2017 Best Colleges in Arkansas

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  1. 1

    University of Arkansas

    • Fayetteville, AR
    • 2,878 reviews
    College Junior:I love the University of Arkansas campus, it's so beautiful in the fall. Although I do feel like there is too much focus on the greek life, the school still does a lot to promote diversity. I am so proud that my school does not support a rape culture, and they take matters of assault very seriously. And you really can not beat the tailgating and football games!
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  2. 2

    Ouachita Baptist University

    • Arkadelphia, AR
    • 384 reviews
    College Sophomore:The staff is impeccable and genuinely concerned about our education and well being. I feel like I'm being challenged but completely helped along the way. There isn't a better school to be at.
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  3. 3

    Hendrix College

    • Conway, AR
    • 424 reviews
    College Sophomore:Hendrix College is an incredible oasis of genuine hope in the midst of a beautiful Arkansas landscape. Hendrix encourages you to be fully yourself and gives each student the tools and opportunities they need to receive the best education possible. Hendrix makes it possible to do anything. The community is incredibly focused on service to the world as well as education that benefits everyone who comes in contact with it. A wide range of incredible degrees and professors that know you by name. A Hendrix experience is a personal one as well as an communal one. From the moment you walk on campus there is an aura of inclusiveness and community. I cannot say enough about how much Hendrix has changed my life and introduced me to the most incredible people. People are put off by its small size, but it is only a bonus. Having professors that know you and ask about how your life is going is priceless. I would go to Hendrix all over again, no regrets.
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  4. 4

    John Brown University

    • Siloam Springs, AR
    • 401 reviews
    College Freshman:For any freshman, it's hard to find the right friend group and so that has been the hardest part about college so far. Homework and projects have been alright, I went to a challenging high school so I feel better prepared for all those than most students here. The staff here are very welcoming and generous with their time which helps make the campus feel like home. My favorite experience so far was the Orientation Week where I met so many cool people and we didn't have to worry about any deadlines because school hadn't started yet.
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  5. 5

    Harding University

    • Searcy, AR
    • 882 reviews
    College Sophomore:Harding is great although it might take an adjustment period for those who grew up in a big city. Searcy is very small and, though, it seems safe it does get boring. It's also very expensive so it might be wise to consider a 2 year college and then transferring to save money if that is an issue.
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  6. 6

    Central Baptist College

    • Conway, AR
    • 149 reviews
    College Sophomore:Classes are small and Instructors are concerned with your education. The material learned at CBC is presented in a way that is easy to understand and remember.
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  7. 7

    University of Central Arkansas

    • Conway, AR
    • 1,401 reviews
    College Sophomore:I would choose UCA again if had to make the choice again because of the community and teachers. I have loved being a student here. My teachers have formed personal relationships with me and I don't tend to feel like just another face in the crowd as I did in high school.
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  8. 8

    Arkansas State University

    • Jonesboro, AR
    • 1,049 reviews
    College Junior:I started off college with an awful advisor who wasn't very concerned about my learning experience which made it harder for me to keep my GPA where I wanted it. I changed my major once and then realized that it wasn't what I wanted to do with my life so I switched back to Biology and have stuck with it ever since. I like my school. Wish I could change a few things, but its close to home and that's what I like best.
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  9. 9

    University of Arkansas at Little Rock

    • Little Rock, AR
    • 780 reviews
    College Freshman:I don't have any problems at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. The atmosphere is great and makes a comfortable learning environment.
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  10. 10

    Arkansas Tech University

    • Russellville, AR
    • 875 reviews
    College Sophomore:What I don't like about some teachers is that they don't give you a sufficient amount of work in the class. There are teachers who give homework, class participation points, and classwork, and tests of course. Then there are teachers who only give tests, which can have a negative effect on a student's grade. For studying, you can go to the library, baz-tech, the computer lab, doc bryan, and the tutoring center to name a few. Registering for this school is not that hard, but there is a lot of paperwork involved.
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  11. 11

    Henderson State University

    • Arkadelphia, AR
    • 679 reviews
    College Sophomore:My time at Henderson State University has been a blessing in disguise. I am in the Showband of Arkansas and a regular attendant of the BCM. Both organizations have impacted my experience greatly. Since Henderson is a smaller campus, I am able to know more people than on a larger campus. I visited a large school over Spring Break with the BCM and the students I talked to were surrounded by lots of people, but did not have many relationships with them. This is why I would not choice another school to attend than Henderson State University.
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  12. 12

    University of the Ozarks

    • Clarksville, AR
    • 212 reviews
    College Freshman:I personally really like the school because of the small town atmosphere which is how i grew up. Nice and kind people almost everywhere you go. And you get more one on one when it comes to school and class. I would come here again because its small not to big and a very good college to attend with nice facilities to get whatever you need done.
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  13. 13

    Lyon College

    • Batesville, AR
    • 239 reviews
    College Junior:I love how small my school is. The professors and students are friends and it creates a fantastic learning environment. My classes are harder than most bigger schools, which challenges me and prepares me for after I graduate. Of course, there are those who hate the school. We have students transfer to other schools. But, you'll find those kids at anywhere. I would choose this school again in a heartbeat.
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  14. 14

    Southern Arkansas University

    • Magnolia, AR
    • 514 reviews
    College Senior:I love college. I love learning. The professors are patient and work with you. Dealing with financial aid was the worst part. But I love Say. Everyone is polite and I feel like thy actually care about how well you do in life. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's hard and requires an immense amount of self-discipline. But once you get into a habit, it's fine. The town is boring but that probably food for a college student. Less trouble to get into. So, all in all, I wouldn't change anything. Other than it being so expensive :D
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  15. 15

    University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

    • Pine Bluff, AR
    • 559 reviews
    College Student:The alumni network was the high light of why I chose this school. A lot of people that were part of my network were alumni and spoke highly of this school.
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  16. 18

    Philander Smith College

    • Little Rock, AR
    • 341 reviews
    College Junior:The courses are pretty great and the professors are always willing to help. However, it would be much appreciated if they would increase the rigor of their courses. Other than that, the class sizes are perfect, majority of their teaching styles are great becaus they're invested in your future and want to ensure that you receive a great education.
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  17. 19

    Arkansas Baptist College

    • Little Rock, AR
    • 43 reviews