2017 Best Colleges in Montana

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  1. 1

    Carroll College

    • Helena, MT
    • 435 reviews
    Alum:Carroll College is an excellent school if you are serious about your academics and career plan. Carroll is one of those colleges that will make you jump through all the hoops out there if you are not on top of your own career. The teachers are passionate about their studies and all in all a great variety of human beings. Carroll does have a pretentious and religious atmosphere, but that comes from its rich heritage in both. There is a plethora of options for outside activities, sports and clubs. Carroll has excellent outreach and volunteer opportunities.
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  2. 2
    Junior:Being an international student, attending at Montana Tech has made it easy to adapt. The faculty and campus members are very genuine and helpful. Not only that, the professors are sufficient and knowledgeable where I can enhance my knowledge and feel like my money is worth. I really appreciate how Montana Tech is a hands on college, it provides the right experience of what is expected in the industry of interest.
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  3. 3

    Montana State University

    • Bozeman, MT
    • 2,040 reviews
    College Freshman:It's only my first semester, but so far I've absolutely loved it! All the students, teachers, staff, and faculty have been extremely nice and welcoming. The academic advisers have been so helpful in choosing classes. Since I'm currently majoring in Elementary Ed. while taking prerequisites to get into a dental school once I graduate, I know it was a little bit tough for my adviser to help me figure out how to choose classes, but she had me meet with a pre-med adviser as well and both of them have been working together and with me to make sure I'm on track for my major and my prerequisites. The professors are also extremely helpful and will meet with any student whenever possible just to make sure the students do well. They're constantly communicating with the students and reminding them of any important dates, which I hear not many professors at other campuses do.

    I think my school is unique because we have a lot of diversity on campus and there are so many ways for everyone to get involved with our school. I also love the absolutely beautiful view of the mountains we have as well as how beautiful our town, Bozeman, is. It's really something special to know just how supportive everyone who lives in Bozeman is of the students of MSU. They provide us with free public transportation around town and to the ski resorts nearby and so many other things.

    I would absolutely choose this school over any other simply because of how interesting all the courses are, the welcoming environment, and, above all, because it feels like home.
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  4. 4

    Rocky Mountain College

    • Billings, MT
    • 292 reviews
    Freshman:Rocky is a great small school. The professors are incredible. The atmosphere in campus is super inviting and there is always something to do on campus. Class sizes are small which allows for better understanding of the material. Everyone feels safe on campus and there's an overall air of happiness. However, being a small school in Montana, there's not a whole lot of diversity which is kind of a drawback. The food also isn't 5-star by any means, but there's always a ton of options. The residence halls are what you make of it; a lot of people complain about them but really the halls aren't terrible and the Resident Advisors are incredible people and make living on campus so much fun!
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  5. 5

    University of Montana - Western

    • Dillon, MT
    • 242 reviews
    Freshman:Choosing Montana Western was a great choice to easily adjust into a college academic life. While the school is small, the diversity is poor but the academic catalog gave students a variety. The innovative "Block scheduling," allows students to take one, three hour long, class at once. After three weeks of a course, the final exam is given. Throughout a semester, one may do this process over four times to make an equivalent credit earn of an average college student. This scheduling allowed me to focus on one subject at a time. This scheduling was a smooth, stress free transition into college.
    However, with the small student population and rural surrounding town, the student life is lacking. Many students find the school to be hospitable and comfortable, but lonely. Without engaging in illegal activities, the student population may seem of quite a bore.
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  6. 6

    University of Montana

    • Missoula, MT
    • 1,744 reviews
    College Freshman:I will be attending the University of Montana in the Fall. I can't wait! So far the school seems to have a diverse, welcoming, and engaged student body. The smaller campus and engaging faculty have been very welcoming and helpful to guide me towards a field of study. I have sacrificed to save money and work in Montana for the last year so that I could attend the school of my choice. I look forward to being a Griz and carrying on the tradition, as my dad is an alumni of the school. Can't wait to make new friends, start my education to a new and exciting career path, and live in the state that I grew up in until I was in high school. I love Colorado but am so ready to get back to the warm, welcoming people of Montana. It truly is the last best place.--Katherine Gundlach
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  7. 7

    University of Great Falls

    • Great Falls, MT
    • 153 reviews
    Sophomore:This school offers a variety of classes and always has a positive vibe around campus. Not only is the staff is very supportive, but also all of the students, no matter the age of the person. Every building is in easy walking distance and the athletic programs here are great! Overall it has been a great experience.
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  8. 8
    College Freshman:College is going great so far! I love how all the professors know each and every person that walks into his or her class. MSU-N is a really great, friendly school that I would recommend to any of my friends! Great people, great location! All in all I love my choice I made in college and I plan on spending these 4 years happy!
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  9. 9

    Salish Kootenai College

    • Pablo, MT
    • 158 reviews
    Sophomore:I love the fact that Salish Kootenai College is a family based college. You become family as a whole. Getting more involved, engaging in friendships between faculty and other students is very awarding. I love how when I walk through a hall and at least one person knows me by name. I am always smiling at everyone even if they do not smile back. I guess I would like to see this college focus on getting their departments and faculty of who is teaching which subject figured out way before the academic year starts. Other than that, I loved all of my experience at this college. They accept you for you and allow you to make and learn from your mistakes. Great opportunities here and it is really amazing see the faculty so involved with their students.
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  10. 10
    Freshman:As a freshman I experienced an environment at MSUB that was very conducive to learning and provided a decent social atmosphere. MSUB has an amazing staff who's goal truly seems to be helping their students achieve their goals. The university has a good resource network and provides almost everything a student could need in their time spent learning here. The university is set in a nice community that is rather conservative and is actually rather anti-party scene requiring a bit more discretion. Overall I believe that the social environment is one of the biggest areas with room for improvement however I do not believe it's possible until the rest of the community experiences some change.
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