2017 Best Colleges in Maine

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  1. 1

    Bowdoin College

    • Brunswick, ME
    • 640 reviews
    Freshman:Whether its the Outing Club, the Literary Magazine, the Film Society, or an a Capella group, there is always something for every kind of person to get involved in. Also, people here are incredibly friendly and willing to go out of their way to help you. Bowdoin's size, with 1700 students, really enables this sense of community. If I could change one thing about Bowdoin, I would offer class credit for laboratory time. Also , this is just my wish , but I think Bowdoin should advertise more to the outside world. I grew up overseas, so most of my other friends had not heard of Bowdoin, or Brunswick for that matter. I can understand that I was surprised that not many people in United States knew about this school either. The social scene is great on the weekends, but for the most part exists only on the weekends as people work very hard during the week. As for food, you can guess exactly how delicious it is from just taking a peek at the NYtimes article and the college rankings.
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  2. 2

    Bates College

    • Lewiston, ME
    • 319 reviews
    Sophomore:The campus and the college itself are great, other than the lack of diversity. However, the location isn't prime, as there's no much to do outside the campus community, unless you have a car and are able to drive to other places. Also, it's Maine so the winters can be very long, cold, and gloomy. But, you already knew that because it's Maine!
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  3. 3

    Colby College

    • Waterville, ME
    • 488 reviews
    Freshman:I am currently a freshman at Colby. I am a member of the Women's Soccer team and am currently pursuing a Biology/Pre-Health major with the aspiration of going to medical school. Colby has provided me so many great resources, not just academically, but also in terms of networking, and helping me create my future beyond Colby. The student body is incredibly diverse and everyone is super friendly. Colby is also a really active school. The Outing Club is super popular, there is so much local outdoor recreation. There's a college ski pass to Sugarloaf, Loon, and Sunday River for the winter. I am also a Colby Cares About Kids Mentor which is a really cool volunteering program a Colby. Colby students are matched with a student (usually low-income) in the local Waterville area school district. There are so many ways to get involved inside and outside of Colby. It really is a school that is what you make of it.
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  4. 4

    University of Maine

    • Orono, ME
    • 1,827 reviews
    Freshman:My first semester at UMaine has been a blast! My transition was fairly easy as everyone on my floor and in my classes are so friendly and want to learn and have fun doing it. The professors are all here to teach and love to answer any questions that students may have. Most teachers are easy to reach right through their email! I joined the club soccer team and the University Singers and have made multitudes of connections from these while doing the hobbies that I love. I also got a part-time job on campus as a non-work study student and there were still plenty of opportunities for me to obtain a part-time job on campus. The only trouble has been not having an advisor as an undecided student because of the shortage on staff. However, I should be getting one soon as they tell me.It has been a great semester so far!
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  5. 5

    University of New England

    • Biddeford, ME
    • 971 reviews
    Freshman:I love it at the University of New England. I have found myself a group of friends that have similar ideals that I have. I found a work study job on Campus within my first month at school. I have joined clubs, and really stepped out of my comfort zone to become who I am now. I love how personable my professors are.
    The party scene at UNE is kind of underground which is nice because it isn't a huge party school like say UNH or URI. It is in a beautiful area!
    I would like to see the campus grow in some ways to accomidate more living opportunities.
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  6. 6

    Maine Maritime Academy

    • Castine, ME
    • 147 reviews
    College Freshman:When I say it's the best, I mean it's the best for me. MMA is an extremely unique school. It focuses on careers that have to do with shipping. There is the regiment, which is what makes this school militaristic, and to be clear, it is not actually the military, it only simulates it. There are many great activities associated with the regiment, such as drill team, or band. Then, if you decide to become a leader in the regiment, that has it's own great experiences. There are many division 3 sports such as cross country, football, soccer, and lacrosse. There is one division 1 sport which is sailing team, and then there are several club sports such as rugby and ultimate Frisbee. The options at the school make it so there is always something to do. The town of Castine itself where MMA is located has little to offer besides the ocean, but if you get involved in extracurricular activities you will rarely be bored. The school is comprised of about 950 students, about 120 of which are female. Most of the women here are not in the regiment, so those of us that are all get to know each other. The school really encourages each class that comes in to become close shipmates with each other (in the regiment, that is). So you are forced to make friends, and there will always be someone there to help you. The atmosphere of the school, of having shipmates, is what really makes the school worth going to. Yes, you will likely get a high paying job in the shipping industry, but knowing that where ever you go in the whole world, if you meet someone else who went to MMA, you have a friend in that person. The school has a lot to teach about living life and is awesome with hands on learning. There is no where else I would rather spend my first few years after graduating high school.
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  7. 7

