2017 Best Colleges in New Hampshire

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  1. 1

    Dartmouth College

    • Hanover, NH
    • 652 reviews
    College Junior:Although Dartmouth has its problem, I've had an amazing time. I've grown as a person in so many respects, learned so much about my field, and have had the opportunity to study abroad twice.
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  2. 2

    University of New Hampshire

    • Durham, NH
    • 2,404 reviews
    College Sophomore:I LOVE UNH. It's been a phenomenal time so far, and I feel like I've really found myself a home. There are opportunities for everyone with many different interest, and it's a really great community to be a part of. 10/10 would reccomend
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  3. 3

    Saint Anselm College

    • Manchester, NH
    • 498 reviews
    College Junior:Our professors are fantastic. The registration process is horrible. The registrar isn't very helpful and they get very annoyed when you need their help to get into a class.
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  4. 4
    College Sophomore:The biology major is extremely welcome at UNH Manchester. There is always someone to help with homework, and all of the required classes for this major are offered. I love being a Bio major at UNH.
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  5. 5

    Southern New Hampshire University

    • Manchester, NH
    • 1,917 reviews
    College Sophomore:I love how my school counselor and my professors get to know me, and help me as much as they can. It is really easy to navigate around my school website, and the classes are great.
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  6. 6

    Colby-Sawyer College

    • New London, NH
    • 435 reviews
    College Freshman:We have great teachers that graduated from Princeton and Datmouth,but our ranking for academics is low. It is mainly because a lot of kids come here that do not care about school at all and just want to party. Many drop out because they expected it to be easier. It is COLLEGE, it's not going to be easy.
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  7. 7

    Plymouth State University

    • Plymouth, NH
    • 782 reviews
    College Sophomore:When people say that PSU is a huge party school, they're not joking. All anybody at this school wants to do is drink, smoke and pop pills. I would constantly find empty alcohol cans in the stairwells and halls of my dorm. I spent many sleepless nights here because of music bumping through the walls until the early hours of the morning. I'm not going to say the school is horrible, it just wasn't for me.
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  8. 8

    Keene State College

    • Keene, NH
    • 776 reviews
    College Sophomore:I honestly love my professors they are regularly available and are great at what they do. Sure there are some duds out there but just get to know which professors you like and those you don't also check out their ratings.
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  9. 9

    Rivier University

    • Nashua, NH
    • 378 reviews
    College Sophomore:Business program has a nice 5 year mba program, the workload is not too crazy, however some of the required classes to graduate are obsolete and do not make any sense to take.
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  10. 10

    Daniel Webster College

    • Nashua, NH
    • 82 reviews
    College Sophomore:Over all my Experience with this college is greta, they show to have great resources and excellence on making sure students are aware with everything when you are signing up for something.
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  11. 11

    Hesser College

    • Manchester, NH
    • 79 reviews
  12. 12

    Franklin Pierce University

    • Rindge, NH
    • 474 reviews
    College Senior:New England College is a small liberal arts school in New Hampshire. It's unique in the way that everybody knows everybody and there are really no secrets there. I would have chose NEC again but I also wish I would have looked into schools that are farther away to obtain new experiences and immerse myself in a different environment. I think that my school was great because the teachers really got to connect with students since it was not a big university. The smaller class sizes allowed for more one on one time, a better learning experience and an overall more accepted feeling in my school.
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  13. 13

    Granite State College

    • Concord, NH
    • 120 reviews
  14. 14

    New England College

    • Henniker, NH
    • 269 reviews
    College Sophomore:Small school with few people. The food isn't very good an if you want to party this school isn't for you. If you go to a party, make sure you know you may get arrested. Easy to make your close friends and keep them with you. Classes aren't overly difficult, but not easy either. Average liberal arts college.
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