2017 Best Colleges in Nebraska

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  1. 1

    Creighton University

    • Omaha, NE
    • 925 reviews
    Freshman:The professors here are great! They are always available to help students with homework, papers, or any of the material. They really encourage you to go to their office and speak about past exams or current material. They really make time through e-mail as well throughout the weekend. They really care! There are also multiple resources here to help you with academics such as, tutoring, group work, supplemental instruction, etc.
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  2. 2

    University of Nebraska - Lincoln

    • Lincoln, NE
    • 2,294 reviews
    Freshman:I enjoy the University of Nebraska-Lincoln because of all the available opportunities and the campus lifestyles. Everyone is so polite and even holds doors open! As far as the opportunities go, they're practically endless. I'm high school, I didn't participate in sports or outside organizations, so that was one of my goals when I first arrived at the university. Thankfully, I have been able to find a plethora of organizations and groups to involve myself with, such as; a fraternity, Spanish club, hall government and Scarlett Guard-a networking organization.
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  3. 3

    Nebraska Wesleyan University

    • Lincoln, NE
    • 346 reviews
    Sophomore:Nebraska Wesleyan University is a place that I can call home. When walking to and from classes, the atmosphere is welcoming and safe. All the professors on campus will stop to say hello to you and ask how you are doing. You cannot ask for a more inviting University. When a high school student is struggling to decide where to go to college, I always tell them to take a tour at Nebraska Wesleyan University. My first tour here, I knew that this is where I wanted to go to college. Nebraska Wesleyan might be in the capital city, but once your on campus it feels like you are in your own little town. I would recommend Nebraska Wesleyan University to any in state and out of state high school students. Go Prairie Wolves!
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  4. 4

    Union College - Nebraska

    • Lincoln, NE
    • 315 reviews
    Junior:Their business division is top-notch and the faculty and staff have been my family since the beginning. It's hard not to like your degree when your teachers are cheering you on and constantly doing anything they can to make sure you succeed. The cafe is decent and there are a lot more options compared to other Adventist colleges, as well as, lower prices and discounts on food overall. Although it's a small college, there is something really great about the family atmosphere it delivers. Union College is a great place if you like being involved. There are SO many opportunities to grow and learn outside of just being a student: clubs, sports teams, intramurals, ASB, campus ministries, and more. If you want to be more than just a number at a large university, I would recommend Union College to anyone who wants to have a personalized experience. If you utilize everything that UC has to offer you will be very successful once you leave and your resume will show that.
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  5. 5

    University of Nebraska at Kearney

    • Kearney, NE
    • 561 reviews
    Freshman:I have been at the University of Nebraska at Kearney for one year now and I love it. The size of the town and campus are perfect for getting to know people without getting overwhelmed with too many people. Kearney is also very welcoming to college students and offer great deals around the town. The campus is all within walking distance so getting to class is very easy. The only downside to UNK is the cafeteria food. It has gotten better since I first started here, but it could be better. The dorm rooms are a tad small and outdated, but the way the halls are set up allow for great socializing. So far my experience as a loper has been great!
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  6. 6

    Doane University

    • Crete, NE
    • 299 reviews
    Junior:I love the campus here at Doane university! the amazing trees and grass all around makes me The class size is also really great the most i've ever seen is thirty to a class. This allows the professors to really get to know students on a personal level and it also makes the professors more approachable. I would like to see the campus food options and the town of Crete's food options increase but they are working on it. Overall Doane is a fantastic place to live and i wouldn't change the four years i'm going to spend here for anything.
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  7. 7

    Concordia University - Nebraska

    • Seward, NE
    • 339 reviews
    Recent Alumnus:While it may be in a smaller town, the community is welcoming to college students and gets involved with them. The campus itself is full of amazing people that build lasting and family-like relationships with. They care about you, your faith, and you spend quality time with them quite frequently. Your faith is continually encouraged and supported by all those around you, at chapel, and at the student led evening praise!
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  8. 8

    College of Saint Mary

    • Omaha, NE
    • 177 reviews
    Junior:I love College of Saint Mary in Omaha! The academic staff are wonderful and supportive and treat you with respect and dignity. They are honestly there to help you succeed. Fellow students are amazing as well, it is like a big support group, everyone is there to work hard and accomplish their goals and they truly care about you as a person. The class sizes are just right, you can feel comfortable in group discussions, and the instructors are very open and easy to talk to.
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  9. 9

