2017 Best Colleges in Colorado

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  1. 1

    Colorado School of Mines

    • Golden, CO
    • 782 reviews
    College Junior:My overall experience with the school is amazing! Although it is very tough and competitive, I wouldn't trade it for any other school. I have met some amazing professors, students, mentors, and teammates. I am truly blessed to be going to school with the best engineering classes and professors in the U.S. My favorite experience at CSM is being a student-athlete because everyone is very familiar with the nights full of homework, projects, and practice.
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  2. 2

    Colorado College

    • Colorado Springs, CO
    • 713 reviews
    College Freshman:At first I was skeptical about the block plan whilst being a science major. But it is indeed possible; it is very time consuming and requires dedication and perseverance! I really enjoy how you can immerse yourself in a course for 3.5 weeks. For example, I'm currently taking Arabic, and I LOVE the class and language. There are days when I'm spending hours practicing and listening to Arabic by doing my homework, speaking with a classmate, listening to disney in Arabic, etc. So, if I had the chance to reapply to CC (Colorado College), I most certainly would because of the scenery and the wonderful people I have encountered.
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  3. 3

    Colorado State University

    • Fort Collins, CO
    • 3,476 reviews
    Freshman:The process of going to college is a big one, but CSU made it as easy as they could. At the time it seemed annoying to get email after email about things like move in tips, or just info about CSU programs and organizations. Although looking back it was a huge help and the really did try to help make this huge transition as seamless as possible. Now that I've finished a semester at CSU, I cant think of being anywhere else. the location of the campus is great, many freshmen don't have cars with them, but there is plenty of things in reasonable walking/biking distance. There's programs and sports for everyone, and it's extremely easy to get involved with whatever you want. As a whole the campus and town have a really nice home-like environment, wether you're on campus or down town Fort Collins. I love the city and school, GO RAMS!
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  4. 4

    University of Colorado - Boulder

    • Boulder, CO
    • 2,508 reviews
    Freshman:CU is a fantastic college- both the town and the campus are beautiful and bustling with things to do.

    Specifically, the college of music is outstanding. The faculty is caring, passionate about teaching, and highly knowledgeable. There are so many opportunities for students to perform and learn thanks to the college of music. The advisors are really helpful too! They know exactly how to get students what they need.

    Over all, CU is the best state institution in Colorado.
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  5. 5

    University of Denver

    • Denver, CO
    • 1,829 reviews
    Sophomore:The University of Denver has an amazing faculty and staff, specifically the Sociology and Criminology professors! They are all very willing to help you should you need it. I do wish this campus was more diverse than what is "advertised"
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  6. 6

    University of Colorado - Denver

    • Denver, CO
    • 1,499 reviews
    College Sophomore:My experience at CU Denver has surpassed my expectations. I was terrified when I first started, but today I am completely in love with my classes, my teachers, my friends, and the overall campus! My favorite experiences so far have been the community events organized by the campus. The first week always consists of different activities and events everyday so that students can gather around the campus, get to know others, learn about clubs/activities, and get food and school themed clothes as well. My campus has a block party in Denver since it's right across the street where music and food is provided, along with tables and tents promoting all the clubs and organizations available on campus. These events continue throughout the year and make it fun and exciting to try new things.
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  7. 7

    Regis University

    • Denver, CO
    • 955 reviews
    Niche User:Regis University was amazing! The campus is beautiful, the perfect size. The people/students there are so nice and helpful. It is the perfect place to study, in my opinion. I absolutely love everything about Regis. I love the values, the campus, the students, the staff. I love the idea that it is a teaching university only, more time to spend with friends and professors.
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  8. 8

    University of Northern Colorado

    • Greeley, CO
    • 1,949 reviews
    Freshman:The campus to truly beautiful, especially during the fall. There are six different tiers of dorms, 1 being the basic whole hall shares one bathroom and 6 being an apartment style home with two bedrooms and four people may live with you. The professors are willing to help you with any type of school work and you can make an appointment with them to just talk. There are lots of different places to eat on campus and bunches of coffee shops. UNC is huge on wrestling but has many different sports along with it including a Quidditch team! Lastly, there is a main street near of school that has mini music festivals monthly and small restaurants that have some of the best food you have ever had.
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  9. 9

    Colorado Christian University

    • Lakewood, CO
    • 1,030 reviews
    Freshman:Colorado Christian University provides a safe, exciting, and generally caring community for college students. Their academic programs are phenomenal and their professors deeply care for all of their students. The students at CCU tend to be happy, upbeat, and friendly. From the moment you step on campus you feel invited and excited about the adventure awaiting you!
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  10. 10

    University of Colorado - Colorado Springs

    • Colorado Springs, CO
    • 1,606 reviews
    Junior:I love the size of the classes and the professors are great! They are passionate about what they do and you can tell that they love teaching their subject. The only con I can think about at UCCS is the parking. Good commuter school, nice campus, great professors, decent on-campus housing and a beautiful/scenic and safe area.
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  11. 11

    Colorado Technical University - Colorado Springs

    • Colorado Springs, CO
    • 1,087 reviews
    Sophomore:Colorado Technical University has given me the opportunity to not only better myself, but my family as well. Every encounter has been nothing short of amazing. I was welcomed with open arms after a brief hiatus from my collegiate career. The staff made me feel right at home and helped to steer me back onto the path of greatness. Thank you CTU!
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  12. 12

