2017 Best Colleges in Mississippi

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  1. 1

    Mississippi State University

    • Mississippi State, MS
    • 1,748 reviews
    College Sophomore:My overall experience at Mississippi State has been great. Coming here has allowed me to grow, meet different people from all over the world, and experience great opportunities with their wonderful organizations. I feel my school is unique because no other college can throw a football game like Mississippi State, no other college could help my growth experience as Mississippi State has, and no other college could provide some of the most carrying faculty as Mississippi State. I would choose Mississippi State University again because being here makes me feel at home!
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  2. 2

    University of Mississippi

    • University, MS
    • 1,850 reviews
    Junior:Ole Miss is teeming with fantastic professors (although, like with most colleges, has room for improvement), and it's not difficult to find extra help when you need it, thanks to many opportunities for tutoring, the helpful professors, and the resources available. It's a bit pricey to attend, but the scholarships offered by the school take care of quite a bit of the tuition. The dining options are currently limited, due to renovations to the Student Union, but there are food options for every taste in the two cafeterias and the various mini-restaurants scattered around campus. Housing at the university is hit-or-miss: many of the dorms are traditional and in need of updates, however there are several new contemporary dorms. The parking situation for both on- and off- campus students is in serious need of improvements. And finally, athletics (particularly football) are a huge part of Ole Miss, and every fall weekend in the Grove is a massive party to show our love for our Rebs!
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  3. 3

    Millsaps College

    • Jackson, MS
    • 202 reviews
    Freshman:Millsaps is a terrific small school. The environment is very welcoming, and you will quickly learn to meet many people on campus and have great academic relationships with professors. The work is tough, especially when you take on many activities (as many students do), but it is so worth the experience. There are also many opportunities that the school provides to advance you into your chosen field and to succeed after college. Overall, it is a fantastic small liberal arts college!
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  4. 4

    Belhaven University

    • Jackson, MS
    • 372 reviews
    Sophomore:Belhaven University has a wonderful, family-like atmosphere. The class sizes are small enough to where the teacher actually know your name and face, and you're not simply a number. The best teacher that you should take is Mrs. Tracy Ford. The only thing I would like to see different about Belhaven is the cafeteria choices!
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  5. 5

    University of Southern Mississippi

    • Hattiesburg, MS
    • 1,457 reviews
    Freshman:What I love about Southern Miss is that the environment is great. The people here are very courteous and generous. There are a lot of help on campus whether it is with classes or finding buildings. Southern Miss is all about school work and making great grades, but they also are all about being school spirited. The atmosphere here at Southern is just awesome. The staff makes you feel welcomed and at home. I also love Southern because it is a diverse school and does not look or treat others different because of ones religion, race, or beliefs. Southern Miss is in a great area and the housing and campus food is great. The security here is well maintained also. I feel a lot safer when i am walking on Southern Miss campus whether it is during the day or even at night. Southern Miss has a lot of involvements going on and that is what make this campus even better. I love Southern Miss cause they are always focused on taking Southern Miss and its students to the top!
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  6. 6

    William Carey University

    • Hattiesburg, MS
    • 275 reviews
    Senior:William Carey will always be my favorite University. I have been at William Carey since the summer of 2015. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at William Carey. I have enjoyed the University so much, I plan to get my Masters here as well! I am beyond glad that I have chosen this University to fulfill my studies. The professors are beyond Amazing and I definitely feel as if they are the absolute best! William Carey went through a disaster on January 21, 2017 and the school has came together to defeat the odds against us. The tornado has taken a lot from the University but there is nothing we can't overcome!
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  7. 7

    Mississippi College

    • Clinton, MS
    • 491 reviews
    Graduate Student:I live in MS, am a non-traditional student and looking to change careers by pursuing my Masters degree in a subject that is not associated with my Bachelors degree. I had two colleges within the state on my list. The first one was not willing to work with me AT ALL. They basically wanted me to start over with a Bachelors degree and waste 4 more years of my life. I then visited Mississippi College and it was a completely different experience. The professors were extremely excited about my choice and assured me that my BS degree was not a problem and that they would build my pre-requisites into the Graduate degree. They treated me like a perspective graduate student/adult instead of an incoming 18 year old freshman like the "other guys". I am so pleased and proud to be a Choctaw!
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  8. 8

