2017 Best Colleges in Maryland

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  1. 1

    Johns Hopkins University

    • Baltimore, MD
    • 1,165 reviews
    College Sophomore:I really love my school. I've met so many down-to-earth friends that both help motivate me as well as help and support me when I'm feeling down.
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  2. 2

    University of Maryland - College Park

    • College Park, MD
    • 4,649 reviews
    College Sophomore:I have learned so much in the three semesters I have been here. Not only are the academics exceptional, I also learned things outside of the classroom. I was afraid that I would not be able to make new friends in college, but I have managed to form a very supportive and fun friend group. The school spirit here is very impressive. I love attending the soccer games and the basketball games. The crowd always gets very creative with the cheers and makes a welcoming atmosphere. I have also enjoyed being part of the club soccer team and playing intramural sports with my friends.
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  3. 3

    Loyola University Maryland

    • Baltimore, MD
    • 924 reviews
    College Junior:There are many opportunities to get involved at my school and I strongly recommend that you do! It helps you meet people with similar interests.
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  4. 4

    Washington College

    • Chestertown, MD
    • 627 reviews
    College Sophomore:My school has such a welcoming environment, it felt like home the first weekend on campus. Upperclassmen and underclassmen alike are encouraged to meet new people and try new things throughout their entire career at my school, not just their freshman year. My school is unique because of its tight knit community. The small class sizes allow you to really get to know your professors, and build special one-on-one relationships with them, which can help down the road when it's time for letters of recommendation or networking. Furthermore, school pride is overflowing at my college. Despite being a smaller division 3 school, sporting events are always packed to the brim with fans. The school also runs several extracurricular programs during the summer and winter breaks that take students to every place imaginable, from spending time with the Native American peoples in Navajo Nation to building schools for children in Tanzania. If I could go back and do everything all over again, I would choose my school a thousand times over. It's the perfect place for me.
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  5. 5
    College Junior:I chose UMBC initially because it was the same school my older sister went to and of the three I applied to, it was the most affordable. Upon arriving to UMBC, I realized that it is very academics oriented which I what I wanted because I came to college to learn, but for STEM majors, it is very difficult to graduate on time. The classes for these majors can be difficult and according to other students who have taken classes elsewhere, UMBC has the most difficult classes. Time management and getting help from tutors, professors, or other students is something I hadn't previously needed but are important for passing at UMBC. Lastly, the classes are scheduled in such a way that if you were to change majors or decide on a major after a semester or two, you will be off track and the classes must be taken in a certain order even if they are not pre requisites so that your schedule will work out. This has been a challenge for me because I change my major to Biological sciences and pre-pharmacy in my second semester and I am now stuck with taking mostly bio classes and labs which take a lot of time and effort. All in all, UMBC is a great university in terms of atmosphere and academic standing, but it requires a lot of hard work and planning to graduate on time.
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  6. 6

    Towson University

    • Towson, MD
    • 2,707 reviews
    College Sophomore:Majority of them (that i have had so far) are amazing and very passionate about their field and easy to understand and also easy to approach, some on the other hand make their course more difficult than it needs to be. There are of course several challenging courses with professors who are eager to help.
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  7. 7

    University of Baltimore

    • Baltimore, MD
    • 474 reviews
    College Sophomore:For me it was a matter of transitioning from High School into college, in college no one was checking for homework, telling you to go to class nothing. In college it was hard for me to adapt to that environment and I took that as a huge freedom but as I went on it was a great responsibility that I had to learn to work with. I learned a lot about myself as a person and a scholar. And that is the one thing I want other incoming students to learn.
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  8. 8

    Salisbury University

    • Salisbury, MD
    • 1,292 reviews
    Recent Alumnus:Overall, Salisbury is a pretty ok school. The problems arise when you look more in depth to the school. Aesthetically, everything is wonderful. Great computer systems, great dorm living, awesome food at the Commons, high tech classrooms. But after attending for three years, I have realized that it's all aesthetics.

    The computers look great, with large monitors, but the CPUs haven't been replaced in years and may take you 15 minutes just to log on, another 5-10 to load a browser. Utterly ridiculous. Plus, there aren't nearly enough. So if you need a Salisbury computer, you may have to borrow a laptop from the library, which are even slower than the desktop computers.

    Dorms look good, but when you really pay attention, you see the crumbling side walks with rebar sticking out that no one fixes. You see how broken the laundry machines are and that there are not nearly enough for the number of students living in that particular dorm.

    Food is delicious, when they have it out. A lot of the times, they will advertise what they have, but won't have it. Or they stop serving breakfast at 10:30 but won't start serving lunch until 11 so you have to wait a half hour just to get food.

