2017 Best Colleges in District of Columbia

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  1. 1

    Georgetown University

    • Washington, DC
    • 1,064 reviews
    Freshman:Academics are hard but it's worth it! The job opportunities, the connections you make, and everything in between makes it all worth it. Wouldn't change a thing if I had to relive my college decision process
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  2. 2

    George Washington University

    • Washington, DC
    • 1,847 reviews
    Freshman:I love George Washington University! I have found a strong sense of belonging here by joining the Student Admissions Representatives team, where there are people who are just like me!The professors are awesome too! They are not intimidating at all. Despite their prestiges in their own academic fields, they could be really easy-going and approachable who really try their best to assist their students to succeed.
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  3. 3

    American University

    • Washington, DC
    • 2,177 reviews
    Sophomore:So far, I am having a pretty good college experience. The atmosphere at American University is amazing. There are so many students who are dedicated and really passionate about their areas of interests. American also provides excellent resources in helping you to be the most prepared that you can be in order to succeed. However, I wish they had more on campus events to promote more school spirit. And like any school they could improve their food. But overall, I am having a great experience so far!
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  4. 4

    Howard University

    • Washington, DC
    • 3,393 reviews
    Junior:I love the academics and the black excellence that exist at my university. But like most HBCU's it is very hard to receive money from this school if you don't qualify for a scholarship as a freshmen coming in. I would love to see more scholarships set up for all class levels, and a better, more concerned financial aid department. Basically your typical HBCU problems, but I love Howard!
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  5. 5

    Catholic University of America

    • Washington, DC
    • 872 reviews
    Graduate Student:Four years of the best memories of my life! The people I met are now lifelong friends. The education I received was superior beyond compare, and the religious backbone of the university continues to be my anchor in my life. Catholic University exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend the school.
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  6. 6

    Gallaudet University

    • Washington, DC
    • 403 reviews
    Freshman:I was an freshman at last semester. I had much fun at this campus. I have many new friends. They're friendly and nice people. I had four courses. I liked my professors. I've improved my grades much better than last year at community college. I had working with professors, friends, and staff everyday which helped me much improve than last year. I can tell you whoever Deaf or Hard of Hearing people plan to go to Gallaudet. You would be very successful at this school !
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  7. 7

    Trinity Washington University

    • Washington, DC
    • 418 reviews
    Junior:Trinity has been my college for the past two and a half years. I love it! i enjoy the professors and staff that work there; although the work load is a lot and a lot of studying to do, like any other college. Stands out for its history and drive to inspire women mainly to stay motivated to do something with lives career wise. Trinity has been great to me and I have been doing very well there. Everyone is there to work hard and succeed and everyone wants you to succeed.
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  8. 8
    Graduate Student:I like the fact that the school is diversity and that they take on the needs of all students. I felt appreciated and I felt like got a fair chance to experience higher education at this land grant university. I appreciate this school, staff, professors and administrative for supporting all students through their college experience. I would want them to have better technology in the classrooms and also financial aid process is slow.
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