2017 Best Colleges in Montana

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  1. 1

    Carroll College

    • Helena, MT
    • 434 reviews
    College Senior:Carroll has an unique community. Despite having the disadvantages of going to such a small school, I feel it was the best choice for me. With close connections to professors and a welcoming atmosphere, it is a pleasant place to spend my college years.
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  2. 2
    College Sophomore:Montana Tech is a small school and you get to know a lot of people that way. The classes are smaller so the teacher is able to give one on one time and knows who each student is specifically. The school is prestigious and they want to see everyone succeed so they are accommodating to needs.
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  3. 3

    Montana State University

    • Bozeman, MT
    • 2,033 reviews
    College Junior:The professors know what they are talking about. I've personally never had a TA in any course (gen. ed. courses included) and have always enjoyed my professors. They do all they can to make themselves available to students, even meeting with me at 6 in the morning because of my work schedule.

    There's a wide variety of courses offered, from engineering to film to liberal studies, between 8 colleges there is a great variety of courses offered in class sizes that average around 40 students (my max was 285 and minimum was 4).
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  4. 4

    Rocky Mountain College

    • Billings, MT
    • 291 reviews
    College Freshman:I pretty much get all the classes i want. I like how before you can register, you have to meet with your academic advisor so he can lift the hold that prevents you from registering.
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  5. 5

    University of Montana - Western

    • Dillon, MT
    • 242 reviews
    College Sophomore:There are a lot of Natural Horsemanship majors at this school so you can connect with a lot of people that way. Workload is not huge, but you do learn a lot. The barn facilities where the horses for the program are nice but there are definitely some improvements that could be made.
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  6. 6

    University of Montana

    • Missoula, MT
    • 1,736 reviews
    College Junior:I enjoy the college town aspect of attending the university of Montana. The whole town is obsessed and excited about the university and it can't help but make you excited too!
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  7. 7

    University of Great Falls

    • Great Falls, MT
    • 153 reviews
    College Junior:There is a huge workload when it comes to papers and readings. The major that I have I also have to do in the field work. The program that I am in is great because there is a select amount of professors teaching it so they know what your weakness is and try to help you get over it.
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  8. 8
    College Freshman:This is a good school for a lot of people, I am just not one of them. I would like to be closer to home and attend a college with a more successful pre-med program.
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  9. 10
    College Sophomore:I just have a hard time at the school because some of the teaches are foreign which is extremely difficult, as well as the faculty are not the most helpful most of the time. It gets to be pretty annoying when you have to do everything by yourself with no help or no offer for help.
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