    University of Nebraska at Omaha

    • Omaha, NE
    • 1,118 reviews
    College Junior:I loved my classes and teachers for the most part, but the social side of my school can be difficult. Its hard to get to know your neighbors in the housing but I know other students in different residence halls have had better luck! My only bad experience at my school is how housing complaints are handled. If I were anything but a straight white female my concerns would be valid. But on the other hand my school is great with international students and has created an open and accepting environment. The camps became smoke free this year and I am very excited!
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  10. 10

    Hastings College

    • Hastings, NE
    • 519 reviews
    Freshman:Hastings college is a particularly great school in the sense of how great the people are. The reason being the teachers let you know what their office hours are and if you aren't able to get into those times they will schedule appointments with you. Then next the campus life they usually during the weekend they would have a event going on over Saturday and Sunday maybe like grocery bag bingo that ran by one of the frats or sorority on campus. The overall campus lifestyle is great and the people at the college are even better.
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  11. 11

    Midland University

    • Fremont, NE
    • 391 reviews
    Sophomore:Midland University has a diverse culture and that's what I like the most about it! Each year Midland continues to grow as a school and as a student body. Everyone knows everyone on campus so there is always support when you need it. Also, I love how the teachers know each student more than just their name. All of the staff truly care about each individual. One thing that I would like Midland to change is the food in the cafeteria. I would like to have healthier options such as salads, sandwiches, fruits, and other healthy foods. I love Midland and I wouldn't want to go to any other school.
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  12. 12

    Wayne State College

    • Wayne, NE
    • 463 reviews
    College Freshman:It has a personal vibe to the whole campus. I wouldn't trade my small college for any of my friends large universities. My school is in a small town, so us college kids get very creative when it comes to activities. My school provides me with a lot of free and fun activities thoughout the year and as a student body we come up with traditions and fun things to keep us busy, like bowling nights, library coffee tables to help kids study and keep awake, rallies and dances, we even had a haunted house this year. My school also comes with a lot of free benefits. I got a free flu shot from student health and whenever my computer crashes, student tech comes quickly to help. I love my school and all of the great people I've met so far!
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  13. 13

    Chadron State College

    • Chadron, NE
    • 322 reviews
    Freshman:So far I have had a good experience here at Chadron State College. So far I have straight A's, which is something I haven't accomplished in quite some time, so gotta give credit to the professors here on campus. One of my complaints about this campus is how they influence the students here to become comfortable, which is why I constantly here about people procrastinating and instead of going to college to challenge their lifestyle, they keep their old ways by dating people back home. I would like if the college at least influenced some sense of urgency. I do like some of the programs the residence advisers plan, as they get a lot of people together and always result in a fun time.
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  14. 14

    Peru State College

    • Peru, NE
    • 229 reviews
    Freshman:I love attending Peru State College. It is a very small campus, which allows for more of a community feel and that is one of the many reasons I really enjoy the school. The smallness of the school is a good fit for me because not only is it more of a community feel, but all of the professors know who you are personally. For example, my major is Vocal Music Education. My class has three students in it, including myself. It gives the professor a greater knowledge about each of us and that makes me feel very comfortable.
    I am a very big fan of my dorm. Eliza Morgan Hall was just renovated in 2012, so the rooms are very new and modern and that makes it feel a lot more like home.
    If there was one thing I could change about Peru, it would probably be the safety of the dorms. There is only an RA in the office two hours a day (7pm-9pm) but there are many people who do not live there, men mostly, that are constantly walking in and out without an escort. It concerns me a little.
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  15. 15

    Bellevue University

    • Bellevue, NE
    • 250 reviews
    Junior:I tried to accomplish my college goals through another university prior to going through Bellevue. My first choice let me down when they refused to help me out with my application and trying to get in to my major. I almost didn't go through with college until I looked in to Bellevue. Right from the start I felt like I was the only student attending and everybody went out of their way to make me feel important. Whenever I have a problem I can always get an immediate answer or a call back that same day. They also check up on me through the school year and see how things are going. I also like my professor as he's knowledgeable and is easily accessible to answer any questions I may have. Bellevue is one of the best colleges in Omaha to attend, especially if you are doing online courses like me. I recommend Bellevue University to friends and coworkers all the time.
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