    The classrooms are awesome, with projectors on the ceiling, but they malfunction all the time and a lot of the teachers don't know how to work the complicated system because they were never taught by the people who installed all the equipment.
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  9. 9

    Notre Dame of Maryland University

    • Baltimore, MD
    • 410 reviews
    College Sophomore:I really like that it is small and close knit. Everyone here is really nice and supportive. The teachers really seem to care about our success and want to help us in any way they can.
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  10. 10

    McDaniel College

    • Westminster, MD
    • 580 reviews
    College Senior:I really enjoy the campus events helduring for students. They are a great way to help relieve stress. Many teachers are great easy to get along with and go out their way to help students. And there are many student organizations. I found myself deeply invested in several, and an glad that I participated in them.
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  11. 11

    Goucher College

    • Baltimore, MD
    • 808 reviews
    College Sophomore:My current experience at Goucher is a very interesting one. On this campus I'm never bored--the students who go here are some of the most open-minded, kind hearted, weird, and fun individuals I have ever met. In terms of the academics, the professors I find generally to be really great and the courses interesting, however the work load is definitely not easy. The community is a small, but great one and diverse enough for anyone to find their own niche. At times, I fear that the tuition is too high for me to continue if I don't receive enough financial aid.
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  12. 12

    St. Mary's College of Maryland

    • St. Mary's City, MD
    • 583 reviews
    College Sophomore:The school as a whole is great. The campus is beautiful, the people are lovely, the academics are nice and challenging, but the one downfall is it is quite expensive.
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  13. 13

    Frostburg State University

    • Frostburg, MD
    • 841 reviews
    College Junior:I love how diverse my school is. When there are school events such as sports games, the students come together and support the team playing. The atmosphere on campus is calming although the community where the school itself is located is not as accepting of us college students. There is also not much around for us to so trouble does tend to start quickly. If there was anything I could change about my school, it would be the location of it. I would prefer for it to be in a more populated place.
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  14. 14

    Stevenson University

    • Stevenson, MD
    • 1,123 reviews
    College Senior:Stevenson University is a great college to attend. It is small, but the teachers know you by name and students are able to talk to them one on one. The students are friendly and the teachers are very approachable. They have a wide variety of clubs and organizations to join in on to get more involved around campus.
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  15. 15

    Hood College

    • Frederick, MD
    • 448 reviews
    College Junior:They certainly put forth a lot of effort, with recruiters and success stories, but i have not had any personal experience with this yet, so i cannot vouch for it's effectiveness.
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  16. 16

    Mount St. Mary's University

    • Emmitsburg, MD
    • 681 reviews
    College Sophomore:I liked the experience of college I thought it was a great eye opener to the what college is actually like... I felt really dumb the first year of college after being a great student with a high gpa in high school and entering college barely making the grades really showed me I was doing a lot of things wrong. But now that I'm in my second year and Ive started earning my A's back I'm really enjoying college and hating that It is going so fast.
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  17. 17

    Maryland Institute College of Art

    • Baltimore, MD
    • 476 reviews
    College Sophomore:I knew MICA was the school for me as soon as we finished the tour. Once I arrived at the school and began classes I was very satisfied and pleased with the abundance of resources and the friendly and helpful faculty and staff. I found all my professors to show genuine interest in seeing me personally grow as an artist and always offered themselves as someone to talk to if we were in any need of help. MICA's powerful student voice is something I would consider unique to the school since the faculty and staff will often do what they can to let us have what we want as students. I would definitely choose MICA all over again if I could for the strong sense of community. It feels like we are all one big family that only want to inspire each other and help each other grow not only as artists, but as people.
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  18. 18

    Morgan State University

    • Baltimore, MD
    • 2,238 reviews
    College Sophomore:Morgan State is okay only because the school doesn't really have a good art program which i'm very interested in also they are bad when getting what you need in a timely fashion i would say the professors are really helpful if you want help they most of them are understanding. tutoring and resources are available
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  19. 19
    College Freshman:At UMUC I get the opportunity to complete my assignments at my own without having to ever enter a classroom. UMUC is convenient for those who have families to support and a job to go to everyday and may not be able to go a classroom everyday.
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  20. 20

    Bowie State University

    • Bowie, MD
    • 988 reviews
    College Junior:It is very hard to find funding and assistance with funding unlike other schools i have attended. The business aspect could be a lot better and organized.
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  21. 21

    University of Maryland Eastern Shore

    • Princess Anne, MD
    • 1,135 reviews
    Recent Alumnus:UMES is not a bad school, but definitely needs improvement. Not much of a variety of race, ethnicity, background, etc. Needs more funding, more sports, more organizations, and more security. Definitely needs more cafe options, and friendlier staff
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  22. 22

    Washington Adventist University

    • Takoma Park, MD
    • 253 reviews
    College Sophomore:I believe my experience at school has been great due to the school's unique emphasis on service and the availability for me to serve in a variety of ways on-campus. I'm so interested and involved in the spiritual aspect of the campus and that's the most important part for me. Other than that, my teachers care about helping me succeed, and they make time for me. I found friends that share the same passions as me, which always make one's college experience extra special. But most of all, I have learned how to lead and I have grown as a woman here. I wouldn't trade that for anything. Because I have learned and experienced so much here, I would definitely choose this school again.
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  23. 23

    Coppin State University

    • Baltimore, MD
    • 537 reviews
    College Sophomore:The teachers are very involved and concerned about their students, at least most are. The campus is a great size, where you can party but still stay on track.
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