    Jackson State University

    • Jackson, MS
    • 1,139 reviews
    Sophomore:Jackson State is great college for students who want to stay connected with friends, get involved with on and off-campus events, and build relationship with teachers. So far, my experience at Jackson State has been like no other. It has been ranked one of the top HBCUs in the U.S. Jackson State takes its academics very seriously. The campus provides plenty of opportunities for tutoring and many places to study for anything you may need, whether it be for a test, group project, or class assignment. Jackson State offers a wide variety of food choices for students no matter where they come from. There's Mexican, vegetarian options, and even foods with an Asian twist. Also if you have SuperCard, you can use it to eat off campus at any restaurant that accepts it. Jackson State University is a big campus and very diverse. It is beautiful, the professors care and the campus environment is full of history. I made a great decision of picking my HBCU, I hope others do the same!
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  9. 9

    Delta State University

    • Cleveland, MS
    • 339 reviews
    Niche User:Delta State University is a place where anybody can become somebody. I've had family members who have attended and during their stay, I did a lot of reacting with them on and off the campus. From the games to a few parties, Delta State University was a great experience. I got the honor to attend Delta State University my senior year of high school for students who excel in certain subjects. During that time, I really enjoyed the different teaching techniques. I found that high school teaching level is almost elementary level to college teaching. That gave me a heads up then on what I need to expect going into a university for the first time.
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  10. 10

    Mississippi University for Women

    • Columbus, MS
    • 297 reviews
    Junior:I have really enjoyed my time here at Mississippi University for Women. It is a really nice campus and it is very diverse. I also enjoy going to social gatherings to support the different clubs and social groups. What I would have have to like the most about this campus are the cherry blossom trees. In the spring the cherry blossom trees on campus bloom to perfection. The only thing I would change or add on to are the selection of eateries or the lack there of, on campus. That's just for on campus though. On some days I would like to eat more than just Subway.
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  11. 11

    Alcorn State University

    • Alcorn State, MS
    • 607 reviews
    Freshman:Do you like learning but with space? I'm talking acres students! Well then Alcorn is the college for you. Learning doesn't stop in the classrooms, it floats like a butterfly on campus. Everything is essential. Students, professors, and the staff work together to help recreate everyone's obstacles, so that they may have a broader path to succeed.
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  12. 12

    Tougaloo College

    • Tougaloo, MS
    • 234 reviews
    Sophomore:Tougaloo College is such an outstanding school with many perks. The academic system that they have established here sets high standards that requie the students to earn everything that they are given. This college helps each individual learn, prosper, and become great assets to many business & other establishments after graduation. Its an awesome school to attend!
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  13. 13

    Mississippi Valley State University

    • Itta Bena, MS
    • 289 reviews
    College Freshman:Mississippi Valley State believes in educating the whole student. Educational, cultural, social, well, service, and support is all there. As a freshman starting out my journey in the fall of 2015, Mississippi Valley's faculty and student mentors of Student Support Services have made sure to encourage me when the work had gotten a little tough.It is an amazing and safe campus. Although, personally I think the band has it going on. Throughout all of my great experiences I've encountered with my university, the Mean Green Marching Machine is my favorite of them all. I love dancing to the sound of the sweet melodies. I wouldn't trade being a dancer at Mississippi Valley for anything in the world. It wasn't my first choice to attend this university, but I'm there for a reason and I have grown to love my HBCU. When I graduate in May of 2019, I will be a proud alumni of Mississippi Valley State University. Valley is for me and if I could; I would love to do it again- Simply because Valley is THE road map where I can make my dreams reality. It is where I can Dream. Explore. Succeed! As we always say, "One Team. One Goal. One Valley!"
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  14. 14

    Rust College

    • Holly Springs, MS
    • 172 reviews
    College Freshman:Rust College is in a really small town, making it hard to do things for fun. The campus life is not really all that big but there are improvements happening. The dorms are older but eventually you get used to it. The food is alright but after a while you get tired of eating it. We have most regular sports besides football.Some of the policies are a little outrageous, especially when it comes to the dorms. But, once again, eventually, you get used to it. It is what you make it.
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