2017 Best Colleges in Connecticut

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  1. 1

    Yale University

    • New Haven, CT
    • 914 reviews
    Freshman:Yale managed to exceed my expectations. I originally chose Yale because of how genuine every student I met was and that perception continues to persist. I have met the most interesting and talented people while at Yale and have made some of the closest friends. One moment we'll be discussing a bio problem set, the next discussing the real solution to economic disparity, the next talking about our upbringings. While it's easy to think of Yale as a competitive college, I think that's far from the truth. I have never collaborated as much as I have at Yale. Everyone wants the best for each other and grades are not a focus. The social scene at Yale is also great. Frat parties are open to anyone for the most part and it's very easy to get integrated with Greek life members even if you aren't in it yourself. Just based off of the year I've been here, I can already say that Yale has changed me to be a more well-rounded person.
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  2. 2

    Wesleyan University

    • Middletown, CT
    • 657 reviews
    College Senior:Academics vary by department, but generally I find myself in small enough classes where I get enough attention. Many are seminar based with lots of reading, which put a great emphasis on conversation. You can study ANY subject under the sun, and picking classes from all the exciting options is really hard! Professors are honestly hit or miss. Some (a slight majority?) are the most brilliant, passionate, helpful educators I've ever had, and are great resources for whatever we are studying. But I've had some professors that are incredibly disorganized and terrible at imparting knowledge onto others. Definitely weigh in upperclassmen opinions of faculty when picking classes (RateMyProfessor is v outdated).
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  3. 3

    University of Connecticut

    • Storrs, CT
    • 2,827 reviews
    Freshman:The University of Connecticut has so much going on -- all the time! With over 700+ clubs and winning division I sports teams, there is a sense of unity and family here at UConn. Everyday there are new posters, emails, and newspapers being printed and sent out that will have your calendar jam packed with student, cultural center, scholarly, voluntary, and entertainment events. But don't get nervous, there are so many resources on campus and online that will solve any and all the questions or advice you have about financial problems, academic matters, or even personal events. This campus believes strongly in the prosperity of not only your education, but in every individual because as strongly addressed on the Freshman Move-in Day celebration, you are the light.
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  4. 4

    Connecticut College

    • New London, CT
    • 371 reviews
    Freshman:Conn has a great community. The use of the Honor Code only shows the trusting environment on campus. Although there are things that could be better, it's still really good!
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  5. 5

    Trinity College - Connecticut

    • Hartford, CT
    • 693 reviews
    College Sophomore:The first semester at college was definitely difficult. Being an international student, I experienced cultural shock and felt homesick throughout the first few weeks. Also, I was not emotionally prepared for the amount of work I was required to do. However, I soon became used to being extremely busy, got new friends, got involved in a spiritual youth group on campus, and got to love my classes. One of my favorite experiences at Trinity has been to be able to constantly meet with my professors and create personal relationships with each one of them. Without lying, all of them have been extremely caring and have helped me decide which courses to take each semester, have explained me any doubts I have had before or after any exam, and have already offered me multiple research opportunities for the next years. Being part of a small college like Trinity and being taught by professors that know me by name and not solely by face is just really something wonderfully unique that all students should value and take into consideration when applying to college.

    However, every rose has its thorn, and Trinity is not the exception. The international student population at Trinity is not well distributed. One just needs to enter Mather (Trinity's cafeteria) to be able to observe one big table full of Asian students and another one full of African students. But what about those students from Latin America, Europe or Oceania? There are surely some of them, but they are just so few that it's almost impossible for them to create a knit community of their own. I am not going to lie... I have had some tough moments with this social and cultural isolation. Nonetheless, this experience has offered me the opportunity to interact more with American students and learn from their lifestyle and perspectives on various subjects. This last point, along with its strong academics and small student-teacher ratio, makes up the reason I would choose Trinity again if I could do it all over.
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  6. 6
    College Sophomore:Classes are small so it is easy to get to know your professors and for your professors to get to know you. Classes are east to get good grades in if you just pay attention and study the material. Reminded me a lot of high school. Professors are cool, a lot of foreign ones. Not a great variety of classes, those are more available on the main campus.
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  7. 7

