2017 Best Colleges in Colorado

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  1. 1

    Colorado School of Mines

    • Golden, CO
    • 780 reviews
    College Sophomore:Although the first semester of freshman year went rough with tough homework assignments, I was used to the atmosphere similar to my high school (a college preparatory school). Ever since then, I knew I wanted to go to Colorado School of Mines because not only dd it have great academic courses like math and physics but it is also one of the top-10 engineer schools for many career opportunities. In addition, it is close to my home and the view of the Rocky Mountains is picturesque! Be aware however that you have to really do well with your GPA or ACT scores to be admitted to Mines (at least the average).

    The professors are fantastic and there are so many resources to help you do well, including the course help program CASA. Most importantly, the college stresses about collaboration; students are encouraged to work with others on certain problems and significantly with projects. Colorado School of Mines has certain classes involving actual work ethics that industries participate through teams, such as designing, organizing the best possible outcomes, and finalizing the results with presentations. All of these show that a student can even do more with team effort alone!

    In addition to having great faculty and classes, there are so many attractions you and your friends can visit. The City of Golden has small businesses booming where students can walk from campus and even enjoy Clear Creek flowing East from the Rocky Mountains. Golden also has its unique history of certain places, including a mine near campus from the late 1800s. Fun activities include high gliding, water rafting, rock climbing, and so much more.

    Overall, with a nice school fight song, Mines can make you a helluva engineer as long as you take advantage of its many opportunities! Good luck to anyone who wants to come to Mines; it is worth a lot to be a student there!
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  2. 2

    Colorado College

    • Colorado Springs, CO
    • 712 reviews
    College Sophomore:When people know about CC and are familiar with our academic rigor and programs, a degree is highly respected and students are seen as very intelligent.
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  3. 3

    Colorado State University

    • Fort Collins, CO
    • 3,464 reviews
    College Freshman:I really enjoy this school as it has a lot of opportunities for a science major. There are many organizations on campus in which to get involved in and they are all very welcoming. The professors in my program really push to see you succeed and are more than willing to help with any questions or concerns. I only wish that things weren't as expensive. The $450 annual parking pass for commuters is difficult. Tuition is somewhat expensive as well. The construction on campus is mostly annoying and may be unnecessary, although the plans seem to be working for them.
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  4. 4

    University of Colorado - Boulder

    • Boulder, CO
    • 2,492 reviews
    College Sophomore:I love the outdoors, CU has a lot to offer in a variety of club sports, and other students similar interest. Walking around CU is also the prettiest thing you could imagine in a very stressful weekday.
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  5. 5

    University of Denver

    • Denver, CO
    • 1,825 reviews
  6. 6

    University of Colorado - Denver

    • Denver, CO
    • 1,487 reviews
    College Senior:My professors have been very accommodating, and willing to meet with me outside of class hours. They also all seem like they truly want their students to perform to the best of their abilities.
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  7. 7

    Regis University

    • Denver, CO
    • 946 reviews
    College Sophomore:I haven't gotten to a lot of the internship/networking stuff yet, but career services seems to know a lot of connections from what I've heard and really know what they're doing.
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  8. 8

    University of Northern Colorado

    • Greeley, CO
    • 1,931 reviews
    College Sophomore:Once again, I love the school but hate the town. The courses offered are very different, there is definitely something for everyone. The teacher-student ratio is amazing, many of my teachers know me by name. Due to the fact that they know who I am, I feel more comfortable going to them and asking questions.
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  9. 9

    Colorado Christian University

    • Lakewood, CO
    • 1,029 reviews
    College Sophomore:Res life is great, especially for freshmen. Involvement somewhat declines as the years progress. A buzzword here is "community", but it's more than just a way of drawing in high school seniors. It really is a wonderful place to foster community with a great campus and location and professors who are beyond amazing!
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  10. 10

    University of Colorado - Colorado Springs

    • Colorado Springs, CO
    • 1,597 reviews
    College Junior:I was admitted as a transfer student, and placed into a western undergraduate exchange program. This meant that I would not be able to ever apply for instate residency, but I am still paying 150% of tuition. It was a heavy low blow to my financial stability.
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  11. 12

    Western State Colorado University

    • Gunnison, CO
    • 327 reviews
    College Junior:As a sociology major, I am very pleased with the options available to me. My classroom sizes are small so you get a unique and personal relationship with your professor as well as your major advisor. Your professors and advisor not only give you advice for your career choice, but they also give you personal references and contacts to make your career choice attainable. The sociology department is located in one building so you can get access to all of your major professors in one area. All of the professors give you their contact information as well as their office hours. The workload is completely doable, engages critical thinking, and is challenging. You always feel you learned something from each class and assignment that is given. Plus, many internships are available in the town of Gunnison relating to sociology.
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  12. 13
    College Sophomore:Class sizes are fairly small, especially in upper division classes. Most classes are 30 students or less; the largest class size I've ever had here is around 100, far better that the 350 student classes I had at a larger university. The small class sizes mean that your professors will probably know you by name, and that makes it really easy to talk to them if you need help in the class.
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  13. 14

    Fort Lewis College

    • Durango, CO
    • 993 reviews
    College Sophomore:The chemistry and biology departments are so great and helpful. I haven't had a singly bad experience in any of those department classes so far.
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  14. 15
    College Junior:Metro State is great! There is extremely diverse campus, which allows for a true learning environment. I love seeing people of all different ethnicities, gender, and age focusing on succeeding in school. This is my third school, and if I could do it all over again it would be my only school. The price is literally unbeatable, and the accommodations and services are great. I love the variety of classes within my chosen major, and the flexibility I have in choosing my path.
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  15. 16

    Colorado Mesa University

    • Grand Junction, CO
    • 1,042 reviews
    College Freshman:Really depends on what your major is. I can't speak for the liberal arts majors, but for the sciences, if you look hard enough you'll find a job. Decent recruiting; decent career center.
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  16. 19

    Colorado Mountain College

    • Glenwood Springs, CO
    • 257 reviews
  17. 20

    Adams State University

    • Alamosa, CO
    • 501 reviews
    College Freshman:There are some extremely amazing faculty at the school that are excellent at their jobs, and there are those who are not. The Assistant Director of Admissions was superb! She was wonderful. She helped me with whatever I needed and she made me feel very comfortable at Adams.
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