    University of Maine at Farmington

    • Farmington, ME
    • 354 reviews
    Sophomore:The University of Maine at Farmington is not only a school but truly a second home. The campus is only a short walk from downtown and with that, you are able to interact with the community. Everyone is extremely friendly and truly make you feel safe in this small town. As for the school itself, you are able to tell that the professor are passionate about their lessons and adore their students and want them to succeed. Classes are both challenging and enjoyable. In the social aspect of the school, there is always something happening on campus whether it be a sporting event, a show for the newest collection at the art gallery, concerts, or even yoga where members of the community are also welcome. This is a fantastic place to go to school and I wouldn't want to attend anywhere else.
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  8. 8

    University of Maine at Fort Kent

    • Fort Kent, ME
    • 90 reviews
    College Sophomore:If you create your class wish list, and are able to get it approved, and then enroll at the right time so one would be able to get into the classes he/she wants. Even if one is not able to get into a class, you can talk to the professor running the class and see if they will put one more person in or put you at the top of the waiting list. The professors here really care about students. And depending on what you are studying to be, depends on the classes; but if a class or multiple classes are not offered from UMFK, there are other schools that they work with so you can take the same class online and still get the credit. There are also classes offered throughout the summer and during winter break which really helps some to get classes done and out of the way, so they can worry about the "big important" classes (nursing, forestry, etc.).
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  9. 9

    University of Southern Maine

    • Portland, ME
    • 616 reviews
    College Sophomore:This school has its ups and downs as most do. Some professors are very uncaring and expect much more out of students than they may be able to give. However, we do have many great professors who do care for the students and take time to help them whenever necessary. There have been classes I have loved because of my professor and classes that I have hated because of my professor. I think the USM campus has a nice, safe feel and I like that it's a smaller school. We have fun events regularly and it's very easy to get involved on campus, which I enjoy doing. The food is usually pretty awful though and there aren't many options for what to eat. That's probably my least favorite thing about the school.
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  10. 10

    Husson University

    • Bangor, ME
    • 724 reviews
    Freshman:Husson University is a small private non profit University situated in Bangor,Maine. The university is a very peaceful one which is very advantageous to learning. Due to it being a small university, it creates a very friendly and active community. The teachers and professors are always ready and willing to help a student. For every sixteen students there is one teacher available. This facilitates communication between teachers and students. Plus, the food is good!
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  11. 11

    Saint Joseph's College of Maine

    • Standish, ME
    • 217 reviews
    Sophomore:Overall, I have had a great experience at Saint Joe's. The students and staff are all very friendly and helpful. Because the campus is small, you truly get to know your professors and build strong relationships with everyone. The campus itself is beautiful, and on clear days there is a view of Mount Washington. The campus sits right on Sebago Lake, so if you enjoy the outdoors, there is a lot to do. The only down-side to this school is that there aren't many places outside of campus. To get to Portland, the nearest city, it takes 45 minutes to an hour.
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  12. 12

    Unity College

    • Unity, ME
    • 223 reviews
    Freshman:I love coming to Unity because it was one of the one schools that offer my major (conservation law enforcement). The school is very eco-conscious, and all the teachers and students are on a first name basis! Unity is a small school, and that allows for more one on one with students and professors. Class sizes are really small so you're getting more of an education for your money. The only thing I would change is the fact that the administration was not honest about the crime rate on campus. Although its small (1 in a whole year) I was told there was none.
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  13. 13

    Thomas College

    • Waterville, ME
    • 235 reviews
    Niche User:I stayed here for a week the summer after my junior year in high school. I took a full college course in about 4 or 5 days. The dorms were amazing, if just a little hot because the windows are too small for an air conditioner, not that they had any anyways. The teacher was incredibly involved and amazing to be around, the other students were fun and inviting and welcoming, and the food was absolutely delicious. They had options for everyone, including gluten free and vegan options! The classwork was tough, but not impossible, and the atmosphere and campus itself are just magical.
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  14. 14

    University of Maine at Augusta

    • Augusta, ME
    • 204 reviews
    Senior:UMA Bangor location has a lot of great staff. The one downfall, this occurred recently, is the lack of a financial aid office on campus! And the lack of a dining area... Otherwise, great staff, great learning environment, and great location! There are a lot of resources, the library has a lot to offer and there is cheap printing funds!
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  15. 15

    University of Maine at Presque Isle

    • Presque Isle, ME
    • 108 reviews
    College Sophomore:Honestly, I really enjoy going to college at UMPI. It's remote but not to remote so students can stay onn with nature while still having the necessity's.
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