    Western State Colorado University

    • Gunnison, CO
    • 331 reviews
    Freshman:Western is Colorado's best kept secret. Even though Gunnison is a small town, it has so much potential for growth and has a true small town feel- where everyone smiles and says hello no matter where you go. Classes are engaging and challenging and professors are personable and helpful. There isn't anywhere else I would rather be honestly!
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  13. 13
    Sophomore:I love this college, I think it gives each student a great chance at an education. What brought me to this school was the great athletics program and that my major was a big part of this school. I immediately fell in love with the warm weathers, beautiful seasons, and small class and campus. I met all of my friends in my classes and can't wait to see where the next few years take me! I would like to see more clubs on campus.
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  14. 14

    Fort Lewis College

    • Durango, CO
    • 997 reviews
    College Sophomore:The campus is not all that huge, but i love that about it! The location is in the mountains, where everything is so natural and beautiful. There are deer roaming the campus, and occasionally walk with you to class (not exaggerating). The classes are smaller than universities which makes it easier for the professor to get to know the students and help accommodate to their learning abilities and preferences. Professors and helpful and very open minded. There are a wide variety of courses offered, and since it is a liberal arts school, it is important in the curriculum for there to be a little of every subject, not only to learn about your major, but it is important to be well rounded in all subjects, to know and be able to pertain to all information around you. Most professors even love to be involved in outdoor activities with students in clubs, and also have class outside and not in the classrooms most days. It is a great and immersiable experience here at Fort Lewis College.
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  15. 15
    Senior:This is a great school and campus for people all over Denver and the front range. It's a commuter campus, which can get dicey with the parking occasionally, but otherwise it's really great to go to school with such a diverse body of students. Everyone is focused and serious about their education, and it's a really amazing creative collaborative environment. This is my THIRD school (I transferred twice) and it's my favorite! The professors and the teaching staff are really great, and from diverse fields of expertise. There's a lot of stuff on campus- often markets, fairs, and even food truck events.
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  16. 16

    Colorado Mesa University

    • Grand Junction, CO
    • 1,049 reviews
    Sophomore:Colorado Mesa University was the right choice for me and I'm sure it is for you too. It is a wonderful school with a beautiful camps and great professors. The class sizes are the perfect size, your professor actually get to know your name and they really care about your education. The student life at CMU is great there's never not an activity going on, and if you don't want to stay on campus there many activities just minutes away from the CMU. Weather you like hiking, mountain biking, skiing, paddle boarding you name it then CMU is the right choice for you. And even if you've never done any of those thing CMU has a wonderful Outdoors program that will take you on trips and teach you the basics. Outdoors activites not for you that's okay we have a great rec gym with racquetball courts, basketball courts, rock climbing wall and even a Olympic size swimming pool. So come check out CMU we'd love to have you join our Mavley. GO MAVS!
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  17. 17
    Freshman:I really like the community feel of JWU, it's not a huge campus with thousands of people, it's more of a community. The student board hosts tons of campus events to get involved in. The class sizes are small so the professors know who you are and work with you on individualized learning. The athletics are great, especially the soccer program!
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  18. 18
    Freshman:Rocky Mountain or RMCAD for short is a small community of many gifted and talented artists. I have been attending and meeting many different students and teachers who are all open to one anothet and it feels as a family rather than a school. You create an atmosphere of freedom of speech and self expression and the faculty there is there to embrace it and guide you in your artistsic process as you move onward to your designated art field. The variety of classes is also amazing, we range from Sociology to Drawing and Psychology to Animation, its honestly a school worth noting.
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  19. 19

    Colorado Mountain College

    • Glenwood Springs, CO
    • 259 reviews
    Sophomore:At first I was a little apprehensive to go to it because my peers considered it a bad choice to go to this school because it was a community school and it wasn't very challenging but honestly it is the best decision I have ever made. I will be graduating with my associates this spring with... wait for it... no debt and I only used one scholarship that was given to me by the school for having good grades. Now I can transfer anywhere with honors and my first two years of college out of the way with NO DEBT! It is so affordable because I live here and this community college has always strived to make it affordable. Plus the teachers are amazing and everyone wants to help you succeed. It I may not be very challenging of a school, which is generally a plus but I did get a little bored sometimes and I procrastinated a lot more because I knew I could get the project done in no time. All in all, just a amazing school.
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  20. 20

    Adams State University

    • Alamosa, CO
    • 506 reviews
    Freshman:I do like that it is a smaller university. I like that I can actually feel like I can connect to the professor in some way. I prefer smaller classes. It's a pretty campus, and it was very convenient for me. However, in my opinion the university seems disorganized, both with the in person classes and the online classes. I took a history class that I thought was a GED but it wasn't, and didn't find that out until I was almost done with the class. So now I have a history credit that I probably won't need. It was hard getting a solid answer from the professors or the people working at the student union building. The professors I had were all good though. I didn't have one that I necessarily didn't like.
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  21. 21

    The Art Institute of Colorado

    • Denver, CO
    • 351 reviews
    Freshman:AIC has to have the BEST admissions directors that I have ever encountered! They help from every part of admissions to registering us for classes! Any questions we may have, they will answer and if you are having any trouble with financing they are willing to help with a great financing program! I am so excited to be apart of their amazing culinary program. I highly suggest looking into all of the programs that this school has to offer!
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