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2017 Best College Food Ranking Methodology

The 2017 Best College Food ranking is based on meal plan costs and student reviews. Top-ranked colleges offer outstanding on-campus dining—students can easily access healthy, quality food across a wide range of cuisines and dietary preferences. Learn where our data comes from.

Factors Considered

Student Surveys on Campus DiningStudent opinions about the quality of the campus food at the college they currently or recently attend(ed).Self-reported by Niche users85.0%
Average Meal Plan CostAverage cost of meal plan, as reported by the college.U.S. Dept. of Education15.0%

This ranking assesses 1,384 4-year colleges and universities. The same methodology is used to produce the Niche Campus Food Grade for each ranked school as well as additional 4-year colleges. Statistics obtained from the U.S. Department of Education represent the most recent data available, usually from 2014–2016, as self-reported by the colleges.

For more details about how we calculate our rankings, click here.

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