    Fairfield University

    • Fairfield, CT
    • 695 reviews
    College Sophomore:Fairfield gives its students every opportunity possible, students just need to be active in taking advantage of them. Your student email will be bombarded with updates on campus activities and applications for positions in various clubs and organizations. Overall, I wish I got more involved freshman year. If you do, it will be to your benefit. Everyone gets super close! The people here are great. Making friends is easy. The party scene is exactly what you make of it. If you aren't into that, there's TONS to do at night. Academics are challenging but fair. It's college and I'm happy to be challenged. I love Fairfield. It wasn't my top choice but I would not trade it for the world. It's everything and more.
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  8. 8
    College Sophomore:My experience with huamn development course and general courses have been a great experience. Theres a number of courses to apply at Uconn Stamford. However, some courses are offered every semester and are limited to one time. It is very difficult to choose a schedule that works with any outside activities. The professors at Uconn Stamford range. I have had easier and harder teachers, it all depends how passionate the teachers are in what their teaching their students. In addition, classes include lectures, discussions, debates etc. Class size is usually 40 but other classes could be small as 20.
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  9. 9

    Quinnipiac University

    • Hamden, CT
    • 1,681 reviews
    College Sophomore:I couldn't be more happier that I made the decision to attend Quinnipiac University. I love that the school offers so much to do on campus and there are so many clubs and organizations to be a part of. The school itself is stunning and very well maintained. Quinnipiac has the best school spirit. There is always an exciting game to go to, especially the hockey games at the TD Sports Complex! I also strongly believe that Quinnipiac has great professors who actually care about their students and their success. Classroom sizes are typically small, and many professors get to know their students personally. I can't wait for the years to come!
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  10. 10

    University of New Haven

    • West Haven, CT
    • 2,103 reviews
    Freshman:As an out of state student I was unsure of my decision to come to this school but I am glad I did. The campus is welcoming and safe, the faculty are professors who are currently in working in your field of study and will be more than happy to help you into the field or start a research project. They way I see it this is kind of my home away from home! This school offers great opportunities and doors to be opened you just have to look and put the effort towards it.
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  11. 11

    University of Hartford

    • West Hartford, CT
    • 1,451 reviews
    Freshman:Making my college decision was difficult, but I am happy I chose UHart. I am currently a freshman and I love it here! The dorms are a good size and everyone in my building is so friendly. The professors are thorough and the class sizes are small. This is the perfect learning environment for me, as I focus better in smaller classes. There are a lot of activities to do on campus. The campus is very diverse. The only complaint I have is the food is not good in my opinion. I got tired of it pretty easily. Also, it is a very pricey school. Otherwise, I love it here!
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  12. 12
    Freshman:Great way to start college. Excellent for fulfilling pre-requisites and introductory into all majors. Very comfortable; good people and small stature gives a sort of laid back high school vibe. Wonderful teachers who care about your education and success (so long as you're willing to do your best, they'll give their best for you too). Great library; decent selection of books with lots of peace and quiet, and study rooms for collaborating on projects with other students. There's also a writing center, which is really helpful when you're struggling on an essay. In terms of services the school provides: student help center where you can speak with an school adviser, career counselor, and even a financial adviser. Not too many clubs to join, but lots of little activities (cute things like making persona cards, psychic readings, popcorn booth, bored game night, etc.). UCONN Waterbury may not be the biggest or fanciest campus out there, but its definitely one worth checking out.
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  13. 13

    Eastern Connecticut State University

    • Willimantic, CT
    • 939 reviews
    Senior:This university has offered me access to such incredible knowledge and resources. I grew up in a small town and chose a small college to attend as well, but my confidence in my field has grown exponentially and I owe it all to this small campus. My professors guide and educate with passion and encourage growth in each and every student in our program. I am currently a senior in the Social Work program, one of 50 that were selected from a pool of 150 candidates, and having a community of future and current practitioners to learn from and collaborate with has been a remarkable experience and has helped me grow so much. Thank you for an incredible experience Eastern!
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  14. 14

    Albertus Magnus College

    • New Haven, CT
    • 209 reviews
    College Sophomore:I went to Albertus right after high school in 2003 and ended in 2005 to start working full time. I always thought about going back to school to finish my bachelors but never actually took the step. Being in the working field now over 10 years, I have a better understanding of what I want to pursue for my degree. I am also more mature and dedicated to finish this time. I chose Albertus to continue my bachelors because they have a great online course for my degree. I can complete all my coursework online and right now with my job and home life, this is the absolute BEST option for me and it is actually working great! I am glad I chose to finish my studies for my degree at Albertus.
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  15. 15

    Sacred Heart University

    • Fairfield, CT
    • 851 reviews
    Senior:The campus is beautiful, clean and a friendly environment. There are a lot of clubs and organizations to join at SHU. A lot of opportunities are offered and growth seen amongst the student population.
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  16. 16

