
    College Junior:One thing that makes my school unique is the classes are a nice size, which makes the teachers a lot more available to help their students. I would choose this school again because the teachers really care about their students graduating.
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  7. 7

    University of Mary

    • Bismarck, ND
    • 336 reviews
    Freshman:Overall, the University of Mary is a great school. They have a very strong health sciences program. I enjoy most of my professors and I absolutely love my classmates and friends. I am an athlete here and you have to really work hard to manage your time between school and a sport. The professors work hard to connect with you and so does all the staff. Oh! You can't forget the most amazing very that you get over looking the river, and star gazing at night is great. The community of Bismarck is so welcoming and really supportive of the school.
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  8. 8

    Mayville State University

    • Mayville, ND
    • 119 reviews
    Junior:I have had a wonderful experience with Mayville State! The instructors for Early Childhood classes are very resourceful and helpful!
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  9. 9

    Bismarck State College

    • Bismarck, ND
    • 127 reviews
    College Junior:BSC is pretty cheap compared to the other schools in North Dakota. The teachers here are really nice and they seem to care about their students. There is free ice cream in Wednesdays and Fridays in the cafeteria, and sometimes there are other special events involving food including: Kuchen for Oktober fest, free brownies, and during the warmer months, someone will grill hot dogs for everyone.

    I just wish I would have waited a year before entering school so I could have really thought about what I wanted to study in college.
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