    Southern Connecticut State University

    • New Haven, CT
    • 1,160 reviews
    Alum:I really enjoyed my 4 years at this amazing university. What made my experience so pleasurable was the staff, they were all approachable, helpful, understanding and flexible. The faculty made the students feel like they mattered and put us as their first priority. The campus is extremely beautiful as well there are plenty of resources for students to excel in their studies and different locations to relax and get away from academics. There are many other reasons why my experience at Southern Connecticut State University was great but the staff and campus are the main reasons I enjoyed my time as an under grad.
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  17. 17

    Goodwin College

    • East Hartford, CT
    • 467 reviews
    Junior:The nursing program is amazing. We get to participate in so much. We have O.R., endo, and I.R. observation days. Any opportunity to accompany a patient to I.C.U., or on any diagnostic test, we're right by their side.
    The instructors seek out opportunities for students to gain practical experience. They allow our voices to be heard during safety huddle. They treat us with the utmost respect and value our input.
    The staff, in turn, treat us as peers and adjuncts, not as speedbumps in their patient care.
    Goodwin makes me a better nurse with every clinical and lecture day.
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  18. 18

    Post University

    • Waterbury, CT
    • 562 reviews
    College Senior:When I walk onto the Post University campus, I immediately feel comfortable and at home. I have trust in my counselors and teachers that I will be in safe hands. The students are there with open arms; and that's even coming from someone with severe social anxiety! I've never been happier than at Post.
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  19. 19

    University of Bridgeport

    • Bridgeport, CT
    • 809 reviews
    Niche User:University of Bridgeport is an amazing school! They have an amazing campus right next to the ocean! There are many sports and clubs that students can join. The dorms/housing are very clean and have amazing views. You can fin many great places to eat on campus. University of Bridgeport is very diverse. There is many students with many different cultures who go to this school! Students on campus are very friendly. If you need directions just ask one of he many wonderful students on campus. The safety on campus is taken very seriously! They care about there students safety very much. There is campus police, who make sure all students are safe!
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  20. 20
    Junior:I've genuinely enjoyed my time at Western Connecticut State University. Certain professors and classes have been such important figures in my learning and growing process. Because the student demographic is so vast, my perspective has been challenged, expanded, and shifted time and time again by keeping a listening ear towards others. The small classroom settings make for a more personal and relaxed learning environment where both student-student and student-teacher relationships have greater opportunity to be developed.
    It seems that the quality of the classes can be somewhat of a hit or miss though based on the professors' teaching ability and course organization, which seems to vary drastically. There's also a distinct difference between the Visual Arts and Performing Center, which is a very recently built building and where I spend the majority of my time, versus the other buildings.
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  21. 21

    Central Connecticut State University

    • New Britain, CT
    • 1,135 reviews
    Junior:The campus itself is well kept, and visually appealing. Many of the students live off campus and commute, which makes for some very quiet nights on the weekend. Some classes are better than others. My basic math class was taught by someone with broken English, a choice by the math department I will never understand nor agree with. However, the professors for my history major classes have been stupendous. Parking is good, with sufficiently large parking garages and lots so you don't have to go hunting for a spot. As a student you can get a free parking pass for you, your significant other, or parents. I think you might get two passes, not sure on that though. Food on campus hasn't been impressive, in my experience. Dining commons are small and awkwardly arranged, but there are a number of delivery capable restaurants available if you have the cash to blow. Dorm rooms are small, but the facilities are well-updated and clean.
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  22. 22

    University of Saint Joseph

    • West Hartford, CT
    • 300 reviews
    Alum:I had an amazing experience at the University of Saint Joseph as an undergraduate student. Although the school is not always the top of prospective students' lists due to the all female aspect, this should actually be seen as a positive of the institution. This school produces strong female leaders that are ready to go out and make a difference in the world. The class sizes are small and the professors are dedicated to helping you succeed. I believe in this institution so much that I will be continuing my graduate studies in the inaugural Physician Assistant Program at USJ starting this winter.
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  23. 23

    Mitchell College

    • New London, CT
    • 133 reviews
    College Senior:So far, my overall experience at school has been pretty great. As a freshman in college surrounded by people I don't know and doing work more advanced than high school, I'm getting the hang of things. I go to Mitchell College and it's a pretty small community which I like. It's easier to get to know people and I feel safer in a small group. The professors are nice and helpful when it comes to school work and answering questions. Also, because it's a small school, I've found my way around campus easily and haven't gotten lost... yet.
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